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‘Great Scots’ is a Trials Guru section which allows viewers to link directly to articles about Scottish motorcycle enthusiasts and riders.

Carefully researched by contacting the riders and their families, written by Scottish born and bred trials enthusiast John Moffat, these accounts are about Scottish born or domiciled trials riders who made the headlines over the years.


1968 LEP Allie Cameron
Great Scot – ‘Allie Beag’ Cameron – competing in the 1969 SSDT on his Greeves, read his story below


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Ian Bell – Edinburgh

Donald Buchan – Perth

Allie ‘Beag’ Cameron – Fort William

John Davies – Dunfermline & Devon

Trevor Hay – Edinburgh

Paul Kilbauskas – Inverness

Gary Macdonald – Kinlochleven

Alastair Macgillivray – Fort William

Jim McColm – SSDT Secretary 1970-1995

Tommy Milton – Edinburgh

Peter Mitchell – Aberdeen

Willie Pitblado – Dunfermline

Ian Pollock – Kinlochleven

Bob Paterson – Airdrie

Tommy Robertson – Edinburgh

Ron Thomson – Fort William and St. Andrews

Tom Walker – Tom the ‘TT Man’

Jackie Williamson – Newtongrange

Jock Wilson – Glen Lyon & Tolworth


The White Heather Trial – The UK’s most northerly trial

J Williamson and Son - Newtongrange 1971
Multiple Scottish Trials Champion, Jack Williamson (left) with his father John Williamson in 1971 at the family business in Newtongrange, Midlothian, Scotland.
… More Great Scots to come!


Scottish Trials Champions – 1955-2020

Source: Scottish Auto Cycle Union Ltd.

Year:         Winner:

1955        Laurie McLean (A.M.L)

1956        Laurie McLean (A.M.L.)

1957        Laurie McLean (A.M.L.)

1958        Jack Duncan (J.W.)

1959        Jack Duncan (J.W.)

1960        James Adamson

1961        James Adamson

1962        Jackie Williamson (J.D.)

1963        Jackie Williamson (J.D.)

1964        Jackie Williamson (J.D.)

1965        Kenny Fleming

1966        Norman Edgar (N.F.W.)

1967        Norman Edgar (N.F.W.)

1968        Douglas Bald

1969        Norman Edgar (N.F.W.)

1970        Kenny Fleming

1971        Rodger Mount

1972        Rodger Mount

1973        Rodger Mount

1974        Alastair Macgillivray

1975        Michael Tye

1976        Allan Poynton (A.A.)

1977        Michael Tye

1978        Robin Cownie & John Winthrop – (Joint winners)

1979        Alastair Macgillivray

1980        Roy Kerr

1981        Graham Smith (G.F.)

1982        Gavin Johnston

1983        Gavin Johnston

1984        Leslie Winthrop

1985        Leslie Winthrop

1986        Leslie Winthrop

1987        Leslie Winthrop

1988        Leslie Winthrop

1989        Leslie Winthrop

1990        Leslie Winthrop

1991        Neil Dawson

1992        David Page

1993        Neil Dawson

1994        Crawford Carrick-Anderson

1995        Gavin Johnston

1996        Gavin Johnston

1997        Gavin Johnston

1998        Gavin Johnston

1999        Gavin Johnston

2000        Gavin Johnston

2001        Gary Macdonald

2002        Gary Kennedy

2003        Gary Kennedy

2004        Roger Mount (Jnr)

2005        Leslie Winthrop

2006 – 2015    Gary Macdonald

2016         Andrew Anderson

2017         Craig Houston

2018         Andrew Anderson

2019         Joe Dawson

2020         Not Awarded – Covid-19 Pandemic

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