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JOM - June 2018
Still riding! John Moffat of Trials Guru enjoys riding classic trials machines when time allows, seen here in June 2018 at the Bultaco Revival Trial at Sedbergh, Cumbria – Photo: Stephen Postlethwaite
Welcome to the world of Trials Guru! – “Dedicated to the Sport” – sums it up nicely – ‘Trials Guru’ is not a person, it is a facility on the internet for the viewer to discover the history, articles, news, facts and information from the sport of motorcycle trials world-wide.
JOM - 2013 SSDT
John Moffat, Trials Guru’s creator in a familiar place, the Parc Ferme at the annual Scottish Six Days Trial – Photo Copyright: Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
John Moffat on the very same spot, but facing the other direction in 1977, weighing in his 250cc Bultaco for the Scottish Six Days Trial – Photo: Hans Zahn, Wedel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
John Moffat: “I created ‘Trials Guru’ in 2014. I don’t profess to be a ‘guru’ it is the name of the website.
The site is to record the sport of trials for posterity, that is what we do.
With the input of several contributers we aim to preserve as much information on the sport for posterity and future generations.
The most famous rider in the history of the sport, Sammy Miller MBE once told me: John, I like facts, not stories, everyone has a story, I like the guy who brings facts to the table“.
JOM - 1980 - JY
John Moffat back in 1980 on a 325 Bultaco Sherpa – Photo: Jimmy Young, Armadale, Scotland

What is ‘Trials Guru’?

  • Trials Guru is completely free to use, free unlimited access, no subscriptions to pay, just go ahead and enjoy trial history photos, articles, news and information.
  • It is operated by trials enthusiasts for trials enthusiasts!
  • We do not claim to be the biggest or best trials only website in the universe, you decide how good we are. The content is growing all the time, but we do it without subscription or fuss, we just speak trials here, unless something interesting comes our way.
  • We are committed to recording the history of our sport as much as is possible in a reliable manner, for instance the Scottish Six Days and Scott Trial special sections, which list the winners year by year and some interesting and some long forgotten facts about these famous events.
  • We have been asked “How was the phrase Trials Guru coined?” – Simple, it was a conversation between John Moffat and the aunt of former British Trials Champion, James Dabill back in early 2014. Her partner is a Ford automotive technician and called him the ‘Ford Guru‘ she suggested that John Moffat was perhaps the ‘Trials Guru‘ and the nickname stuck! Hence the naming of this website: ‘Trials Guru’.
SMCS 2016 - Dan Jess
Trials Guru’s John Moffat with Mick Grant, 7 times TT winner and trials rider at the Scottish Motorcycle Show, 2016 – Photo: Dan Jess

Trials Guru Contributors:

Since it’s launch in March 2014, Trials Guru has been assisted by a variety of contributors.
Photographers such as: Jimmy Young, Heath Brindley, Neil Sturgeon, Iain Lawrie, Jeremy Whittet, Heather Mead, Kim Ferguson, Ian Robertson, Sarah Turner, Linda Ashford, Chris Sharp, Ray Crinson, Rainer Heise, Chris Sharp Jaxx Lawson @Joats Imagery, Colin Bullock/CJB Photographic,  Mike Davies.
By very special arrangement, we have some images from Eric Kitchen and Barry Robinson.
With contributions from Justyn Norek, whose work is also displayed on other websites.
Much of their work is displayed on the various ‘sections’ on Trials Guru.
Just click on them on the ‘Home’ section and you will see what we mean.
Trials Guru is also delighted to have contributors: John Hulme, Mike Rapley and Sean Lawless (Lawless Media UK) sharing their literary skills, being sporting journalists in their own right.
Many thanks to Tommy Sandham for his contribution in the Honda Trials ‘section’.
We have collaborated directly with the Todotrial website in Spain, owned by the enthusiastic trials rider, Horacio San Martin, whom Trials Guru’s John Moffat has known since 2006 when they rode together at the Robregordo Classic Two-Day Trial near Madrid.
Friends ever since, Trials Guru made available the ‘Rob Edwards Story’ which you can read in Spanish on Todotrial.
We have in the past collaborated with James Brown and his retrotrials.com website to link you to some articles of personalities from the sport of trials.
With special thanks to contributor/collaborator, Joan Forrellad of the Honda Trials Story website for his support.
JOM - 1978 Stevenston - JY
John Moffat competing in 1978 on the 325 Bultaco at a Scottish Championship trial in Ayrshire – Photo; Jimmy Young, Armadale
JOM Alvie 2016 - Bill Mc
Still riding when time allows! John Moffat (Bultaco 325) at the Highland Classic 2 Day Trial, June 2016 – Photo: Bill McGregor

‘Sections’ on Trials Guru:

Special sections or pages are covering major annual events like The Scott Trial, Scottish Six Days Trial and specific people such as Rob Edwards and areas in the UK and overseas, such as the North East, South West and Germany.
We’ll try to bring you high quality articles, carefully researched on trials and trials people from around the globe, whenever possible.
There is always something new on the go.

Trials Guru News:

History preserved …

“The past is a different country, they do things differently there”

Cover shot MCS
“Motorcycle Competition: Scotland 1975 -2005” By John Moffat – Foreword by 8 times TT winner, Jim Moodie. published by Yoomee Ltd.

Yoomee Ltd are proud that they are the publishers of this superb semi-hardback book by John Moffat which covers the history of Motorcycle Competition in Scotland from 1975 – 2005. (ISBN: 978-0-9927596-1-2)

The foreword is written by eight times TT winner, Jim Moodie.

Presented with a mixture of exciting, and in many cases un-seen, colour and black and white images, this publiocation is in A4 size format with over 100 pages of informative and interesting text.

This is a book which explores and describes in words and photographs, competitors and enthusiasts from motorcycle sport in Scotland and more! It’s about people, places and events from this era, the endeavours and performances by motorcycle sports most respected riders, who were either born or brought up in Scotland.

A book which will convey you back to a time-period when Scotland produced not only British, but also European and in some cases World championship contenders. Riders who endeavoured to create performances, which proved they were serious competitors in racing, trials, enduro, and motocross.

This is a book aimed at the motorcycle enthusiast.

Full details of price, how and where to buy copies of Motorcycle Sport Scotland 1975-2005 : Here

Who is behind Trials Guru?

Trials Guru’ was created by Scotsman, John Moffat, a trials enthusiast for over 50 years. It was an idea that dates back to 2003, but only came to fruition in March of 2014 when Trials Guru was set up online.

JOM H&S - Trials Media
John Moffat is the man behind Trials Guru – Photo: Trials Media
JOM Bulto
John Moffat aboard a 325 Bultaco in Spain. Taken near Madrid at the Robregordo International Classic Two-Day Trial in 2014. Photo by: Merce Gou, Barcelona.
1958 TA & JO Moffat
Long connections with the sport of trials – T. Arnott Moffat with John Moffat in early 1958 with Moffat’s ex-factory 350 Matchless (OLH722) in Edinburgh. Machines were ridden to events, competed with and ridden home again – Photo: Moffat Family Archive

1995 with John Moffat at the helm of the same machine pictured above on Laggan Locks for a photo-shoot for The Classic Motorcycle magazine.

The Moffat family have been involved in trial sport since 1949

Family involvement:

John Moffat’s family have been involved with motorcycle trial sport since 1949, but the connection with motorcycles dates back to the early 1920s with William Moffat of Innerleithen, Peeblesshire, Scotland. He was a baker by trade in the family business of Thomas Moffat, Baker & Confectioner, eldest of the brothers, William owned a Douglas and an H.R.D. His two brothers, also bakers, James and Thomas Arnott also had road going machines.

1926 - WM - Douglas
The man who started the Moffat and motorcycles connection, William Moffat, Baker & Confectioner, Innerleithen, seen here in 1926 outside the Gardeners Arms in Kilpair Street, Haddington with his fiance Ellen Girvan. Machine is a belt-driven Douglas, possibly a 2 3/4 hp model, registered in Peebles-shire, Scotland.

William did his courting on his Douglas. His son also Thomas ‘Arnott’ had his first introduction to motorcycle sport in 1932 when the late great Jimmie Guthrie, the Norton factory road racer from Hawick used to make use of the public roads in the Scottish Borders for practice for the annual Isle of Man TT races.

Young Arnott was wakened one morning very early by his father and told to get dressed and come down to the ‘Pend’ or alleyway to the bake-house in the centre of Innerleithen.

Young Moffat wasn’t disappointed, before long a motorcycle came into view, travelling at racing speed, seconds later the rider flew past through the town, without slowing for the bends. It was only a glimpse, but the sight of Guthrie at full chat was enough to inspire Arnott to want a motorcycle.

To say that Guthrie was his hero is probably an understatement, the name ‘Guthrie’ is still spoken in hushed and revered terms to this day, such was the man’s stature.

In 2017 T. Arnott Moffat’s memory was preserved when a motorcycle road run was created in the Scottish highlands. Read about it on the page: T. Arnott Moffat Memorial Highland Road Run

Or on facebook: T. Arnott Moffat Facebook page


We are always interested in positive feedback to improve this facility. Feel free to leave your comments as a guest or via the ‘contact’ page or contact space on some articles and pages.
1979 SMCS
1979 at the Forward Trust sponsored Scottish Motorcycle Show in Glasgow, John Moffat (left) with his brand new 325 Bultaco poses with fellow Scottish trials and enduro rider, J. Grant Miller, son of Scottish speedway ace Tommy Miller. Photo: Jimmy Young, Armadale

Who funds Trials Guru?

Trials Guru is privately funded. It is not sponsored or supported by subscriptions or charges of any kind and does not rely on selling anything or charge for advertising space. Access to Trials Guru is free of charge and is non-commercial. Please note: The businesses featured in ‘Useful Links and Partners’ do not pay any advertising charges or fees to Trials Guru. This website is not run for profit or any financial gain whatsoever.
We do what we do, for the promotion and recording of history for the sport of trials.

Photographs and their copyright:

  • We respect the copyright of our photographers who give us access to their work free of charge.
  • Please do not breach copyright laws by taking images from this website for use elsewhere. Permission has been sought and granted from the copyright owners for the use of images on Trials Guru.
  • We are indebted to our photographers for their continued support of this venture.
  • Please be aware: All photographs displayed on Trials Guru are not held in any archive by the website operator, as the images are the legal intellectual property of the photographer only.
  • We do not sell any images used on Trials Guru, if you wish to purchase a copy, we can put you in touch with the relevant photographer, we do not charge for this service.


  • We don’t support discussion forums on Trials Guru and we don’t as a rule discuss matters, or express opinions in open forum on our facebook page either.
  • We simply don’t have free moderation time for such forums and as such we have no plans to create any such facilities on Trials Guru.
  • Our view is that many forums on internet websites, even those that are relied upon by corporations and large companies to provide useful technical support to their customers, are a mix of information and misinformation, which may or may not be correct. They are also widely dotted with personality clashes and forced opinions with little or no evidence material to support them.
  • Trials Guru would much rather bring you as much factual information, features and photographs for the enjoyment of the sport of trials instead of spending time creating a forum platform which would require moderation resources which we simply don’t have at our disposal.
  • There are many other websites that offer such a platform or service, Trials Guru is different in this respect.


  • We have been asked why this website does not cover youth trials.
  • There is a good reason for this as there are child protection regulations and certain restrictions on publishing photographs of children on websites only if express permission is granted.
  • So we have decided not to publish any photos of competitors under the age of 16 years. Competitors over the age of 16 are classed as adults.
  • We will only publish images of people under 16 years of age if it is related to an article on a particular competitor’s history, if appropriate and with their permission to do so.
  • We hope this clarifies the situation.


We don’t have the facility to provide a platform for bike or equipment sales, check out our ‘Useful Links‘ page for bike dealers and bike sales specific websites. We do not charge for this service.
So there you have the whole story of how and why this website was created, ‘Dedicated to the Sport’ sums it up nicely.

Trials Guru’s Scrapbook …

Trials Guru, some interviews and meeting colourful characters from the sport of motorcycling – it’s not all trials: 

John Moffat commentating with former motorcycle racing and truck racing champion, Steve Parrish at the Grampian Motorcycle Convention at Alford – September 2016 – Photo: Trials Guru
‘The Guru’ interviews ‘The Master’ … Former World FIM Trials Champion – Jordi Tarres. – Photo by Heather Mead.
Interviewing SSDT winner 2013 – 12 Times FIM World Trials Champion – Dougie Lampkin. Photo: Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall
John Moffat and 3 times World FIM Trials Champion Yrjo Vesterinen - Photo courtesy and copyright: Barry Robinson, Ilkley.
John Moffat and 3 times World FIM Trials Champion Yrjo Vesterinen at the 2014 Scott Trial – Photo courtesy and copyright: Barry Robinson, Ilkley.
John Moffat has interviewed seven times World motorcycle racing champion, Phil Read MBE
John Moffat interviewed seven times World motorcycle racing champion, Phil Read MBE in 2011 at the Scottish Motorcycle Show – Photo: Trials Guru/Jean Moffat
During on stage interviews with Colin Seeley in 2007 at the Scottish Motorcycle Show
During on stage interviews with Colin Seeley in 2007 at the Scottish Motorcycle Show – Photo: Archie Love

2011 – John Moffat with former Competitions Manager of the ACU, Mary Driver and her husband Dennis – Photo: Trials Guru/J. Moffat

2014 Scott Trial – John Moffat interviews Alexz Wigg watched over by Sammy Miller MBE – Photo Mrs. Ros Brown

John Moffat, Guy Martin and George McCann the North West 200 commentator at Alford .
John Moffat, Guy Martin and George McCann (the North West 200 commentator) at Alford – Grampian Motorcycle Convention, 2011 – Photo Trials Guru/Jean Moffat
Freddie Spencer and Joh#23A
An interview session with ‘Fast Freddie’ Spencer, three times FIM World motorcycle racing champion at the Scottish Motorcycle Show 2014. Photo by Dennis Lodge
Lomas - Moffat - OLH722
The late Bill Lomas (former World Motorcycle Racing Champion) with John Moffat and the ex-factory Matchless (OLH722) which was owned by Moffat’s father – Photo: Gordon Small

Heikki - JOM - Wullie Brown - GM photo
With the Galloway Motor Cycle Club in South West Scotland at the Drumlanrig Grand National of Scotland in May 2019, after interviewing four times World Motocross Champion, Heikki Mikkola (Centre) – Photo: Graham Milne

John Moffat has interviewed 10 times British Trials Champion, Sammy Miller on many occasions.
John Moffat has interviewed 11 times British Trials Champion, Sammy Miller on many occasions  Photo copyright: Trials Guru/Mrs Helen Thomson
Trials Guru likes to ride occassionally too. 1959 350 Matchless (G3C). Photo courtesy: David Robinson, Mid Calder.
John Moffat likes to ride occasionally too, seen here at the Pre’65 Scottish Two-Day trial on his 1959 350 Matchless (G3C). Photo courtesy: David Robinson, Mid Calder.
Interviewing John McGuinness, multiple TT winner in March 2013 – Photo Trials Guru/Moffat
Bernie June 2018
With 1979 World Trials Champion, Bernie Schreiber at Sedbergh, Cumbria during the Bultaco Revival Trial in 2018 – Photo: Stephen Postlethwaite
Brad - JOM - GM3
Interviewing 1982 World 500cc Motocross Champion, Brad Lackey at Drumlanrig GN, July 2018 – Photo: Graham Milne
  • This site is a free facility to read about the sport of Motorcycle Trials. The people who compete, the people who organised events and to view photographs, old and not so old, some never published before – from the sport of motorcycle trials.
  • Also, when time allows, to produce articles on specific events and personalities from the sport of trials.
  • Please note: The businesses featured in ‘Useful Links and Partners’ do not pay any advertising charges or fees to Trials Guru. This website is not run for profit or any financial gain whatsoever.


  • Trials Guru began in early 2014, first on facebook, created by John Moffat originally as a bit of fun and hobby to post some photos and articles, as a ‘spin-off’ from the facebook page of the same name. A website media was explored, using the same name.
  • Having knowledge of the internet and websites, a friend from the sport of trials, Heath Brindley (R2W Trials from Bristol) set up the Trials Guru website for John Moffat using the tried and tested ‘WordPress’ platform.
  • Within a matter of weeks Trials Guru on both facebook and on the internet grew rapidly, with offers of direct sponsorship and advertising income.
  • The offer of support was politely declined as Trials Guru runs without any outside financial assistance. We do not intend to compete with any other media, website or publication – we merely want to promote the sport and reflect on past experiences in the sport of the many people who have taken part.
  • We do not charge for adverts or commercial links to other websites. It is not an income producing website.
  • Trials Guru aim is to preserve information and record the history of the sport for future generations.
  • John Moffat has been involved in the sport for over 50 years as a club member, official and competitor, he has a wide base of friends in the sport the world over.
  • All articles are usually written by John Moffat, but we have other contributers and they will be referred to at the start of the article. If you have a trials story to tell, contact Trials Guru via the ‘Contact’ facility. We are happy for you to write it, we check it over and then publish it on an appropriate section of the website.

Some more history:

Scotland's Rich Mixture
John Moffat also wrote this book on motorcycle sport in Scotland entitled: ‘Scotland’s Rich Mixture – Memories of Scottish Motor Cycle Sport 1945 – 1975’ in 2005. – It is now out of print, but a small number of copies are currently available – see link below.

This book, written by John Moffat: ‘Scotland’s Rich Mixture – Memories of Scottish Motor Cycle Sport 1945-1975‘ covers Scottish trials, scrambles, grass track and road racing, and describes the people, clubs and riders of that era.

Available Here

It was produced in a limited quantity of 1,000 copies back in March 2005. Whilst it is now out of print, you may still be able to obtain a new copy by following the link below to The website of The Magazine Man, operated and owned by Brian Ashley in Stoke on Trent. This book was published by the now defunct Ariel Publishing, Brian Ashley of The Magazine Man, is the official distributor of the book and was financially responsible for the initial print run of 1,000 copies. Ariel Publishing did not pay for the printing of the book in 2005.

Ferry Brouwer, Yamaha Race Technician and former Arai helmet importer Europe: “This is a very interesting book, one which every Scottish enthusiast should have”.

Yamaha Ferry Brouwer
Ferry Brouwer’s Yamaha trials machine collection, which he built in the Netherlands. He was a race technician with Yamaha and latterly the European importer of Arai helmets. – Photo: Ferry Brouwer.

Please Note: No part of the book ‘Scotland’s Rich Mixture’ described above, is reproduced in part or otherwise on this website.

To obtain a copy, follow this link: The Magazine Man link


John Moffat, sometimes referred to as ‘The Moffster’; is also guest presenter on Nevis Radio, Fort William during the Scottish Six Days week in early May. Trials Guru has personal connections in the sport worldwide.

JOM 1977 Laggan Locks
1977 Scottish Six Days Trial, Laggan Locks – John Moffat (250 Bultaco) – Photo: Hans Zahn, Weidel, Holstein

Facebook and Twitter:

From time to time links are placed on ‘facebook’ and ‘twitter’ social media merely to alert readers of new material.

  • You can join in on the Trials Guru Facebook page by clicking ..  HERE
JOM Head
follow ‘Trials Guru’ on twitter – Photo copyright: Heather Mead Photography
  • Follow Trials Guru on twitter HERE

The ‘Guru’ … explained:

‘Gu’ – means shadows..
‘Ru’ – he who disperses them..
Because of the power to disperse darkness..
the ‘Guru’ is thus named.
The Trials Guru
Trials Guru – John Moffat

The Legal stuff:

  • © – While extreme care has been taken to ensure that the information contained on this website is accurate, the operators of this website cannot accept any liability for loss, damage or injury howsoever caused by any errors in, or omissions from, any information given on this website.
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  • All the material including photographs on this web-site is copyright – © Trials Guru/Moffat Racing – John Moffat – unless otherwise stated with credit given to the individual photographer(s) or contributor(s).
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We do not collect or maintain records of any personal data or process personal data whatsoever in any format, electronic or otherwise. This web facility does not identify users, contributors or photographic owners other than the owner’s name and where agreed, their general domicile excluding address or postal codes. Photographs displayed are the intellectual property of the photographer named in the captions. There are ‘contact point’ features which enable the user to ask questions and make general enquiries to the website operator. We do not collect, retain or store users’ personal information, including e-mail addresses, for any purpose. When replying, e-mail addresses supplied by the enquirer are deleted after use and are not passed on to any other data processor or person. No data is collected for statistical purposes other than those provided by the host website platform provider. No individual user is identified.

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