Enthusiasts get behind TMX News

STOP PRESS! – TMX is back on November 5th, 2020!

After some ‘loose talk’ on social media sites, trials enthusiasts in the UK have been voicing their support for a return of the popular weekly off-road motorcycling newspaper, Trials & Motocross News, or ‘TMX’ as it is known.

Founded in 1977 by Editor, Bill Lawless in the North-West of England, TMX was released to the public one week after the Scottish Six Days Trial had been run in May 1977. The paper just missed covering the event by six days and had remained a weekly publication up until April this year when the staff was furloughed by JPI Media, who owns the title, following the cessation of Johnston Press Group in 2018. Issue number one appeared on Friday 20th May 1977 at the cover price of £0.15!

Much speculation has been aired on social media, in some cases by individuals who have a vested interest in TMX’s demise.

No statement of cessation of TMX has been released to the press or confirmed on social media or the papers own website which means that such comments are unfounded and purely speculation.

North-West trials rider, Gary Bingley from Carlisle was vocal in his support for TMX on the social media ‘facebook’ and was careful to point out the support that the currently beleaguered paper had given to all branches of off-road motorcycle sport for five decades.

The paper’s demise is at present pure speculation and given that the UK Government’s furlough scheme is set to end later in October 2020, it will be interesting to see if TMX News is relaunched by it’s owners and confound the pundits.

Trials Guru website supports the cause of other established papers and websites who promote the sport of motorcycling. Never was the intention to compete with TMX ever in the plans of Trials Guru, which is a non-commercial website, dedicated to the sport.

We at Trials Guru are hopeful that TMX will be once again on the paper stands and available by subscription in the very near future.

4 thoughts on “Enthusiasts get behind TMX News”

  1. TMX is an institution. Read it man and boy. It cannot be allowed to pass into the history books.
    As a teenager I used to scour the events page for a nearby trial. Dad would taxi me there and back and observe while I wobbled around.

  2. As a subscriber, l feel quite justified in commenting,& I am keen to see it back in print. However, content has changed noticeably in recent years. Lots of half & full page colour photos of MX in an effort to fill pages to the detriment of other aspects of our sport. Trials fraternity in my circle now receive a lot of their info from internet & won’t buy it.(They will still read mine though). Might be worth some sort of poll to see what we are all looking for, in an effort to give the readers what they want.

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