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A Trials Guru special section which showcases colour images taken by Scottish trials enthusiast, Ian Robertson that have been slumbering, undisturbed since the late 1970s.
Ian Robertson seated at Loch Eild Path in 1970 (right) started riding trials in the 1960s and has been an enthusiast of trials all his life. A member of the Edinburgh Southern Motor Club.
Ian Robertson was brought up in Lasswade, Midlothian and is the son of Tommy Robertson, featured in our Great Scots page on Trials Guru.
Note: As always, please be considerate, the photographs are the legal property of Ian T. Robertson and should not be displayed on social media or any other website without permission and accompanied by the wording: ‘Copyright: Ian Robertson, Midlothian. Without this addition, any images broadcast or displayed are in breach of Ian Robertson’s copyright.


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Andrews, Mick – Brand, D.E.S. – Buchan, Donald – Cameron, Allie ‘Beag’ – Cameron, Kenneth ‘KK’ – Clarkson, John – Cownie, Robin – Edgar, Norman – Edwards, Rob – Farley, Gordon – Macdonald, Archie – Miller, Sammy – Mitchell, Colin – Mount, Rodger – Nishiyama, Toshiki ‘Toshi’ – Rathmell, Malcolm – Reynolds, John – Savage, Tom – Smith, Graham – Telling, Lawrence – Watson, Douglas – Williamson, Jackie – Winthrop, John – Winwood, Ross – Young, Jack – Viney, B.H.M. –

1955 SSDT:

J N Clarkson 1955 (3)
John Clarkson in the 1955 SSDT on the famous Devil’s Staircase section on his Matchless

BHM Viney - SSDT 1955 (2)
B.H.M. Viney (350 AJS) – 1955 SSDT on Devil’s Staircase

1968 SSDT:

The unmistakable style of 1968 SSDT winner, Sammy Miller (252 Bultaco) on Tyndrum on the final day. He took the win by losing 17 marks for the week. – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Third place in the 1968 SSDT went to Mick Andrews on his factory development 250 OSSA (ORB222E), seen here on Tyndrum on the last day – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Tom Savage of the Sheffield North End club on his 199cc Triumph on Tyndrum in 1968, he came home in 30th place on 134 marks and a special first class award – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Lawrence Telling (250 Greeves) on Tyndrum in 1968 where he came 21st on 114 marks lost and a special first class award. Rider 56 in the background is Terry Hill (Bultaco) and rider 31 is Army MCA rider, Mick Noyce (Bultaco) – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Norman F. W. Edgar (125cc Puch) on Tyndrum in 1968. Norman was Scottish Trials Champion in 1966/67 & 69. He came 62nd in the 1968 SSDT on 215 marks to take a first class award on the little Puch which was built by his brother, Derek. Rider no. 14 in the background is J. Ray Sayer on a 128cc Suzuki. Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Jackie Williamson (244 Bultaco Sherpa) from Newtongrange, a three time Scottish Trials Champion, on Tyndrum in the 1968 SSDT. Jackie finished in 47th position on 170 marks with a first class award – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

D.E.S. Brand of Leavesden & District MCC on his 244 Bultaco Sherpa in the 1968 SSDT came home in 76th position on 262 marks and a first class award – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Most unusual machine in the 1968 SSDT was this 60cc Heldun ridden by Perth & District clubman, Donald Buchan. Donald finished in 119th position and a second class award on 508 marks lost – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

1971 SSDT:

1971 SSDT winner, Mick Andrews (250 OSSA – B775073) – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Runner up in 1971 was Gordon Farley on the factory Montesa Cota 247. The man to the immediate right of Farley,watching is the late Norman Edgar Snr, pre-war SSDT rider and father of Derek and Norman Edgar. – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Malcolm Rathmell (250 Bultaco) who was third placed in the 1971 SSDT – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Toshiki ‘Toshi’ Nishiyama (247 Montesa Cota), the first Japanese rider to compete in the Scottish Six Days on Loch Eild Path in 1971 – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Ross Winwood on his 250 Walwin BSA in the 1971 SSDT on Loch Eild Path – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Rodger Mount from Fort William (247 Montesa) was Scottish Trials Champion 1971-73, seen here in the 1971 SSDT – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Douglas J.A. Watson, one of the Watson Bros family and Vuaxhall main dealers from Airdrie (247 Montesa Cota) on Loch Eild Path in the 1971 SSDT – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Electrical contractor, Archie Macdonald from Fort William on his 250 Bultaco on Loch Eild Path in the 1971 SSDT – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

1971 SSDT – Allie ‘Beag’ Cameron (247 Montesa Cota) on Loch Eild Path. Allie took home the ‘Henderson Challenge Trophy’ for the second best performance by a member of the promoting club, and was 24th position in the trial with a special first class award on 126 marks. – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Colin Mitchell from Aberdeen on his 244 Bultaco on Pipeline in the 1971 SSDT – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Kenneth K. Cameron (247 Montesa Cota) from Fort William on Pipeline in the 1971 SSDT – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

The late Jack Young from Edinburgh (169cc Greeves Pathfinder) on Loch Eild Path in the 1971 SSDT – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

1979 Valente Trial – Kilsyth, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Wached by Lanarkshire secretary, Mrs. Pat Sandham far left with club official, Malcolm Marshall, Hawick rider and former Scottish Champion, Graham F. Smith (240 SWM) at the Lanarkshire ‘Valente Trial’ at Kilsyth in 1979 – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Midlothian rider and joint Scottish Champion in 1978, John Winthrop (348 Lloyd Bros Montesa) Valente Trial, 1979 – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Joint Scottish Champion in 1978 with Winthrop, Robin Cownie from Penicuik on his Vic Allan sponsored Bultaco at the Valente Trial in 1979 – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Watched by Mike Rapley (far left); Ian Middleton (centre); John Knox & J.D. Morton (far right), Sammy Miller (Suzuki) rode the 1979 Lanarkshire Valente Trial – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Sammy Miller (Suzuki) a machine supplied by Lloyd Bros, Hamilton at the Valente Trial near Kilsyth in 1979 – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

John Reynolds (325 Beamish Suzuki) at the Valente Trial, Kilsyth, Scotland in 1979 – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

John Reynolds (325 Beamish Suzuki) at Kilsyth 1979 Valente Trial – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

Watched by Ray Leitch (Culloden) on the far left, Rob Edwards (349 Montesa) in the 1979 Lanarkshire Valente Trial at Kilsyth – Photo: Ian Robertson, Midlothian

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