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Barry Robinson
Barry Robinson captured by John Hulme in 2014.


Words: Trials Guru – Barry Robinson

Images: Barry Robinson – John Hulme – Barry Watson

We are fortunate to be permitted to have a selection of photographs taken over the years by Barry Robinson of Ilkely, West Yorkshire who has been active since 1957.

BR - BW photo
Barry Robinson in 2018 at the White Rose Trial captured by Barry Watson doing what he does best, taking photos at trial events no matter the weather.

Born in 1931, Robinson has taken photographs for a plethora of national and the motorcycling press streching over six decades. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists as a freelance photographer and writer.

BR Velo1960-1
Barry Robinson: “This Doug Todd picture was taken in 1960 and the blonde boy on the right is Malcolm Charles Rathmell, now aged sixty, or more. The other is brother Gerald and Eric is ensuring I tie the Velocette on correctly. The haircut, by the way is courtesy, of a ex-Royal Air Force barber who never forgot his basic training. The Velo is a 250 MOV with a spring frame built by Eric Rathmell. The engine kept dropping an exhaust valve, probably due to being over revved”.

He reported for many of the off-road press including Motor Cycle News and Trials and Motocross News. He has been press officer to many clubs and associations and has also been a national clerk of the course for events.

Few appreciate that he was also a keen off-road competitor and an expert class trials rider himself.

1973 - timperley cup trial - F. Munoz - HM Lmpkin - MC Rathmell
1973 – Timperley Cup Trial: Fernando ‘Randy’ Munoz (Spain); Martin Lampkin and Malcolm Rathmell – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Like many of his contemporaries, Barry started off with glass negatives, then progressing on to 35mm roll film which required developing and processing.

41spanish rider xavier puig on his kit campeon bultaco along way from home in the allen jeffries
Barry Robinson records Spanish Bultaco rider Xavier Puig on his model 80 ‘Kit Campeon’ Bultaco Sherpa competing in the Allan Jefferies Trial in 1972

barry robinson - triumph cub
Barry Robinson on his Triumph Cub with factory cam inside! – Taken at Southowram Quarry

Please be respectful of Barry Robinson’s intellectual property, all the images are his property, so please do not share individual images on social media or other internet websites. We have gone to a lot of trouble to be granted permission directly from Mr. Robinson’s to display his work on Trials Guru website.

Riders featured:

John Hemingway; Dave Thorpe; Gabino Renales; Richard Sunter; Malcolm Rathmell; Martin Lampkin; Rob Shepherd; Nick Jefferies; Jim Sandiford; Barry Watson; Ron Suttill; Chris Griffin; John Lampkin; Iwan Roberts; John Shirt Jnr; Rob Edwards; Michael Brown; Yrjo Vesterinen; Dougie Lampkin; Graham Tales; Mick Andrews; Peter Gaunt; Tony Scarlett; Joe Buckworth; Xavier Puig.

Red Rose Trial 1981
Rob Shepherd on the Yamaha Majesty in 1981 at the Red Rose Trial after he quit Honda for the last time – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

rob shepherd 340 appleyard bultaco in one of his last outings at the 1982 wetherby bottle trial
After riding at world level for the mighty Honda Racing Corporation, Yorkshireman Rob Shepherd rode the Yamaha Majesty and thereafter this 340cc Appleyard Bultaco seen here at the 1982 Wetherby ‘Bottle Trial’ – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Barry Robinson: “I trained to be a journalist for two years and was up to speed in shorthand and typing plus well into the French language.

My mother made me to train as an electrician. I became an appliance engineer for the electricity board then did a refrigeration course at Frigidaire in London. After that I started and ran an electrical business in Ilkley for ten years with seven electricians. I am related to James Noble on my wife’s side and his grandfather was my apprentice. I had two years of hospital red tape, then joined Dawson MMP in London as a catering equipment engineer. I have worked in universities, hospitals, prisons, secret defence establishments above and underground and every Townsend Thoreson and P and O Ferry sailing out of the UK.

I started with The Motor Cycle, then Motor Cycling, then Motor Cycle News. In amongst all that I took over the Daily Telegraph when Ralph Venables was ill and eventually wrote his obituary. Ralph put my name forward as his successor, an honour indeed. I wrote for ‘Californian Biker’ for Lynden Luhman whom I met when the Wetherby club ran the Pateley Bridge world trial.”

2008 (1) - John Hulme Photo
Barry Robinson explains a point to the camera of John Hulme in 2008 – Photo: John Hulme/Trials Media

“Thanks purely to Colin Appleyard,  Dunlop came on board and also the SSDT thanks to Dunlop’s Press Officer Christine Arundel who was brilliant and trusted me enough to run the SSDT Press Office for three years. I was a Centre trials expert on a home-built RAC Villiers competing against the likes of Bill Wilkinson, Artie Ratcliffe, Stan Holmes. Tom Ellis, Geoff Broadbent and Blackie Holden”

Northern Experts 1972
Captured at the Northern Experts in 1972, Martin Lampkin, Malcolm Rathmell and Jim Sandiford – Photo: Barry Robinson

“I did some scrambling on a 250 Velocette built by Eric Rathmell and passenger on grass with Roy Cunliffe and won the Yorkshire and Lancashire grass track championships. I took over as Clerk of Course for the Ilkley Grand National after being assistant to Eric Rathmell for twenty years. Marjory and Eric were my our best friends. Hence the close ties with Rhoda and Malcolm.”

Malc Rathmell - 2014-12-13_37
Malcolm Rathmell in the 1975 Jack Leslie Ellis Trial on the early factory prototype 348 Montesa, based on the 250cc rolling chassis – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson.

Barry Watson.Ron Suttill.1973 Allan Jefferies - red
Richmond’s Barry Watson & Ron Suttill aboard their Colin Appleyard sponsored Bultaco/BKS outfit at the 1978 Allan Jefferies Trial – Photo: Barry Robinson

245any body got a bike with them
Group study of riders section walking – Photo: Barry Robinson

129just how a works bike should be.malcolm rathmells 21982-83
Malcolm Rathmell’s factory Montesa Cota 349 in 1982 – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Barry Robinson on 325 Bultaco Model 133 - Photo Malcolm Rathmell
Barry Robinson tests the factory Bultaco Sherpa of Malcolm Rathmell in 1974. This is the rare ‘Model 133’ of which there were only 13 ever made and were supplied to factory riders only. Photo: M.C. Rathmell

mon 050419
Barry Robinson tests Malcolm Rathmell’s 1982 factory 349 Montesa – Photo taken by: M.C. Rathmell

1973 ICTT - JAS
Jim Sandiford on his JAS Montesa Cota 247 at the 1973 ACU Inter-Centre Team Trial at Back Cwm Quarry, Rochdale – Photo: Barry Robinson

Association with the Lampkin family:

Martin Lampkin - Harry - Dougie - BR
Taken at the Scott Trial after the presentation of awards in 1982, Barry Robinson was on hand to capture this iconic photo of British trials. Harry, Martin & Dougie Lampkin with Martin’s silverware – Photo: Worldwide copyright: Barry Robinson

martin lampkin on his works 350 bultaco with very special rear shock absorbers fitted 1977
1977 study of Martin Lampkin on his factory registered 348 Bultaco Sherpa with the remote reservoir rear shocks – Photo Barry Robinson

mon 050482 - John Lampkin - Bultaco Chispa
Barry Robinson’s association with the Lampkin family dates back to the 1950s and oldest brother Arthur. Here Barry has taken a photo of a young V. John Lampkin on the 50cc Bultaco Chispa at the family home near Silsden – Photo, worldwide copyright: Barry Robinson

222an early shot of john lampkin on his martin lampkin sponsored 280 swm
John Lampkin when he rode a 280 SWM for his Uncle Martin – Photo: Barry Robinson

84runner up in the 1985 wetherby group trial chris griffen on his 125 fantic
Runner up in the 1985 Wetherby Group Trial was Chris Griffin on his 125 Fantic – Photo: Barry Robinson

Jonny Brttain.Gordon Blakway.jpg
Captured at the 2014 Scott Trial Centenary event, former works riders John Brittain (left) and Gordon Blakeway – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Welsh Wonder Iwan Roberts (4)
Portrait study of Welsh Champion Iwan Roberts – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Barry Robinson Photomon 050560
Rob Edwards relaxes in 1981 at the end of the Scott Trial – Photo Copyright: Barry Robinson

Michael Brown (5)
Study of Scarborough rider, Michael Brown – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

yrjo vesterinen on his way to winning the 1982 british trials championship aboard his works 340 bultaco in the allan jefferies trial
Yrjo Vesterinen in 1982 on the 340 Comerfords Bultaco in the Allan Jefferies Trial, the year he won the British Trials title – Photo: Barry Robinson

Dougie Lampkin in Orgate Falls.jpg
Dougie Lampkin (Vertigo 300) captured at ‘Orgate Falls’ in the Scott Trial in 2016 – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Portrait study of UK Gas Gas importer, John R. Shirt in 2017 – Photo: Barry Robinson

Malcolm Charles Rathmell – Barry has had a long standing friendship with the Rathmell family since the early 1950’s. Photo Copyright: Barry Robinson

malcom rathmell on his bultaco.check out those renthal handlbars now becomming very popular in the early seventies
Malcolm Rathmell on his factory 250cc Bultaco Sherpa at the 1973 Inter Centre Team Trial at Rochdale – Photo: Barry Robinson

Welsh riders checking out the Scott Trial in 2017 – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Sammy Miller.Nick Jefferies.jpg_01
Former Scott Trial winner, Sammy Miller MBE and Nick Jefferies spotted at the 2014 event – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Sheffield’s Dave Thorpe on his 340 Comerfords Bultaco in 1981 at the Red Rose Trial – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Tom Pickard-Chris Shorey (1)
Speed study of Tom Pickard leading Scott Trial veteran Chris Shorey at ‘Orgate Falls’ in 2017 – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Graham Tales.jpg
Concentration – Barry Robinson captures Yorkshireman Graham Tales (Montesa) at the 2016 Scott Trial at Orgate Falls – Photo copyright.

wrrobsheppard - BR - TMag
Rob Shepherd when he rode for Honda Racing Corporation on the factory prototype RTL360 tackles a steep hill at full noise in the 1978 White Rose Trial – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Mick Andrews - Scott - Yamaha
Mick Andrews on the factory Yamaha 0W10 in the Scott Trial – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

peter gaunt on a very early 125 dalesman 1971
Bike builder of note, Peter Gaunt in 1972 when he rode Dalesman for Pete Edmondson, this is a Sachs 125cc engined version – Photo: Barry Robinson

nick jefferies on his 320 armstrong dabbing in the trial named after his father allan 1983
Nick Jefferies (320 Armstrong) dabbing lustily in the 1983 Allan Jefferies Trial – Photo: Barry Robinson

malcolm rathmell on the new whispering wonder 325 bultaco released to the riders at the 1974 spanish world round
Malcolm Rathmell on the special Bultaco Sherpa model 133 which was only issued to factory supported riders in 1974 – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

22comerfords bultaco rider tony scarlett,seen here at the bradford youth national in 1981
Tony Scarlett (Comerfords Bultaco) seen here at the Bradford Youth national in 1981 – Photo: Barry Robinson

208joe buckworth about to test the icey cold water on his 280 swm 1982
Joe Buckworth (280 SWM) in 1982 – Photo: Barry Robinson

123richard sunter aboard the works kawasaki in a typical yorkshire centre event
Richard Sunter aboard the works Kawasaki in a typical Yorkshire Centre event – Photo: Barry Robinson

1front cover martin lampkin 280 s.w.m british world round at bainbridge 1982
Martin Lampkin on a 280 SWM at a British world round at Bainbridge in 1982 – Photo: Barry Robinson

19another famous lampkin alan on his works bultaco 1979
Alan ‘Sid’ Lampkin on his works Bultaco in 1979 – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

27yorkshire man john hemingway on his 350 bultaco
John Hemingway on his 350 Bultaco in 1977 – Photo: Barry Robinson

11steve saunders well wrapped up in ellgren riding gear 320 armstrong 1984
Steve Saunders on the 320 Armstrong in 1984 – Photo: Barry Robinson

13brian hutchinson on a rare 175 bultaco in the 1979 northern experts
Brian Hutchinson on the rare 175cc Bultaco Sherpa in the 1979 Northern Experts – Photo: Barry Robinson

28glen scholey trying to shake of the snow on his bultaco at the wehterby john smith trial in 1979
Glen Scholey (Comerford Bultaco) – Wetherby, John Smith Trial in 1979 – Photo: Barry Robinson

55sheffield based rider chris clarke attacking a section in the yorkshire white rose trial 1978
Chris Clarke (Bultaco) from Sheffield in the White Rose Trial in 1978 – Photo: Barry Robinson

248dave thorpe spots some loose change
Dave Thorpe drops the Comerfords Bultaco in 1978 – Photo: Barry Robinson

58spanish rider gabino renales at full stretch on the works cagiva british world round 1983
Gabino Renales (Cagiva 350) at the British World Championship round in 1983 – Photo: Barry Robinson


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