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To find out about John Moffat’s book ‘Motorcycle Competition Scotland 1975-2005’ Published by Yoomee Ltd (ISBN: 978-0-9927596-1-2) … Click Here


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8 thoughts on “CONTACT”

  1. great scot,just found this site,great info and big thanks to the lads with the cameras,cheers as you fellas say

  2. Image 110 is Andy Thomas a Cornishman I believe. He was a regular competitor in South West events in the 70’s.

  3. Hi John. On Rappers page rider 113 on bultaco is Kelvin Wills from Exeter. Also a keen scrambler in the 70’s with Mike Buckingham.

  4. Looking for pictures of US Champ (84-85-86) Scott Head’s Beta TR32 as I own one of his factory bikes. Still has all decals on it. Any pics would help thanks, Bill

  5. What fantastic photos. Superb and treat to see.
    My son and I are restoring a Montesa 349 with a seized crank. We’ve seen an excellent work shop description by Mr. Rapley on engine work on the 349. Wondering if there are any other resources, tips, pointers etc. for this great machine’s engine overhaul.
    Thank you kindly,

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