The big 25:1 SSDT Challenge

Scottish Six Days Trial veteran Mark Lamplough is a glutton for punishment. He is attempting to raise £20,000 by taking on his 25th SSDT ride in company with his friend Darren Clover, taking part in his first SSDT on May 4-9.

Having ridden as a member of the British Army team for many of his 24 rides, Lamplough stopped riding the annual Highland event in 2007 vowing that it would be his swan-song.

Mark: “The Scottish is by far the best trial in the world, there is nothing else like it and I have not only competed in twenty-four, but have lasting memories of all of them. My riding partner will be Darren Clover, we served together all those years ago and he is the founder of ‘Bike Tours for the Wounded’ which help support wounded, injured and sick British Service Veterans through motorcycling. The value of this cannot be expressed in words, you have to be part of it to see the benefits. This is why we thought up the twenty-fifth challenge by riding the 2020 Scottish Six Days. We want to raise as much money as possible this week, help us make a real contribution to helping those who have served our country and paid a hefty price doing so.”

Donations for the challenge can be made on a website, follow this link:


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