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Fox, Donna; Thompson, Colin; Wareing, Ollie; Kremin, Mark; Towriss, Andrew; Waters, Kim; Waters, James; Waters Les; Napier, Ian; Walker, Russell; Hough-Whelpton, Luke; Potts, Andy; Dent, John; Hawkins, Mark; Bateman, Roy; Bannister, Den; Garrod, Mark; Turner, Dave; Dalton, Robin; Price, Thomas; Headley, Steve; Fewster, Steve; Mayes, Paul; Franklin, Olly; Hendison, Callum; Hendison, Dave; Aston, Ben; Staples, Mick; Staples, Luke; Hewson, Keith; Nickerson, Johnny; Devereux, Dean; Fleckney, Gary; Hawkins, Gary; Wignall, Graham; Proctor, Janice; Colclough, John; Atkinson, Tyler; Potts, Jacob.

The East Midlands’ riders trip to the Highland Classic in Scotland 2019:

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So, the journey began for the East Midlands boys who were flat out riding all local trials on the build up to the Scotland event.

J Kim Waters - GL
Kim Waters on section 1 on his Fantic 300 – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Kim has ridden a few times before in Scotland, he says he absolutely loves this event and the venue and this trial is one of best credit to John Moffat and the organiser’s absolutely top notch. Each year he gets in he tries to better his score from previous visits but sadly he had a few bike issues this year and even though he finished it wasn’t to be beating his score from last year dropping 83 points.

John Hamblin
John Hamblin on his Fantic 200 during the Highland Classic Two Day Trial – Photo: Gillian Lawson

John has been riding off and on for the last 30 years and was his first time at this event the bike is a 1980 Fantic 200 he said he absolutely enjoyed it dropping 66 points and even stayed on for the Guest of Honour, Bernie Schreiber training day.

Mick Rayner - GL
Mick Rayner on his Fantic 200 taken at a local trial – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Mick rode 1998 to 2007 then circumstances stopped him riding. He said he never got that good but he did manage to ride the Inverness & District Tomchrasky National in 2006. He started again when he was 43 in February 2018 on a Beta Rev3, then bought and rebuilt the 1980 Fantic 200 156cc over Christmas 2018. He  started competing on that in January 2018.

He rides with North Linc’s Classic and Banovallum MCC. It was his first time like John at this event and dropped 86 marks.

During the weeks running up to the Highland Classic Two Day Trial in the beautiful setting of the Alvie Estate in Scotland the boys where hard at it attending local trials to get in the practice, each week and every opportunity they could get to ride. Sorting the last-minute problems with running of the bikes etc.

Jonathan Kim Waters, Mick Rayner and Dave Hamblin all set of on their long drive to Scotland which took around 7- 9 hrs depending on how many stop offs they had .

They all arrived safe with the precious cargo on board and relaxed the night before getting ready for the big day on the Saturday

We all arrived at the venue and what a stunning place it was with the rolling hill tops and the lush green fir trees rocks and streams. The barn at the venue was all set up for the riders to sign on and get their goody bags which contained their numbers, score tags and SWM Edition T-shirt

The sun was out and started out to be a glorious day. The welcome before the race started was with the traditional bag pipes being played along with speeches form owners, chairman telling the riders about the course and what to expect.

Day One:

11 am started the event and off they all went, 18 Sections and two laps they had to return to the barn and had in score cards and get new ones and then refuel and then set off for lap two.

Previous year the heavens had opened, and we had thunder lighting and hail stones whilst they were on lap one they were cold and wet through all of them but didn’t dampen their spirits. This year it was kind to us and waited until the event was over.

Day Two:

Was an earlier start of 10am sharp and all to play for, some section had been changed around so not the same as day one.

Off they went and catching each one as they came in for the scores sheets to see how they had done

It’s a very tough Trial but overall the Lincolnshire boys did well and it was a great weekend with then and enjoyed the banter that goes with it.

The organisers excelled themselves putting this event on each year and it was so friendly, and a great atmosphere. No wonder it is called “The Friendliest Classic Trial In Scotland”.


Donna fox 1

Gillian Lawson spotlights some trials folk in the East Midlands/Lincolnshire area:

Words and photos: Gillian Lawson.

Some sporting club history…

Since moving from London to the Nottingham /Lincolnshire border, I re-discovered a past passion I had in motorcycles, so I have been attending the local Trials in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas. I also have a passion for photography and took this opportunity to attend events with my camera, where I have found the clubs very friendly and riders very welcoming as they love having a picture taken.

One of the clubs is the North Lincolnshire MCC which I have subsequently learned that it was founded in October 2000, by local trials riders meeting up for a pint and the general consensus was that North Lincolnshire was lacking a good Pre’65 and twinshock club to cater for beginners as well as more experienced riders.

Hence the North Lincolnshire Classic MCC was formed and now regularly meets at the Nag’s Head pub in Wootton. Their first trial was held at Ashby Ville, Scunthorpe on New Year’s Day 2001. The club nowadays has over 120 members and puts on twelve trials per year, during July the two-day trial and championship trophy presentation takes place and with camping on site it’s a very popular weekend. Novice riders are encouraged with very easy sections as well as clubman, 50/50 and expert routes. The club also allows riders of modern machines to ride at the trials and they compete in a separate championship, which I have mentioned further in this page.

Also, there is another local club called the Banovallum MCC which is an old established club and the riders that are dedicated to keeping the clubs going and it also allows them to ride in other championships and go on to be a success in the championships.

Over the last few months I have met and spoken to some of the riders from the clubs and they kindly gave me the opportunity to take pictures of them and their bikes and tell me a bit about them. Below you will see the machines which are very popular with younger and older riders, some started riding at a very young age and some have recently taken up the sport over the last few years.

Some local riders…

Colin Thompson:

Colin Thompson 3
Colin Thompson on his Fantic – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Colin has been in the the motorcycle trade since 1969, he has ridden trials from 1971 and is a founder member of the North Lincs Classic Motorcycle Club. He has been Chairman of the club for the last few years. A few examples of his main Championship successes are: Scunthorpe Club Novice Champ 1978; Banovallum Club Pre’65 Champ 1999; Banovallum Club Easy Route Champ 1999; Banovallum Club Pre’65 Champ 2000; North Lincs Club Two Stroke Champ 2008; North Lincs Club Main Route Champ 2006; North Lincs Club Two Stroke Champ 2009.

Donna Fox:

Donna fox 2
Donna Fox on her Honda TL125 – Photo: Gillian Lawson

“From being around fifteen years of age, I thought I would like to try twin-shock trials, as my Dad had a few when I was growing up. But as things went on. doors opened to opportunities I only ever dreamed of in the beginning, for instance becoming a British champion and Women’s trials getting their own championship. It came to pass, the rest they say is history! So I’ve been riding competitively since I was ten, so a grand total of twenty-two years. With change on the horizon it seemed a good idea to take a break from world championships, but I wanted to continue riding so I mentioned to Dad about a twinshock. He’s good at engineering tinkering and at modifying, so I think he jumped at the chance. I’m finding it takes me back to the beginning, learning the basics again as after moving with the times you forget how forgiving modern bikes are these days, plus being a TL125, the power isn’t enough to save me! We’ve had to go for an electronic ignition as I’m far too aggressive for the points to keep up”.

Olly Wareing:

Olly wearing 1
Olly Wareing (Fantic) – Photo: Gilliam Lawson

I spoke with Olly and he tells me his machine is a modified 200 Fantic Professional. “I’ve been riding since I was nine years old. After riding modern bikes in the expert class and doing S3 rounds, I made the switch to twinshock about four years ago. This was mainly due to modern sections not being my sort of style as I’m a more flowing no-stop sort of rider. That, plus modern bike prices and after sales market, made the twinshock scene more inviting. I’ve made friends with so many new riders in twinshock and although still super-competitive it’s totally different to modern riding and riding styles.

Mark Kremin:

Mark Kremin
Mark Kremin on his TR240 JCM – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Mark told me his machine is a 1986 JCM TR240. He has been riding for forty years and loves the challenge on the old stuff. He said he can’t do the hopping and bopping, the older trials suit his ability. He loves the rare bikes such as the JCM, Merlin and the Mecatecno. Mark started riding trials in 1977 on a Montesa Cota 123 with the SMCC and has been a member since then.

Andrew Towriss:

Andrew Torriss
Andrew Towriss on his Suzuki RL250 – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Andrew Towriss’s machine is a 1976, Suzuki RL250 and has had it around ten years. Andrew started riding the local clubs and found everyone to be friendly and helpful. He likes riding the older bikes as it’s more of a challenge and he rides for fun.

Kim Waters and his son James Waters:

Kim Waters 2
Kim Waters seen here at the Highland Classic 2 Day in Scotland on his Suzuki – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Kim has been riding since an early age. He prefers the old bikes to the modern. He loves trials sport and his passion and determination shows when you watch him ride. Kim and his brother Les organise one of the local North Lincs trials at Wickenby to give back to the community of the sport.

James Waters 2
The TY Yamaha that Kim Waters built – Photo: Gillian Lawson

James Waters 1
James Waters on his Yamaha TY175 – Photo: Gillian Lawson

However, his son James who rides both old and new and is becoming a one to look out for. He has taken to the older bikes and modifying to suit his style, He enjoys working on his Yamaha TY175.

Les Waters:

Les Waters 1
Les Waters (Yamaha TY250R) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Les tells me that his bike is the Yamaha TY 250 Monoshock 1986, Have been riding trials for four years, he is a member of the North Linc’s and Banovallum club, he enjoys the machines from the 1970 and 80s era.

Ian Napier:

Ian InGear 1
Ian Napier with his Yamaha – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Ian Napier said that he decided a couple of years ago that he fancied ‘a go’ at trials to keep him away from road riding. He bought a cheap Montesa and enjoyed practicing so jumped in feet first and bought a beta and entered his first trial at Manton in November 2014. Although he enjoyed riding the modern bikes he was finding it difficult to keep up with them and that started him with the twin shock bikes. He built a couple of TY250’s that were sold on and there’s always a project on the go. He’s currently building a TY mono with another twin-shock to do after that. He says there’s some great clubs locally, Scunthorpe, Banovallum, Lincoln, North Linc’s classics and some further afield at Barnsley and Scarborough. There’s always a warm welcome from some great guys with everyone willing to help and encourage. And occasionally laugh at his misfortune. Everyone should have a go!

Russell Walker:

Russell Walker 1
Russell Walker on his Seeley Honda TL200E – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Russell started out riding in 1976 with Scunthorpe club and was novice champion in his first year and expert champ the following year. Walker: “I stopped riding for 19 years raising family and running marathons and started again in 2000. Tried to ride modern bikes but can’t get on with power and brakes so stick to the old ones I started on. At 58, I still get very nervous at the start of a trial especially the Kia rounds but intend riding for as long as my bones let me”.

Luke Hough-Whelpton:

Luke Hough-Whelpton 1
Luke Hough-Whelpton on his Fantic _ Photo: Gillian Lawson

Luke Starting riding at ten years old then went on to cycle-trials winning many championships, he started sidecar racing at nineteen for two years, then moved on to the supermoto national series having numerous top three finishes. He retired to drink beer and breed until two years ago when he started trialing again, first on KJ Construction Gas Gas and then onto the Fantic which he is now riding most weekends.

Luke has won three club championships, Lincoln Banovallum and classic club.

Andy Potts:

Andy Potts 3
Andy Potts during his racing days

Andy Starting road racing at twenty-eight years of age and had three years sidecar racing followed by racing TZ Yamahas at many national events which included the Manx Grand Prix and the TT. The last few years he was doing all the Irish short road races with a national win at Kilalane and a second at Cookstown.

Andy Pott s 2
Andy Potts on his BSA Bantam – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Potts told me: “My first trials bike was a 1970 250 Bultaco. I retired in 2000 and dabbled at trials but started again with Luke two years ago by first riding JK Constructions’ Gas Gas and then recently the BSA Bantam, my best result only falling off 5 times in one trial”.

We have two new riders to the North Lincolnshire club and here is what they had to say.

Jon Dent:

Jon Dent
Jon Dent on his TY 250 Yamaha – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Jon told me at the young age of unbelievably, fifty-three years of age and he has been riding trials since he was about ten years old informally and started competing when he was about sixteen, riding many TY Yamahas, 250 Beamish Suzuki, 350 Ossa, 350 Bultaco, a 315 Montesa Cota, TLR 200 Honda and a 350 Matchless. He has always ridden Classic Trials, even when they weren’t classics they were just what everybody was riding. He just thinks they are more fun.
As he worked for thirty-five years in Kent, he rode (badly he says), for the Folkestone Trials Club but now he has, happily returned to my Nordic homeland of North Lincolnshire I ride for North Lincolnshire Classic Motorcycle Club on his trusty ’91 Yamaha TY Pinky.

Mark Hawkins:

mark hawkins
Mark Hawkins on his 250 TXT GP Gas Gas – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Mark said he rides a Gas Gas 250 TXT GP limited edition 2017, he said it’s awesome, being a beginner at 50 years old, but he behaves like a 17 year old when riding as has never been on a trials bike until November 2016. But watching him you would think he has done trialing for years. He enjoys the banter and the comradery from fellow bikers of the clubs.


The KIA Trials Championship Series:

Kia Championship is very popular with the club riders and many are now taking part throughout the year.

I spoke with the organisers and they kindly gave me a run down on their championship

Gerry Minshall said. “Two years ago, I was invited by Javier Cruz to ride his ex-works 250 Bultaco in the Robregardo trial in Spain, I enjoyed it so much I ended up buying a Vasquez Bultaco! When the bike was finished, I went back to Spain with Alan Wright to try it out and had a fantastic day riding in the mountains. It was on the way home we started talking about where you could ride a twinshock on a regular basis, plenty of modern and Pre’65 events, but not so many twinshock and no events for air-cooled monoshocks.

The idea of a series catering for twinshocks and air-cooled monos was born, we solicited Peter Salt to help and with my wife Fredina keeping us in check, we had a start.

BUT the success of the series is down to the unique nature of our sport, so many people came forward to help and back us, too many to mention by name.

In February 2014, we started the twinshock trials series, following the belief that there is a need to create a low cost off road trials championship series for experts, clubman and newcomers, a format of 2 laps of 20 sections over minimum of a 3 mile lap, with 2 routes.

An entry fee £20.

A prize draw for observers with prizes of £100, £50 and £25.

It has been a fast learning curve!

Thanks, must go to our sponsors for 2014:

  • The Twinshock Shop
  • Bultaco In Motion Trials
  • D Ingram (Stav Chorley)
  • Hofmann Precision Balancing Limited.
  • Our trophy sponsors
  • John Shirt, Yrjo Vesterinen, Bonkey Bowers and Peter Salt

Thanks to the organisers, observers of the following clubs:

  • Congleton MCC
  • Oxford IXION
  • Bognor Regis
  • Dot Owners
  • Stratford upon Avon
  • Red Rose Classic
  • Hillsborough MCC
  • The Landowners.
  • John Collins, Tim Fairbrother, Ken Garfield
  • Colin Bullock

And of course, the riders without your participation and input we would not have succeeded”.

The Scunthorpe Motor Cycle Club

Words and photos: Gillian Lawson.

Allan Hunt – Club President:

When speaking to Allan, he told me the Scunthorpe Motor Cycle Club is possibly one of the longest established sporting organisations in the area. Having been formed in 1923, the club ran up until 1927 and was re-formed into its present state in 1929. They still have most of the original silver trophies from 1923 and the club meeting minute books from that time until this year. The club is affiliated to the East Midlands Centre of the Auto Cycle Union with the motto being ‘sport and fellowship’ as their badge shows.

During the war years when there were no sporting events, several of the members acted as dispatch riders for the Home Guard. Over the years they have organised and been involved in many varied events, such as trials, scrambles, grass tracks, hill climbs, gymkhana’s, display, demonstrations, RAC/ACU rider training, car and motor cycle main road trials, treasure hunts and the council summer motor scheme and trials training days.

The club is proud to say that their current membership stands at around 100, with competitor’s ages ranging from four to over seventy years of age. The rapidly developing electric bike market has seen a surge in young members. The small wheel conducted route is very popular and a fantastic opportunity for young people to get into Motor Sport. The lasting success of SMCC is due to the long-term involvement and dedication of past and present officials and the well-known camaraderie and friendship amongst the motor cycle fraternity.

The old pictures from 1956 at Whitton, another venue used by club for many a year.


The picture of a James 197 cc at Whitton in 1956.

The group picture has a young Mark Kremin (Montesa), left then the legend, the late Roy Bateman (Bultaco) and late Den Bannister (Honda).


Mark Garrod : Club Secretary

Mark Garrod – Photo by Gillian Lawson

After speaking with Mark, he informs me he has competed since the age of 14. He has had various bikes over the years, first starting on a modified Suzuki TS90, followed six months later by a TY175. At the grand old age of sixteen he got a new TY175. He has had a Seeley Honda TL200E, Bultaco 175, Montesa 242 and in 1986 got a mono-shock TY250 Yamaha. Since then he has had valorous Gas Gas ‘Pro’ machines and a Beta Evo 270. Mark has been involved in the club since he was 16 helping set up and marking the trials out. He then went on to become the treasurer and now secretary, a role he has held for the last eight years. Mark has been involved in the club for over thirty years and rides for the other local clubs, like Banovallum. He currently rides a Beta 250.

Dave Turner:

Dave Turner in action – Photo Gillian Lawson

Dave Rides a Gas Gas 2014 Racing TXT 250 and has been competing 5 years. He is a member of many clubs in Lincoln, including North Linc’s classic, Scunthorpe, Banovallum and Barnsley club and last year the Poachers Pre-65 events on a BSA C15 made in 1961.

Robin Dalton:

Robin Dalton (Beta 300 4T) – Photo Gillian Lawson

Robin states his twin-shock is a 1986 Honda TLR 200 and that his modern bike is a 2010 Beta 300 4T. He was a late starter at the age of 49 and has been competing for four years. He started with the Barnsley club which is where he met up with Dave and they started riding together at Lincoln, Banovallum MCC, Scunthorpe MCC and then North Lincolnshire classic.

Thomas Price:

Thomas Price – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Thomas is very new to trials biking and this was his first trial with Scunthorpe, he has a 2000 model year Honda Montesa 315 250 two stroke which he only bought recently. Thomas only bought the bike a few weeks ago he got it on the Wednesday went to clay cross trials on the Thursday then rode Scunthorpe the Sunday he and what a great time he had, told me the club had made him very welcome and had a fantastic lot of fun and will be back again.

Steve Headley:

Steve Headley
Steve Headley – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Steve started on a Raleigh ‘Wisp’ 49cc at the young age of nine, he used to ride up at Sand Hills near Crosby. At the age of thirteen, Steve received a Greeves Scottish 250cc giving him the bug for trials. The Greeves was bought new by Alan Hunt and Stu Witting still has it to this day, he never started in trials until 2001 with a Yamaha 250 then built a Triumph Cub and runs a Beta 300, so 3 bikes to go riding at the clubman trials at the Scunthorpe and North Linc’s clubs. Steve likes to try anything, aiming to do well, but the main thing is enjoyment and having a good laugh along the way and making new friends.

Steve Fewster:

Steve Fewster (1958 Francis Barnett) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Steve’s bike is a 1958 Francis Barnett which according to Steve is a bit trick and used more in pre-65 trials. He has been trialing since circa 1970 as a schoolboy now a youthful 58. His late father Barry Fewster was a keen trials and scrambler guy, and friends of the late Roy Bateman and young Alan Hunt hence his interest. Steve rides for Scunthorpe club and all local clubs i.e. North Linc’s, Banovallum & Poachers pre-65 club.

Steve Fewster as a youth in 1973 on Roy Bateman’s BSA C15 special. He was honoured to ride this machine at Netherthorpe Woods near Worksop

More riders interviews during the North Lincs Two-Day Trial in July 2017.

Words and photos: Gillian Lawson.

Held on the Walcott estate, for the club’s annual trophy and two-day event presentation.

3pm on Saturday saw the riders set off for 5 laps of 8 sections around the Walcott estate.  The terrain was as usual very challenging for the riders as even though it was a dry day there had been some rain overnight making the unpredictable setting more of a challenge.  It’s never the same at this location which is something you have to love and admire.

On Saturday evening, all the riders, partners and families camping onsite gathered inside the marquee. Colin Thompson the club chairperson and his two assistants, Luke Staples one of the riders and young Ben Mayes, set about awarding an array of trophies to the riders from the last years trialing events. The trophies had event date, name and rider engraved on them and were in the shape of little spark plugs and there were several other types of award cups.

The club secretary, Shay Fowler’s partner, Jane sold raffle tickets throughout the day and the raffle was held immediately after the presentation.  There was plenty of banter and heckling for the winners and losers from a few people we won’t mention but they know who they are!!!  It was all part of the fun and made for a wonderfully entertaining evening, showing the true comradery of those within the club, despite the raffle draw heckling and shouts of fix etc.  A very fun evening.

Paul Mayes:

Paul Mayes on his Fantic – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Paul rides a 1981 156cc Fantic 200 which he has owned for over 20 years, but only ridden regularly last four years. He only ride with North Lincs.

Oli Franklin:

Oli Franklin
Oli Franklin (Beta) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Oli who is a very new comer to the trials said he had been racing enduro since he was about ten with raw enduro. Then Phil of Ledgerwood Morgan gave him some additional training and lent him a 2014 Beta 250 to ride in some events.  He has done three trials on it so far and is doing extremely well.   Only 17 and he has ridden two trials with North Lincolnshire Classic and one with Scunthorpe.

Callum Hendison:

callum hendison
Callum Hendison (Yamaha) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Callum stated: “I’m 16 and have been riding since I was 8, on a Beta 50.   I’ve had 50’s, 80’s, 125’s and a 250.  I ride a 2017 Sherco 250 and a 1981 TY175 Majesty”. Callum rides with Scunthorpe; North Lincs; Banovallum; Pegasus; Scarborough; Manchester 17 and several others.

Dave Hendison:

dave hendison
David Hendison (Gas Gas) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Dave is 54 and used to road race, winning the Manx Grand Prix newcomers on a TZ350 in 1989. He now rides a 2017 Gas Gas 250. Dave rides at the same clubs as his grandson Callum.  They both clearly have fun and enjoy the banter along the way.

Ben Aston:

Ben Aston
Ben Aston (Sherco) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Ben Aston rode his 2016 Sherco 300 he is 35 years of age and has been riding for 3 years with Robin, Dave, Stu and Ian. Great lads, he told me he has got 5 trials bikes now, but has had 9 he thinks in the 3 years! Quite addictive he said. He has done some trials with Barnsley because they are probably closest, but he really enjoys the trials with North Linc’s Classic, Scunthorpe MCC and Lincoln Motorcycle and Car Club. He said for a flat county they have awesome trials and friendly people!  He likes to think he’s getting better at the sport but work commitments stop him from riding every weekend, or following a championship. So, it’s just fun for the moment.

Mick Staples and his Son Luke are another Father and Son team who ride trials together and enjoy the special father and son time.    They ride a Fantic and a Scorpa.

mick staples
Mick Staples (Yamaha) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Luke Satples
Luke Staples (Fantic) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

There was also James Waters and Kim Waters and the banter here was definitely in full flow all the way around the course.

Kim Waters (Yamaha) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

However Kim won his group, the Clubman Classic so had slightly more to say.

James Waters
James Waters (Yamaha) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Andrew Towriss: was on his beamish but couldn’t resist poking his tongue out for the camera as he passed by, all part of the fun.

andrew Towriss
Andrew Towriss (Beamish Suzuki) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Keith Hewson: Keith was there on his his BSA Bantam another who uses his tongue for balance.

Keith Hewson
Keith Hewson (BSA Bantam) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Jonny Nickerson: was also present on his Honda and said, “I just threw it together to ride that weekend”  – and he never stop smiling the entire way around.

Jonny Nickerson
Jonny Nickerson (Honda) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

jonny nickerson bike
The Honda of Jonny Nickerson, finished just prior to the event – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Kia National Trials Series – Round 6 Feature – July 2017 – Hosted by Wye Valley Auto Club

Words and photos: Gillian Lawson

Wye Valley Auto club was affiliated to the ACU in 1927 and has held many types of motorcycle events over the years, however, nowadays it runs solely trials events.

Dean Devereux 260 HONDA - red
Dean Devereux (260 Holda TLM) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

The club promoted the Wye Valley Traders Cups trial for many years, when it was at British Championship status, running the last event in 1993. The Trevor Hunt Trophy trial is named after the late club secretary of over 40 years, who was Clerk of Course for the WV Traders for much of that time.

Gary Fleckney 250HONDA - red
Gary ‘Mr. Rockshocks’ Fleckney (RTL250S Honda) – Photo: Gillain Lawson

The club hosted Round 6: The start was at Platch Farm, Ewyas Harold, the landowners are Mr. Williams and Mr. Prosser.  Set in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, it was idyllic, with breath-taking views from the top of a very steep hill. There were over 90 competitors taking part in the event and it was very well organised as usual.  A huge thank you to the landowners, without their support the clubs would be unable to run these events.

Gary Hawkins 250 HONDA - red
Gary Hawkins (250 Honda) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

There was a woodland area at the bottom of the hill, with a long steep sided rocky stream and a gully running through it, making it ideal for the trial. Wye Valley Auto Club had set out some very challenging sections and I based myself around section 10, which had lots of rocks for the experts to climb and some smaller ones for the less experienced of the riders.

Graham Wignall 240 FANTIC - red
Graham Wignall (240 Fantic) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

The weather was dry, except for a light shower in the afternoon, which made the rocks slippery and caused a few of the riders to fall off.  Not too much damage done though. The landowner was very helpful, using his buggy to ferry a broken-down bike and riders back to the top of the hill. I even managed to hitch a lift myself, along with one of the other rider’s girlfriends Blyth, he managed to get us up to the top in one piece.

Janice Proctor 175 BSA Bantam - red
Janice Proctor (175 BSA Bantam) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

The riders seemed to have enjoyed the day and as usual had fun along the way, even though they were in competition. Riders travelled from far afield to take part and camped over the night before.

John Colclough - James - red
John Colclough (250 James) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

North Lincolnshire Youth Feature

Usually Trials Guru does not feature competitors who are classed as ‘youth’ due to Child Protection rules and regulations, which we fully support. However, Gillian Lawson has obtained the express written permission in this case from the respective parents, Mr. & Mrs. Potts and Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson.

Gillian Lawson writes:

Tyler Atkinson:

Tyler Atkison
Tyler Atkinson (OSET) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

I first met Tyler on a very cost and frosty Saturday in Scunthorpe last year at one of the race meetings. I remember well him telling me how cold his hands were and that he dad had just got him some handwarmers, which he was keen to show me and offered to warm my hands too as I was also struggling and having to hold a camera.   “You can only borrow them until your hands are warm” I remember him saying, but I declined saying he needed them more.

Tyler Atkinson (OSET) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

At the time of writing, has just now turned seven and started riding an Oset 16.0R in January 2015 when he won the 2015 ‘E class’ middle route, Northern Oset Cup championship. He then moved onto the Oset 20Lite and subsequently moved up to the ‘D class’ (ACU requirement for his age) where he proceeded to win the 2016 Northern Oset Cup championship being youngest in the class, and the Sheffield & Hallamshire Oset Cup championship. He was also 2016 runner up in the Horsforth and District series.

Since then he has moved up and onto the Oset 20.0R which is what he currently rides. Although still only seven, he prefers to ride the adult trials rather than the kids conducted events and is leading the white route series at the mid-way point with North Linc’s MCC.

He is a big fan of Toni Bou and Donna Fox, both of whom are world class riders, but he is keen to point out that Donna is not his girlfriend! His father, Dave, informed me that Martin from the Cycle Barn in Misterton supplies him with all the Hope equipment, brake pads etc for his bike.

When you watch this young man ride, you can see he is full of passion and determination and whilst he loves the kid’s trials, as above, he definitely finds the adults trails more challenging and entertaining and loves being part of the banter with the lads. He has made quite a few friends amongst the older riders who watch out for him and spur him on and he then gives the ‘cheek’ back which is so funny to listen to. He is such a happy rider, a pleasant young man and so well-mannered. Truly a credit to Dave and Donna.

I can see him going very far if he continues as he is doing. Definitely an up and coming as well as future star of the sport, supported by parent’s constant encouragement.   It is easy to forget he is only seven.

Every time he sees me with a camera pointing in his direction, he always does his little pose and cheekily pokes out his tongue. He definitely loves to show off his skills when I’m around.

He is a little chatter box and informs me of all the sections and what people have failed to do and what he has achieved in the section and always rides up to me to tell me how many cleans he has achieved.

He has achieved very many remarkable wins already and has twenty-four trophies, fourteen medals and a rosette. He has also now started to help his dad mark the section when his has finished his ride, which he considers all part of the sport and fun. He has fallen, injuring himself but cutting his mouth when a tooth went through, but there is no chance of him quitting. When asked about that, you can only imagine his response. None of this fazes him at all.

I truly wish him well in all the future events and hope he goes on to bigger and bigger things

Jacob Potts:

Jacob Potts
Jacob Potts (Beta 80) – Photo: Gillian Lawson

Jacob is aged ten years at te time of writing, and is the second of the riders I want to feature. I met Jacob at one of the trials in North Linc’s and have always found him to be a very pleasant young man, however a very impatient one too at times, in the sense he gets frustrated with himself when he doesn’t do well or things go wrong.

Jacob 2
Jacob Potts – Photo: Gillian Lawson

He also likes to be in the adult trials and has made lots of friends who look out for him and guide him. He has improved dramatically over the last year I have been watching him, thanks to the support and encouragement of his father, Andy, who is also a rider but currently injured. Andy is spending lots of time with Jacob and taking him step by step through the challenging sections which he has now started to make look easy.

All this help is clearly paying off which you can see through his achievements in winning fourteen trophies this year. He learns extremely quick and is becoming another star in the making. I always remind him to take your time and concentrate and always tell him great and well done when he has had a clean section.

He loves is picture taken and is always riding about trying new skills on his bike. Another youngster who is a credit to his parents.

Jacob started riding at the age of five on a beta mini trial 50 before going onto a gas Gas TXT Boy and then on to Osets. He rode Osets for two years and won three Horseforth trial championships at various levels. He then moved to a Beta 80 medium wheel in 2016 and went on to win the Grantham Pegasus youth championship, Banovallum C class championship, Lincoln club C class championship, West Leeds C class championship Scunthorpe club C class championship, Scarborough youth middle route championship and classic club adult modern route 50/50 championship.

His favourite trials to date are the world Oset round at Penrith all Scarborough club trials and Middlesborough club.

His Dad says he lives for his weekends and is never off his bike, what a great sport to be brought up into. He and I would like to thank all the clubs for supporting youth trials, it’s much appreciated

I wish Jacob all the best and these two great young men will go on to achieve lots more with support of their parents and the clubs and the older riders passing on their skills too them both

Message to you both, from me keep up all the hard work and remember concentrate and be patient it will happen.

Some history on the Banovallum MCC:

The Banovallum Motor Cycle Club was founded in November 1948.

There was no local Motorcycling organisation in the immediate area, so Eric Welton and his friend Charles ‘Paddy’ Paddison decided to try and start a club in Horncastle.

The Club began with twenty-one members, but this soon increased when events were organised, and by 1954 they were running Scrambles, Trials and Road Rallies.

In 1954, 1955 and 1956 the Banovallum Club entered teams in the Isle of Man TT, and won the Sidecar Team Award for three consecutive years, the only Club ever to achieve this. Members of the Sidecar Team were Jack Beeton, the Taylor brothers, Charles Billingham, Bill Boddice, Bill Storr, and Team Manager Walter Burton.

Eric Welton was Club Secretary from 1948, until his retirement in 1974, when Dick Woolsey took over as General Secretary, with Doug Green as Sports Secretary. Harry Parkinson was appointed President of the Club, replacing the original President of the Club, Dr. Greenwood.

Doug, Dick and Harry still continue to support the Club as General Secretary, Enduro Secretary and President.

In 1974 a team, Steve Marwood, Alec Baumber and Den Bannister were entered in, and came first, in the Lincolnshire Group Team Championship. Alec Baumber, of Crowtree Leathers, came second when he entered his restored 1966 Yamaha into the ‘Classic Bike of the year’ award 2013.

Many of Banovallum’s Club Champions have gone on win International Awards. Thee include:

Road racer and TT competitor, Freddie Frith from Grimsby who became 350cc world champion in 1949.

Bernard Codd, Manx Grand Prix winner

George Catlin, Manx Grand Prix

Jack Beeton, International Sidecar Road Racers

Roger Marshall

Emma Bristow, European and World Ladies Trials Championship.

Banovallum Club has promoted the Lincolnshire Enduro Championship since 1991, and holders of the title include Mark Gorman and Mark Godfey as multi times winners.

The Club was the last ACU Club to run Scrambing/Motocross in the East Midlands Centre.

Banovallum MCC currently run Trials and Enduro events, and organises and run a Checkpoint for the National Rally every year.

An exhibition to celebrate 60 years of Banovallum, showing the history of the Club was held at the Lincolnshire Life Museum attracted a lot of attention, and many retired members and visitors.

Funds are raised through the events, and are donated regularly to Charitable organisations. Last year donations were made to The Air Ambulance, £2000, Lincolnshire Blood Bikes, £2000, and the ACU Benevolent Fund £3000.

The Club was created to promote enjoyable, and safe competitive motorcycling for riders, spectators and Officials at all levels, and would like to congratulate all the Banovallum MCC members, both past and present, who helped the original members’ vision become and remain a reality, by working hard together, sharing the responsibilities and organisation, and encouraging many ‘new to the sport’ to ‘have a go’ and enjoy it!

Aquaduct Classics Kia Round 2017: REPORT HERE

East Midlanders venture to Highland Classic 2018:

Highland Classic - 2018

It all starts with Kia series round one, hosted by Aqueduct Classics at Plass Onn, Selatyn, Owestry, Wales. The club did themselves very proud, to kick off the the Kia series round one.

Set in the stunning county side of Owestry on the 25th February. It was a very frosty, sunny morning with a new venue and what a great Venue it was, two laps around with varied terrain and twenty sections. Well done to Jan Jones, Russell Jones, Mark, Geoff, Chris and all involved for a fantastic day out. Thanks to Barry Jones the landowner who went the extra mile and made a carpark for the riders to park so a big thank you to them all.

The weather was very good on the weekend and especially for Wales! – so as well as the tough sections to contend with, the boys had also to contend with the cold and this proved to be very challenging.

Quite a few came down on the Saturday and camped over which gave them the opportunity to explore the stunning area, have a gathering with mates and a beer and catch up we shall say the Kia hardened mad crew.

There were one hundred and sixty riders booked with sixteen no shows, so quite a turn out for round one.

So, the journey begins For the East Midlanders who will be flat out riding all local trials as well as all the Kia series with the build up to their Scotland adventure, The Highland Classic.

Jim Waters, who came second in the Historic Spanish class at the  last Kia championship series which all came down to the last round and knows what he must do this year to achieve his goal of winning it.

Jim Waters - TY175 - GL

Jim is riding the Yamaha TY175 from Lincolnshire and rides all his local clubs and will be hard at it with the run up, alongside his Dad, Kim Waters also a rider of the Kia series and local clubs.

Waters - GL

Kim has built up a Fantic 300 Pro to take to Scotland and took it for testing at round one who came second to his son James in points, bit of father son rivalry going on.

Gary Fleckmey - Ariel - GL

Gary Fleckney (Mr Rock-shocks himself), arrived with George Greenland’s 1956 Ariel 500 which is his Scottish Pre-65 entry to test out. A beautiful bike but a right tank of one if I may say so myself, he didn’t seem to get on with it and felt very disappointed, but that’s how it goes am afraid you never know how a bike is going to perform or is it the rider! He didn’t finish and retired for the day feeling deflated. He will be riding his 1963 Dot 250 at Alvie.

Mark Kremin - 240 Fantis - GL

We also have Mark Kremin who will be riding at Alvie, he’s an old hand at the Scottish event and will be riding his Fantic 240.

Other riders who are not going to Scotland but are local are: Andrew Towriss who was riding his Suzuki RL 250 Beamish retired on the day with a few technical hitches we shall say no more. What’s that saying about prep before you come racing?

Roman Kyrnychkyi on his SWN 280 who scored 37 points

Bohdan Kyrnyckyi on his Yamaha Majesty 200 who retired on the day will be interesting to see how they do as we have not followed then as yet.

The Highland Classic – 9/10 June, 2018

In the weeks running up to the Highland Classic Two Day Trial, organised by the Inverness & District MCC on the beautiful setting of the Alvie Estate near Aviemore, Scotland, the boys were hard at it attending local trials to get in the practice, each week and every opportunity they could get to ride. This included sorting the last-minute problems with running of the bikes.

Sadly, our Gary Fleckney (Mr Rockshock), had to pull out due to back problems but I’m sure we will see him again soon and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Jonathan Kim Waters, James Waters, Mark Kremin and Russell Walker all set of on their long drive to Scotland which took around 7 – 9 hours depending if you follow a Sat-Nav or not !! some saying they know the way and adding time on to journeys.

They all arrived safe with the precious cargo on board and relaxed the night before getting ready for the big day on the Saturday.

We all arrived at the venue and what a stunning place it was with the rolling hill tops and lushous green fir-trees rocks and streams. The trial HQ was all set up for the riders to sign on and get their goody bags which contained their numbers, score tags and Montesa tee-shirt celebrating 50 years, along with products from the sponsors.

The sun was out and started out to be a glorious day. The welcome before the event started was with the traditional bag-pipes being played along with speeches from owners, and the club chairman telling the riders about the course and what to expect.

Day one…

11 am started the race and off they all went eighteen sections two laps they had to return to the HQ which wa located in a huge biomass shed and hand in their punch cards and get new ones and then refuel and then set off for lap two.

First back was Russ Walker who look shattered to be fair, I asked how he was doing and he said ok, he was on the Red route A on his Montesa , he had dropped 5 marks on the first lap, so off to a good start but sadly it went down hill on the second lap dropping 19, but came back with a smile on his face, his total drop for day on was 24 marks.

Followed by Mark Kremin who the same looked shattered and was on the Blue route B on his Fantic, Mark dropped 19 on the first lap and said it was down to nerves as he had not done to much riding this year, he set off optimistic to have a better second lap sadly he only managed to gain back one point and totalled in dropping 18 so a score of 37 for the day.

The heavens had opened, and we had thunder lighting and hail stones whilst they were on lap one they were cold and wet through all of them but didn’t dampen their spirits.

James Waters was next to arrive looking fresh as daisy riding his TY175 he was in the under 35’s Blue route B and had a fantastic first lap dropping 3 marks. Off he set for lap two and came back having dropped 7 marks, making a total of 10 dropped for the day, which is great as his first time to this trial unlike the others who have been before.

Then came Jonathan Kim Waters on the Blue route B on his Fantic, who had dropped 6 marks on lap one and was feeling good about that in himself even though feeling nervous like Mark, he set off round two and arrived back dropping 17 second lap making his total for the day 23 so off to a good start.

Day two…

Was an earlier start of 10 am sharp and all to play for, some section had been changed around so not the same as day one.

Off they went and catching each one as they came in for the scores sheets to see how they had done.

Russ came in and had a disaster of a ride lap one picking up 25 points and set off on lap two only to return with dropping 19 marks he has no idea what went wrong he says just wasn’t his day. Making his overall score 68 for the two days.

Mark had a better second day as the nerves had settles or maybe it was the few beers night before !! his first lap he dropped 6 points and second lap dropped 4 totals of 10 for day two and overall score of 47.

Jonathan set off to a good start again day two and dropped 8 on his first lap and on his second lap just dropped 1 mark, making 9 for his total of day two and overall score of 32 for his day two.

He has had a great achievement as he said he comes each year to reduced and beat his previous years scores which certainly shows as in 2015 had dropped 117 points, 2016 dropped 81 marks and this year 2018 only 32 so only one thing left and that’s a win next time round.

James set off to a cracking start on day two he did what is known as a clean lap one dropping 0, however on lap two he dropped a 2 making his overall score on day two 2 points and overall score of 12 for his two days, which was enough for him to take the title of the under 35’s so congratulation what and achievement for his first time in such a competitive competition. Jim as I have said from day one he is a star in the making.

On speaking to him after the trial, he wasn’t best pleased with his performance as he wanted to be in single figures but never the less a win is a win.

It’s a very tough trial, but overall the Lincolnshire boys did well and it was a great weekend with them and enjoyed the banter that goes with it.

The organisers excelled themselves putting this event on each year and it was so friendly, great atmosphere. I even got cheese and wine after each day ‘happy photographer’.

Alvie 1

I really enjoy doing this page for Trials Guru and hope it brings some well-deserved publicity to the club’s, the organisers who give so much of their free time to make it all happen for them.

Gillian Linc’s 2019

A very busy year last year was had by all in 2018, with some great trials and great Venues from all clubs up and down the country, A huge thank you should go to the continued support of the landowners shown to the clubs as I’m sure all the riders appreciate you all, allowing them to continue to use your land to continue with their sport. Please remember guys to be respectful the land when you visit these places so we get the continued support in many years to come.

The new year is under way with a few of the local clubs just finishing off the season or starting their new ones. We have a good few trials coming up over the next few months here are a few dates for your calendar, at a loose end on a Sunday !! why not pop along have a look at the sport give a helping hand.

Banovallum MC – 24th February at North Ormsby Quarry

North Linc’s MCC – 3rd March at North Willingham

Poachers Pre- 65 Trials Club – 10th February at Blechford

Scunthorpe MCC – 10th February at Moat Road, Scunthorpe

Kia Championship: After a superb series last year and some nail biting moments, it kicks off its new year in February with round one being held with Aqueduct Classics on 24th February. Also around the corner we have the big moment at the Telford show where presentation to the winners of the series will happen. So why not pop along and support.

Back soon…

It’s a great sport and needs to have more publicity – Gillian Lawson


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