Trials Photo Archives

Links to our Photographic archives on Trials Guru website, all images are copyright of the photographers listed. (Main photo copyright: The Ken Haydon photographic collection).

The links are in green below, click on them to take you to the page where the photographs are viewable.

Barry Robinson – ‘Robinson’s Rocks’ – selection of the work of Yorkshire’s Barry Robinson

Bob Hosie Collection – SSDT and Scottish Trials

Candid Camera – A selection of trials photos from around the globe (Various Photographers)

Colin Bullock – Article with photos

Colin Bullock – Album

Claudio Pictures – Specialist photos from the camera of Jean-Claude Commeat

Chris Sharp – ‘Irish Selection’

David Wood – C.H. Wood Collection ‘In Focus’ – early trials

Eric Kitchen – The Maestro

Heath Brindley – Selection – Bangor WTC 2008

Heather Mead – SSDT Parc Ferme Images

Hugh Beesley – Photos from the North of England

Hugh Hunter – SSDT Collection of a local photographer

Iain Lawrie – Album 1 (SSDT photos from 1977, plus 1992 & 2010 World Championship trials in Scotland)

Iain Lawrie – Album 2 (Various years SSDT and Pre65 Scottish Trials)

Iain Lawrie – 40 years selection

Ian Robertson – SSDT photos

Jeremy Whittet – A small selection of Scottish trials in the 2000s

Jimmy Young – Album 1 (a mixture of SSDT, Aberfeldy 2 Day and various Scottish events mid 1970s to mid 1980s)

Jimmy Young – Album 2 (a mixture of Scottish events mid 1970s to mid 1980s)

John MacDonald – SSDT Collection of a local photographer

Justyn Norek – Trials and Motocross photos around the world

Ken Haydon Collection

Kimages – Kim Ferguson Collection

Kimages – Second Album

Louis Nassogne – OB Collection – Belgium

Mario Candellone – Images of Trial

Masao Nagata – 1983 SSDT

Mike Davies – Memories of a schoolboy

Mike Rapley – ‘Rappers Rewound’

Mike Rapley – ‘Recalled by Rappers’

Mike Rapley – ‘Chairman’s View’ – Sidecar Trials

Rainer Heise – Trials in Germany

Rene Opstals Collection

Trials UK Media – SSDT Selection

The Premier Trial Website – Recording the History of the Sport 'Established 2014'

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