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Photos Copyright of KIMAGES (Kim Ferguson, Fort William)

Kim has lived in the Fort William area most of her life and has a love for motorcycle sport and trials in particular having grown up with the SSDT passing her door-step. Her brother rode in trials too, so there are family connections.

All Photos this page: copyright of Kim Ferguson, Fort William.

Big Neil - Kimages
SSDT stalwart, Neil McKechnie from Oban. Big Neil has ridden the SSDT and observed for many years. Photo: Kimages
Doug Lampkin - Kimages
Doug Lampkin (Vertigo factory Combat 300) on Big Dar’s Burn, Appin, Day 3 SSDT 2015. Photo: Kimages.
Ken Perry - Kimages
The spirit of the SSDT 2015, Ken Perry from Belfast, Ireland. Photo Kimages.
Dougie Gibson - Kimages
Fort William rider, Dougie Gibson on Laganaha, Day 1 SSDT 2015. Photo: Kimages.
DL 2015 - Kimages
Dougie Lampkin, the eventual winner on his factory prototype Vertigo 300 on Lagnaha, Day 1 SSDT 2015. Photo: Kimages
DL - Fersit - Kimages
Doug Lampkin (Vertigo 300) on Fersit SSDT 2015 – Photo: Kimages
Dicko - Kimages
Former editor of Trials & Motocross News, John Dickinson, now freelance, enjoys a break from taking photos at Lagnaha, Day 1 SSDT 2015. Photo: Kimages.
SSDT 2015 - Lagnaha - kimages
Marc Terricabras (Spain) Day 1 2015 SSDT at Lagnaha. Photo: Kimages
2015 ssdt - kimages
“I surrender!” – Day 1 SSDT action at Lagnaha, Kentallen – Photo: Kimages
Ali MacGill and Alan McD - Kimages
Former Scottish Trials Champion and local Fort William rider, Alastair MacGillivray with Alan McDonald originally from Mallaig enjoying Day 1 of the 2015 SSDT at Lagnaha. Photo: Kimages
Axel Jane - day 1 - Kimages
Axel Jane (Vertigo 300) – Day 1, SSDT 2015 – Leanachen – Photo: Kimages
John James Batt - day 1 - kimages
John Battensby (Sherco 300) Leanachen, Day 1 – SSDT 2015 – Photo: Kimages
Dabill day 1 - kimages
James Dabill (Vertigo 300) on Leanachen, Day 1 SSDT 2015 – Photo Kimages.
Five - RAA - kimages
FIVE! – Robbie Allan assists a rider recover his machine on Leanachen on Day 1 SSDT, 2015 – Photo: Kimages.
Gabriel Rayes - day 1 - kimages
Gabriel Reyes (Spain, Vertigo 300) on Leanachen, Day 1 SSDT 2015 – Photo: Kimages.
gary mac - day 1 - kimages
Gary Macdonald, 2015 SSDT runner-up on his 300 Gas Gas tackles Leanachen on Day 1, Photo: Kimages.
James Duxbury - day 1 - kimages
James Duxbury on Day 1 2015 SSDT at Leanachen. Photo: Kimages.
James Lampkin - Kimages
James Lampkin on Lagnaha, 2015 SSDT – Photo: Kimages.
Marty Wilson 2013 - Kimages
Darlington stalwart, backmarker at SSDT 2013, Marty Wilson – Photo: Kimages.
Albert Arana - 2013 - Kimages
Albert Arana (Spain) 2013 SSDT – Photo: Kimages.
KBD -Kimages
Local rider, Kevin Dignan has competed in the SSDT 20 times since 1985. – Photo: Kimages.
Katy Sunter 2013 - Kimages
‘Katy’ – Katy Sunter, 2013 SSDT – Photo: Kimages.
Sandra Gomez - 2013 Pipers Burn - Kimages
Sandra Gomez (Spain, Ossa 280) Pipers Burn, 2013 SSDT – Photo: Kimages.
Gavin Johnston 2013 - Kimages
Gavin Johnston, multiple Scottish Trials Champion at the 2013 SSDT. Photo: Kimages.
DL 2013 - Kimages
Dougie Lampkin (DL12 GasGas) & young Archie Ferguson – Photo: Jack Ferguson & Kimages.
L Anderson - Appin - Kimages
The SSDT needs around 60 officials to function properly each year, here Lorna Anderson keeps an eye on things at Appin in 2015. Photo: Kimages.
Look - Kimages
Look, a trial! – Photo: Kimages.
Sam Fack - Lagnaha - Kimages
Sam Fack says it’s all OK on Day 1, SSDT 2015 at Lagnaha – Photo: Kimages.
Paul Dixon Lagnaha 2015 - Kimages
Paul Dixon (Vertigo 300) on Lagnaha, Day 1 2015 SSDT – Photo: Kimages.
JOM - Gary Mac 2013 - Kimages
2013 SSDT Trials Guru has a word with Gary Macdonald (Sherco 300) – Photo: Jack Ferguson & Kimages.
Carlos Casas - 2015 - Kimages
Carlos Casas is a great supporter of the SSDT, he has ridden since the late 1970’s. Here he is on a Montesa 4RT in 2015 – Photo: Kimages.
Caros 2015 - Kimages
Carlos Casas Comas – 2015 – Photo: Kimages.
2015 fersit - kimages
Jonathan Richardson on Fersit 2015 SSDT – Photo: Kimages.
Lagnaha under - Kimages
Help! – Lagnaha 2014 – Photo: Kimages
Alexx Wigg - 2015 - Kimages
Alexz Wigg (GasGas) on Fersit, Day 4, 2015 SSDT – Photo: Kimages
Oliver Stampfli - 2015 - Kimages
Oliver Stampfli (Gas Gas) on fersit and off it, Day 4, 2015 SSDT – Photo: Kimages.
Becky Cook - 2015 - Kimages
Becky Cook-Talbot on Fersit, Day 4, 2015 SSDT – Photo: Kimages.

SECTION UNDER CONSTRUCTION! – More ‘Kimages’ photos to follow shortly…

Note: As always, please be considerate, these photographs are the legal property of: Kimages/Kim Ferguson and should not be displayed unless accompanied by the wording: ‘Copyright: Kimages, Fort William’. – Without this addition, any images broadcast or displayed are in breach of Kim Ferguson’s world-wide copyright.

© – All text copyright: Trials Guru / Moffat Racing, John Moffat – 2016

© – Images: World-wide Copyright Kimages/Kim Ferguson, Fort William, Scotland, UK (All Rights Reserved) – 2016.

Commando - Kimages
Commandos in the evening ‘this was their training ground’ – Kimages

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