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Trials Guru has released some video montages on the social media ‘YouTube’ to publicise our work and promote the sport of trials worldwide.

This could only be done with the co-operation and assistance of the photographers who have contributed to the website since 2014.

We hope that you enjoy the videos, grouped below for easy access and enjoyment:

…Trials Guru – ‘Since 2014’

… Scroll down to access more video links:

… Trials Ladies on Trials Guru

… Trials Guru – More Than You Think

… Recalled by Mike Rapley on Trials Guru

… Trials Guru ‘2017 Rewound’

… Rob Edwards Tribute

… Bultaco Spain

… Carlos Casas Tribute:

… SSDT History on Trials Guru:

… Trials Guru – Dedicated to The Sport:

… SSDT – Lost But Won:

… SSDT – Lost But Won – Extended Version:

… 2017 SSDT – Faster:

… Iain Lawrie Collection:

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