Triumph launches electric Trials Bike!

Well, not exactly!

Tommy Robb on the electric powered Triumph in 1971

Here is a photo of well-known factory Yamaha, Honda and Bultaco road racer Tommy Robb back in 1971 on an electric trial bike at the Earls Court motorcycle show.

Tommy wonders if this was the first ever electric trials bike that perhaps inspired the current trend towards electric power?

If it isn’t, then it’s a great old photo to see how the future was shaped.

It appears to be based on a Triumph 250 Trophy chassis with an electric motor and a battery bungee tied into the frame. Compare it to the current electric bikes that are now on sale to see how technology has progressed in the last 45 years?

2 thoughts on “Triumph launches electric Trials Bike!”

  1. Thanks John for your kindness in making me younger in that photo, but the actual date when David Dixon took that at Earls Court was 1961 not (as shown) 1971 making even more remarkable. However the “Electric Motorcycle has certainly evelvoved a bit more since then. Best wishes,

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