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Trials Guru: ” Heath Brindley was instrumental in setting up Trials Guru on behalf of John Moffat back in 2014, so it was only a matter of time until he was asked to share some of his most excellent images of trial her on Trials Guru. At last Heath has found some time to enable us to bring you his selection of photographs. Heath will post links to his photos from time to time, so check back regularly for more of Heath’s Selection”.

Heath Brindley (Fantic) at the Bath Classic, December 2015 – Photo: Linda Ashford

Heath Brindley: “The Trials Guru has asked me to dig out some photos I have taken over the years, but unlike many of the established top photo Journalists, I haven’t been doing it that long !

I started to take a camera with me after I moved to the West Country in 1996 and found that there were many more top flight events available to me to visit compared with the long trek that would have been needed when based in the South East. But still most of the events I’ve covered are fairly close to my home area”.

“For those that don’t know me here is a short introduction … I am just your average southern club rider who started riding at around the age of 8 on an old NSU Quickly moped. This was modified to allow me to race around the fields near home, but soon took an interest in trials after seeing some kids ride little Montesa 50’s in the woodland next to said field .. and it has been a passion for me since that day”.

“I won some club championships with the GEST Motorcycle club near Hastings and also won the Inters class Championship of the North Kent Combine back in the very early 90’s riding what was even then an old Fantic 305 ! After moving across to the Bristol area to work in the motorcycle trade, I started riding cycle trials and then eventually got back into the motorised version. Along the way I started ‘r2wtrials’ as an online way of us local riders to keep in touch and share photos etc. This brought me into contact with John Hulme, the man behind the Trial Magazine and Classic Trial, who asked me for some images and eventually to help out more with online and magazine contributions … this meant I eventually had to buy a more modern camera than the cheap digital bridge ones I had used up until that point 🙂 .. although it has to be said, I still just use a 6 year old Nikon D300 so I won’t feel so bad if I go head over tail down a rocky mountain side when using it!”

“What you will get here, updated every so often, is some of the images I have taken at specific trials over the years that I have had a camera in my hand … I am not a photo pro, but just a rider who likes to take photos. I think being a rider helps in that I can get into good positions and often anticipate what is going to happen next”.

I hope you enjoy a look back at some recent trials history .. if not, tell the guru and he can sack me nicely in his soothing Scottish way 😉 – Yours in sport – Heath Brindley

Bangor 2008 …

My first offering is a handful of photos from a great weekend … how could you not have a great weekend in Northern Ireland!
The 2008 World round was staged in typical, some would say, Irish weather. It did almost everything other than snow that weekend! The beach sections were the most testing conditions i have ever tried to take photos in, driving wind and rain for the most part. I was fortunate that I was using an old Nikon D1 one that had waterproofing, several other trade photographers over the weekend suffered camera malfunctions.
It also marked the first time one of my photos had been used by a company for promotion … some may remember the image below of James Dabill on the Future 4RT in a tidal section from a ‘Jitsie’ advert of the time… well I was proud at the time anyway!


Bangor 2008 small gallery: Click HERE

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