Heather Mead – SSDT Collection

James Dabill, six times British Trials Champion gives Trials Guru some inside information at the SSDT Parc Ferme. Photo Copyright: Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.

Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall took some very fine candid ‘parc ferme’ photographs at the Scottish Six Days Trial in 2011 to 2013, here are some examples of her work. (Clicking on the images will make them easier to see)

© – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
Iain Shankie (232) relaxes before a day at the SSDT – © – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
Tom Sagar (271) prepares for the off with Mark Cameron – © – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
© – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
© – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
Neil Gaunt (420 Beta 4T) © – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
© – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
© – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
DCM 2013 - HM
Dave Moffat (Montesa Cota 4RT) patiently waits for his number to be called to go in 2013 -© – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.
An SSDT official discusses the route card with Ian Thomson (Sherco) – © – Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall.

DSCN9445-001 DSC_7532-001 DSC_7538-002 DSC_7542-001 DSC_7546-001 DSC_7557-001 DSC_7584-001 DSC_7594-001 DSC_7596-002 DSC_7606-001 DSC_7633-001 DSC_7653 DSC_7658-001

Emma Bristow and James Fry – Photo copyright: Heather Mead

DSC_7707-001 DSCN6965 DSCN6983 DSCN6994

Official George Ferguson, David Ogg (Nevis Radio) and John Moffat at the SSDT in 2013 – Photo: Heather Mead Photography

Brothers Dougie & Harry Lampkin – Photo: Heather Mead Photography
Dave Allison and Keith Blythe, stalwarts of the SSDT – Photo: Heather Mead Photography

More Heather Mead images will follow shortly…

Note: As always, please be considerate, the photographs are the legal property of Heather Mead and should not be displayed unless accompanied by the wording: ‘Copyright: Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall’. Without this addition, any images broadcast or displayed are in breach of Heather Mead’s world-wide copyright.

© – All text copyright: Trials Guru / Moffat Racing, John Moffat – 2016

© – Images: World-wide Copyright Heather Mead, Dingwall, Scotland, UK (All Rights Reserved) – 2016.

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