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The manufacturers of AJS and Matchless (AMC) introduced their trials models with short-stroke motors with Matchless in 1962 (top) and AJS 1963 (lower). Photos: Associated Motor Cycles (AMC) advertising literature 1962/63 – Reproduced with the kind permission of Don Morley, Reigate
A Trials Guru special section dedicated to the AMC trials four-stroke single cylinder machines.



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15 - red
At the start of the 1964 SSDT at Edinburgh’s Gorgie Market, the late Rob Edwards on his 16C AJS that was to be updated to woks specification for the 1965 SSDT – Photo: Rob Edwards Private Collection

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Mick Andrews - Bemrose - Photo Yoomee
Mick Andrews on 644BLB at the Bemrose Trial in 1965 – Photo: Yoomee/John Hulme

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Factory AMC trials machine registration numbers:

The AMC factory Competition Department retained both AJS and Matchless competition models from the production line for factory supported riders use and the use of the factory supported teams. The Matchless Trials Team was disbanded in 1957, leaving AJS as the factory representation in national and trade supported trials where team entries were invited by the organisers. In some cases machines were registered as a 350 Matchless, but were liveried and used as an AJS.

Here is a growing list of the factory registration numbers all from the London/Woolwich registration area showing the registration number, type of machine and the rider it was issued to:

164BLL – 350 AJS – G.O. McLaughlan (1962-1965)

187BLF – 350 AJS 16C – G.L. Jackson (1961-1963); G.S Blakeway (1963-1965)

644BLB – 350 Matchless G3C (issued and used as a 350 AJS 16C) – Cliff Clayton (1961); M.A. Andrews (1962-1964)

AJS2 – 350 AJS 16MC – Bob Manns (1953)

AJS775 – 350 AJS 16MC – G.L Jackson (1954-1955)

AJS776 – 350 AJS 16MC – B.H. M Viney (1954-1955)

AJS777 – 350 AJS 16MC – Bob Manns (1954-1955)

HXF641 – 350 AJS 16MC – B.H.M. Viney (1946-1949)

KYM835 – 350 AJS 16MC – B.H.M. Viney (1951-1952)

KYM836 – 350 Matchless G3LC – D.J. Ratcliffe (1951)

MUW754 – 350 AJS 16MC – G.L Jackson (1953)

NGK430 – 350 AJS 16MC – B.H.M. Viney (1953)

OLH721 – 350 Matchless G3LC – Artie Ratcliffe (SSDT winner 1954)

OLH722 – 350 Matchless G3LC – Fred Hickman (1954); Gordon McLaughlan (1955); Bill Lomas (Winter 1955); Sid Wicken (1956); Ted Usher (1957)

OLH723 – 350 Matchless G3LC – Ted Usher (1954 – 1956)

TLP686 – 350 AJS 16MC – G.L. Jackson (1957)

WJJ578 – 350 Matchless G3C – Roger Kearsey (1959); Eric Adcock (loaned in 1959 for two weeks) Ron Langston (1960)

WJJ579 – 350 Matchless G3C – Cliff Clayton (1959); Peter Fletcher (loaned in 1960).

WJJ580 – 350 Matchless G3C – G.O. McLaughlan (1960); Dave Rowland (loaned in 1961)

WLR712 – 250 AJS (Model 14CS, converted scrambles machine) – B.H.M Viney (1959)

More articles and information on the machines built in Plumstead, England will appear here over time.

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Ex-factory Matchless G3LC photographed on ‘Laggan Locks’ – Photo: Trials Guru

Ajs - Matchless 1960 publicity
The 1960 Matchless sales catalogue showing the 347cc Matchless G3C model, later to be called the ‘Expert’ model – Associated Motorcycles

ajs - matchless 1960 prices

congelton jan 1966 - Photo - Yoomee
A late model AJS 16C short stroke in action in 1966 at Congleton – Photo: Yoomee/John Hulme

GL Jackson  & JO Moffat Red
Gordon L. Jackson (left) with Trials Guru’s John Moffat at the Pre’65 Scottish Trial in 2002. Jackson rode this 1959 Matchless G3C in the SSDT parade in the year 2000 – Photo: Don Morley, Reigate

Trials Guru’s John Moffat has had a soft spot for AMC single cylinder trials motorcycles from an early age. Seen here in 1999 riding his 1959 Matchless G3C at the Pre’65 Scottish Trial on Loch Eild Burn – Photo: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven

One of the very last AJS 16C models to leave the Plumstead factory in 1964. Subsequently, there were some 16C models assembled from factory packed kits by Canterbury, Kent dealers, Arter Brothers in the same year – Photo: Trials Guru/J Moffat

Detail of the 1964 competition tank on one of the very last 16C AJS to be despatched from the factory. The tank is normally referred to as the ‘Gordon Jackson tank’ – Photo: Trials Guru/J Moffat



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