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Claudio - George Lucas - CP
Claudio (right) takes a selfie with George Lucas at Monaco

Trials Guru is delighted to present ‘Claudio Pictures of Trial’ to this website. Sit back and enjoy the camera work of Claudio with his images from the great sport of Trial across the globe.

Claudio has released a book on trials machines in 2016 entitled ‘Trial vintage’ with preface by Charles Coutard priced at 25 euros. An excellent book to have on the coffee table.

Claudio Book
Trials Guru thoroughly recommends Claudio’s ‘Trial Vintage’ book

Claudio or Jean-Claude Commeat for his full name, is a French freelance photographer, but all his images have world-wide copyright, please respect this. Claudio has given Trials Guru express permission to display his images, which are his intellectual property. All his images are watermarked accordingly.


Group French - CP
Team Fantic from the 1980’s – Adrien Prato, Fred Michaud, Gilles Burgat, Bernard Cordonnier, Jaime Subira & Thierry Michaud – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Debbie Evans - CP
Debbie Evans (USA) in 1982 on an Italjet at Lakewood, California – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Mick Andrews - CP
Study of Mick Andrews, former Ossa and Yamaha factory rider – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Group World - CP
Trial Legends: Gilles Burgat (France), Michel Traini (Italy), Bernard Cordonnier (Belgium), Charles Coutard (France), Yrjo Vesterinen (Finland), Bernie Schreiber (USA), Adrien Prato & Pascal Couturier (France) – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
SWM 1978 125 - CP
SWM 125cc from 1978 – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
CCM 350T (1978) – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Beniot Verin - CP
Benoit Verin on the 350cc S.W.M ‘Jumbo’ in the Santigosa Two Day Trial, 2014 – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Lluis Gallach - CP
Lluis Gallach on a Merlin DG350 ‘Lluis Gallach Replica’ from 1984 in the Santigosa Trial in 2014 – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Fred Michaud - Fantic - CP
Fred Michaud (France) Fantic, brother of world champion Thierry Michaud – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Rene Mabily Merlin - CP
Rene Mabily (Merlin) – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Pascual Corturier 240 Fantic - CP
Pascal Couturier (240 Fantic) with Joel Corroy watching at the Ventoix Trial Classic event in 2011 – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Miquel Cirera - CP
Miquel Cirera on a Montesa Cota 247 in 2014. Miquel is team boss at Montesa – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Santigosa BSA - CP
Michel Ranc (BSA) at the Santigosa Two_Day Classic in the category Pre’80 – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
JP Honda - CP
Ventoux Trial Classic 2008 – Jean Pierre Prégardien (250 Honda) – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Rene Vabily - 2008 - Tignes - CP
Tignes 2008 – Rene Mabily (Bultaco 340) – Photo: Claudio Trial Picture
Bultaco - CP
Bultaco through the ages – Photo: Claudio Trial Picture


Michaud - Vesty 2015 Ventoix - Claudio Pictures
Thierry Michaud & Yrjo Vesterinen, both multi-world trials champions at Ventoix 2015 – Claudio Picture.
Coutard - Coutard - Claudio Picture
French Champion of Trials, Charles Coutard with son Arthurus Coutard – Claudio Picture
Subira - Michaud Fred - Coutard - Saunders - Ventoix 2015 - Claudio Picture
Juame Subira (Spain), Fred Michaud and Charles Coutard (France) and Steve Saunders (Great Britain) at the 2015 Ventoix Trial Classic – Claudio Picture
Team - Ventoix - CP
Ventoix Dream Team 2015 – John Lampkin, Thierry Michaud, Steve Saunders, Jordi Tarres, Philippe Berlatier, Gilles Burgat, Bernard Cordonnier, Fred Michaud, Michel Traini – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Ventoix 2015 - selfie - Lejeune - Berlatier - Tarres - CP
Mont Ventoix 2015 – Eric Lejeune takes a ‘selfie’ photo of Phillipe Berlatier and Jordi Tarres – Photo: Claudio Trial Pictures
Fred Michaud - SWM - CP
Fred Michaud (SWM) Ventoix 2015 – Photo: Claudio Trial Picture
Tarres - Berlatier - Saunders - 2015 Ventoix - CP
Mont Ventoix 2015 – Jordi Tarres (SWM), Phillipe Berlatier (Bultaco) & Steve Saunders (Honda) – Photo: Claudio Trial Picture


Soler Coutard Vesty - Claudio pictures
Manuel Soler, Charles Coutard & Yrjo Vesterinen in Andorra on a photo-shoot for Classic Trial Magazine – Claudio Picture
Various bikes - Claudio Picture
Merlin, BSA, Honda and SWM – Claudio Picture
Coutard Burgat - Claudio Pictures
Charles Coutard & Gilles Burgat, Two Champions, Two Friends, Two Legends of Trial – Claudio Picture
Coutard Bultaco - Claudio Picture
Charles Coutard with his 1977 factory Bultaco Sherpa – Claudio Picture
Courturier etc - Claudio Picture
2011- Pascal Couturier, Michel Traini, Gilles Burgat, Charles Coutard and Bernie Schreiber – Photo – Claudio Picture
Soler Vesty Coutard - Claudio Picture
Three legendary riders of Bultaco together on this photo: Yrjo Vesterinen , Manuel Soler, and Charles Coutard (in action) – Claudio Picture
Alvie Classic - Group - CP
Copyright Claudio Pictures – Here we have Vesty and trial friends: Manuel Soler on the far left, Dave Thorpe, Chesterfield, England & Joan Pere Santuré from Andorra. Photographed in 2013 at Highland Classic 2 day Trial (Bultaco Edition), Alvie Estate, Aviemore, Scotland.
JOM - Alvie - CP
Trials Guru representative, John Moffat (Vazquez Bultaco 325) at the Highland Classic Two-Day Trial in 2013 – Photo: Claudio Trial Picture

Alvie Classic 2013 - Claudio Picture

The triple world champion Yrjo Vesterinen was able to arrange the Bultaco trial team for the Highland Classic 2 Day Trial, which took place on the 8/9th of June, 2013 in northern Scotland on the Alvie Estate. Oriol Puig Bulto Side-car,from the left: Yrjo Vesterinen, Ignacio Bultó, Manuel Soler and on the right Juan Oliver, Jaime Puig, Charles Coutard, and on the far end Javier Cucurella. A great picture to remember a great event – Claudio Picture

Highland Classic - Claudio Picture
Claudio’s photograph forming an article for the French edition of Classic Trial magazine in 2013. Charles Coutard on the right line at the Alvie Estate, Highland Classic Two-Day Trial, one of the best classic trials in the UK – Claudio Picture


We are indebted to ‘Claudio’ for his generosity in allowing Trials Guru to share his fantastic images of the sport of trial.

Purchase Claudio’s book: ‘Trial vintage’ HERE

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