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Trials Guru is both delighted and priviledged to showcase black & white and colour photographs of the Scottish Six Days, from the Ken Haydon Collection, taken in the late 1960s and early 1970s. A keen competitor as well as photographer, Ken rode a 500T Norton in trials and his son, Ian K. Haydon rode for Montesa, Yamaha and Kawasaki and was a multiple ACU South Western Champion.

Ken Haydon was also mentor to the late Max King, the trials journalist and author, who wrote the definitive book, ‘Trials Riding’ in 1955, which had several reprints over the years. We are grateful to the Haydon family for their permission to exhibit these photographs on this website. Please respect the copyright of these images, which are testament to Ken Haydon’s camera skills as well as his enthusiasm and passion for the sport of trials.

We are indebted to Mike Rapley for additional information supplied on South Western riders featured in this colection.

Ken Haydon competing on his 500T Norton in the Beggar’s Roost Trial.

Ken Haydon in later life astride his son Ian’s Mitsui supported Yamaha in 1975.

Early days! Ian Haydon (left) unloads his Triumph Cub in 1964 under the watchful eye of his father Ken.

1967 Scottish Six Days Trial

BSA factory rider, Dave Rowland preparing his special BSA Bantam at the ‘weigh-in’ of the 1967 SSDT at Gorgie Market, Edinburgh.

Reg May of Comerfords, fettles his 250cc Greeves at Gorgie Market, Edinburgh.

The 250cc Greeves of factory rider, Don Smith behind his Ford Zoziac estate car.

H. Martin Lampkin at his first SSDT in 1967 as a competitor on the factory BSA C15T

Always a hive of activity, Edinburgh’s Gorgie Market played host to the start of the Scottish Six Days Trial until 1976.

Paul Dunkley (250cc Cheetah) at Gorgie Market in 1967. Dunkley later was part of the Sammy Miller/Bultaco team with Geoff Chandler and Malcolm Rathmell.

Ian Haydon poses with his well-prepared 250cc Cotton at Gorgie market in 1967.

1967 SSDT – Scott Ellis’s BSA, which was the first ‘Otter BSA’ with the frame tubes removed from under the engine.

1967 SSDT Ian Haydon weighs in his 250cc Cotton at Gorgie Market, the marshal on the left is Ian Robertson who is a contributor to this website.

Up on the machine examiner’s ramp, Ian Haydon’s Cotton gets the obligatory painted seals applied to many of the major components.

Peter Gaunt (Suzuki) in conversation with Comerford’s Peter ‘Jock’ Wilson at Gorgie Market, Edinburgh.

Alan Dommett redies his 250cc Bultaco for machine inspection at Gorgie Market for the 1967 Scottish Six Days. On the right is his mother-in-law, the wife of Jim Courtney and the left is Alan’s wife, daughter of Jim Courtney.

1967 SSDT – Ian Haydon checks his day 1 route card carefully before beinging given the word to start his 250cc Cotton. The rider waiting to be allowed to collect his machine on the right is Lancastrian, Maurice Newsham.

Martin Lampkin (250cc BSA) at the top of Loch Eilde Path in 1967, high above Kinlochleven.

Martin Lampkin (BSA) on ‘Tyndrum’ on the final day of the 1967 SSDT.

Lawrence Telling (250cc Bultaco) from Wiltshire on ‘Tyndrum’ – 1967 SSDT. Telling would join Montesa in 1968.

The famous ‘Devil’s Staircase’ section near Lochailort shows the path and the climb in 1967, a year after the road was completed round the Moidart Peninsula.

Norman Edgar (250 Bultaco) tackles ‘Foyers’ on the shores of Loch Ness – 1967 SSDT.

Jim Sandiford (250cc Greeves) on Foyers in 1967.

SSDT winner in 1966, Alan Lampkin on his factory BSA C15T on Foyers in the 1967 SSDT.

Dennis Jones aboard his factory 250cc Greeves on ‘Tyndrum’ on the final day of the 1967 SSDT, Dennis finished third overall losing 40 marks.

This photo shows the height that riders climbed to attempt the ‘Tyndrum’ sections, being old lead mines. The A82/A85 road junction is far below in the valley. The village of Tyndrum is five miles north of Crianlarich and these sections were usually attempted on the final day during the run from Fort William to Edinburgh for the finish.

‘Tyndrum’ sections, old lead mining operations, seen here in a Google Map image, shows the path up the hillside used by the SSDT up until 1976. There is now a gold mine at this location, the Cononish Mine. – Google Maps Image

1968 Scottish Six Days Trial

1968 SSDT winner, Sammy Miller aboard his 252cc Bultaco on ‘Grey Mare’s Ridge’.

Slightly obscured shot of third placeman, Mick Andrews (Ossa) on Grey Mare’s Ridge in 1968.

1968 SSDT – Cotton factory rider, Rob Edwards on Grey Mare’s Ridge watched by Ralph Venables in checked cap on the right.

A clear image of Ian Haydon’s Cotton at the 1968 SSDT ‘weigh-in’ at Gorgie Market in Edinburgh.

1969 Scottish Six Days Trial

1969 SSDT and the gathering at first day ‘terror’ Edramucky on the slopes of Ben Lawers in Perthshire.

Nick Nicolls (left) captures Dennis Jones having a spot of bother aboard his Suzuki on ‘Edramucky’, watched by eventual 1969 winner, Bill Wilkinson (goggles on hat on the left).

Dennis Jones (Suzuki) feet up on the ‘Devil’s Staircase’ in 1969.

A great shot of the Devil’s Staircase (Lochailort) in 1969, taken at the second corner from the start which is just visible on the path below the spectators. Ian Haydon on his Cotton.

Alan Lampkin (Suzuki) also hits trouble on ‘Edramucky’ in the 1969 SSDT.

Alan Lampkin (Suzuki) takes a steadying dab on Mamore in the 1969 SSDT.

Scotsman, Derek Edgar (250cc AJS) takes a flying dab on Bay Hill in the 1969 SSDT.

Norman Edgar (250cc AJS) later became the SSDT Clerk of the Course as well as three times Scottish Trials Champion, seen here on Bay Hill in 1969.

British Champion, Gordon Farley on his factory 247 Montesa Cota, tackles Devil’s Staircase in 1969.

Martin Lampkin (Suzuki) on Mamore, 1969 SSDT.

Peter Gaunt (Suzuki) on Mamore, 1969 SSDT

1969 SSDT – Don Smith (Montesa Cota) tackles Bay Hill

Ian Haydon (Cotton) gets refuelled along with Lawrence Telling who was a Montesa UK supported rider.

Rob Edwards (Cotton) tackles the famous ‘Pipeline’ section near Kinlochleven – 1969 SSDT.

ACU North Western rider, Alex Hayton on Pipeline in 1969. The registration of this Bultaco was later bought by Ken Heanes for his car, as it stood for ‘Ken 5 Gold Medals’ from the ISDT.

Rob Edwards (Cotton) on ‘Mamore’ – 1969 SSDT.

Scotsman, Charlie Dobson fights to control his wayward 250 Greeves on Coalasnacoan. Dobson was also a keen and competent road racer. 1969 SSDT.

Swedish rider, Thore Evertson (250 Bultaco) in his first SSDT on ‘Pipeline’ – 1969 SSDT. Thore went on to ride for Ossa and won the best foreign rider award many times.

Norman Edgar (250 AJS) on Loch Eilde Path in the 1969 SSDT.

Former Triumph works rider in trials and ISDT, Roy Peplow on his Bultaco in the 1969 SSDT.

1969 SSDT

Don Smith (Montesa Cota) on Devil’s Staircase in the 1969 SSDT.

Ian Haydon (left) enjoys a bowl of soup along with Scotsman, Charlie Dobson at one of the lunch stops during the 1969 SSDT.

Ian Haydon enters section 2 of Devil’s Staircase in 1969 on his Cotton, watched by Ralph Venables and ACU Steward, Edward Damadian.

When it all goes wrong on the Devil’s Staircase – it goes wrong! 1969 SSDT.

A relaxed Sammy Miller (second from left) enjoys the lunch stop with Alex Hayton (left); Paul Dunkley (second from right) and Jim Sandiford (right) during the 1969 SSDT. Miller went on to finish in second place on his 252cc Bultaco.

1970 Scottish Six Days Trial

The centre for the start of the 1970 SSDT at Gorgie Market where last minute preparations were made to machines, riders signed up with the trade suppliers for vital spare parts.

1970 SSDT – Gorgie Market, Edinburgh. An apprehensive Ian Haydon (Montesa Cota) waits for his minute, followed by Ireland’s Terry Hill (Bultaco – 207). The officials were: left to right: John Clarkson; Rex de la Haye and Campbell Spiers.

1970 SSDT – Coalasnacoan

1970 SSDT – John Luckett (Bultaco) from Devon on ‘Laggan Locks’

1970 SSDT – John Luckett (Bultaco) cuts through the gate at ‘Altnafeadh’ and on to the A82 Fort William to Glasgow main road.

Running repairs with a tyre swap near Tyndrum – 1970 SSDT.

1971 Scottish Six Days Trial

Family support – Brenda Luckett on the right from Devon, at the 1971 SSDT to support her husband John Luckett seen here along with John’s parents.

The 1971 SSDT winner, Mick Andrews on the Ossa factory prototype, tackles the ‘Devil’s Staircase’ at Lochailort.

Seventeen-year-old Nigel Birkett (Crooks Suzuki) at his first SSDT in 1971 on Devil’s Staircase.

Toshiki Nishiyama was the first Japanese competitor to take part in a Scottish Six Days, here is Toshi on Devil’s Staircase in the 1971 event.

Toshi Nishiyama (Montesa) was the first Japanese competitor in the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1971, he rode the event several times.

Montesa team member, Lawrence Telling negotiates the Devil’s Staircase perfectly during the 1971 SSDT.

Mick ‘Bonkey’ Bowers on his 175cc BSA on Laggan Locks in the 1971 SSDT.

Close up of Mick Bowers’ BSA Bantam (1971 SSDT)

Pere ‘Pedro’ Pi of Montesa on Laggan Locks in the 1971 SSDT.

Montesa teamster, Rob Shepherd on ‘Devil’s Staircase’ – 1971 SSDT.

Peter Gaunt on his Gaunt/Ducati – 1971 SSDT.

Running repairs to Ian Haydon’s Montesa in Fort William during the 1971 SSDT.

1972 Scottish Six Days Trial

John Luckett and his father prepare the works Cotton for the 1972 SSDT. Gorgie Market, Edinburgh.

Mick Andrews (Ossa) on course to winning the 1972 SSDT, seen here on ‘Ben Nevis’.

Paul Dunkley (250 SM Bultaco) on Loch Eilde Path – 1972 SSDT

Scottish winner, Mick Andrews (250 Ossa) on Loch Eilde Path in 1972

German rider, Hans-Jochim Loffler pivots his 247 Montesa on Loch Eilde Path in 1972.

Mike Rapley, who later became a photojournalist with Trials & Motocross News, on his 250 Bultaco in the 1972 SSDT on Loch Eilde Path.

Brian Higgins (250 SM Bultaco) climbs Loch Eilde Path in the 1972 SSDT.

Malcolm Rathmell (Bultaco) takes a long dab on Ben Nevis in the 1972 SSDT.

Former Greeves works rider, Derek Adsett (250 Ossa) on Laggan Locks in the 1972 SSDT.

Bultaco factory rider, Malcolm Rathmell (250 Bultaco) on Laggan Locks in 1972.

Montesa brand ambassador, Rob Edwards on Laggan Locks in 1972.

Alan Lampkin (250 Bultaco) 1972 SSDT.

Peter Gaunt (125 Gaunt Suzuki) on Laggan Locks in the 1972 SSDT.

Even the experts can get it wrong on Laggan Locks’ ball-bearing type surface. Here is Ossa factory rider, Dave Thorpe, thrown from his machine in 1972.

John Hemingway (Montesa) on Laggan Locks – 1972 SSDT.


1976 Scottish Six Days Trial

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