‘Gloves Off’ – Bernie Schreiber

‘GLOVES OFF – Bernie Schreiber’, was launched in February 2022 on TRIALS GURU as a regular and exclusive column in the news feed, and will be archived here on this page for trials enthusiasts.

Now you, the reader, have direct access to the thoughts, observations, opinions and theories of former World Trials Champion, Bernie Schreiber.

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Articles are stored here in order of publishing:

Article 1: – ‘When It’s Time To Take The Gloves Off’

Article 2: – ‘The Risk of Resting On Your Laurels’

Article 3: – ‘Heroes and Legends’

Article 4: – ‘Competing To Win’

Article 5: – ‘The Artwork of Practice (Part 1)’

2022 will also be the occasion to celebrate Bernie’s 1982 achievements.

Whiskey Gulch – Butte, Montana

1982 Trials Accomplishments:

Vice-Champion of the World 1982

World Championship Podiums 10 of 12

Winner of the Scottish Six Days Trial

Winner of the British World Round

Winner of the Canadian World Round

Winner of the BBC TV Kickstart Trial

Winner of the American Championship

Winner of ‘El Trial de Espana’ (USA)

Bernie told Trials Guru website: “I’m very excited about this new venture in 2022 and you’ll hear untold stories with GLOVES OFF. I’ll be expressing my thoughts about the sport then and now.”

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