Rappers Rewound

Photojournalist, Mike Rapley has been busy looking through his back-book of photographs to display some more of his trials handi-work.

Whilst we already have a couple of pages of Mike’s photos, he decided to share some more ‘modern’ images with the general public so we have created ‘Rappers Rewound’ for this purpose.

Alan Trial 13-06-2004:


A. Udall
A Udall (Gas Gas)

Alan Trial, June 13, 2004 Chris Dixon
Chris Dixon (Gas Gas)

Andrew Bingley
Andrew Bingley (Montesa Cota 315R)

Aran Drachenberg 2
Aran Drachenberg (Beta)

Chris Grundy
Chris Grundy (Montesa)

Chris Pearson
Chris Pearson (Sherco)

Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson (Gas Gas)

Darren Brice
Darren Brice (Scorpa)

Dave Wardell
Dave Wardell (Sherco)

David Myers
David Myers


… MORE Mike Rapley photos HERE



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