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In case you don’t know Justyn or his work, here is some information:

Justyn was born in Cracovia, Poland. As a teenager he followed the famous Tatra Trial based at Zakopane, an event frequented by Ted Usher, John Giles, John Brittain and many other British trials riders of note.

Justyn became friendly with Kuno Karlsson of Sweden a good rider in his day, which resulted in a visit to Sweden in 1966. Norak became friends with Ingvald Johanson of MC-Nytt the monthly motorcycle magazine.

Norek was always taking bike-sport photographs, a skill he developed to good effect and his work was now being published in the UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

He was offered the job of photographer for Team Husqvarna by their motocross manager, Bror Jauren. Husqvarna used many of Justyn’s images for their sales catalogues and were more than impressed with his work. However, Justyn was at that time at Cracow Polytechnic studying engineering and car design, so reluctantly he had to decline Husqvarna’s offer, which he deeply regretted.

In 1981, Norek moved to live in Italy, near Turin becoming design director at Idea Institute in 1992.

Norek retired in 2014 to concentrate in his painting. However, Justyn is now photographing motocross once more.

Sadly much of his early work has been lost or destroyed in Poland over the years so we are fortunate to be able to share with you on Trials Guru Justyn’s handiwork and skill in a small way, both trial and motocross photos, plus some machine testing photo-shoots with his son, Justyn Junior on Moto Guzzi and CCM 350T machines. (see separate report on Sammy Miller’s Ariel, 786GON by clicking on link below)

‘Justyn Norek – Take 2’ is HERE

Sammy Miller’s ‘Other’ Ariel – 786GON

The Ariel 786GON, one of two once ridden by Sammy Miller at it’s home in the Italian Alps. Photo Copyright: Justyn Norek, Turin.
786GON, Ariel HT5 of Sammy Miller Photo Copyright: Justyn Norek, Turin.
The drive side of 786GON, the Ariel also used by Sammy Miller and almost identical to GOV132. Photo Copyright: Justyn Norek, Turin.
786GON with its current owner, Carlo Ramella. Photo Copyright Justyn Norek, Turin.
786GON Ariel HT5 (Sammy Miller) Photo copyright: Justyn Norek, Turin.

– For more information on 786GON see this short article about Sammy Miller’s ‘other’ Ariel

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Concept Cheney Racing:

Cheney logo
Justyn Norek’s original sketches for the update to the Cheney Racing logo. The stylised Eric Cheney initials. Photo Copyright: Justyn Norek, Turin, Italy.

Prototype Carrera goggles from 1973:

P1100704 - Ake Johnsson Carrera goggles
Motocross rider Ake Jonsson who rode in the early 1970’s Grand Prix had these prototype Carerra goggles made for him by Justyn Norek. Jonsson sent them back to Norek as a momento recently, 40 years after use in motocross events! (Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin)
Carrera Goggles Ake Jonsson
Front view of the Ake Jonsson prototype Carerra goggles made for him by Justyn Norek. (Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin)
Vic Allan - JN
Scotsman, Vic Allan on his factory Greeves in 1970 – Photo: Justyn Norek
Ake Jonsson 1970 Maico
Swede, Ake Jonsson on his factory Maico in 1970 with the experimental goggles made by Carrera and altered by Justyn Norek. (Justyn Norek Image)
img.1258 - Christer Hammergren
Husqvarna’s Christer Hammargen using Norek’s prototype Carrera goggles. (Photo copyright: Justyn Norek, Turin)
Torsten Hallman - 1 - JN
Torsten Hallman (Husqvarna) – Photo: Justyn Norek
Paul Freidrichs CZ
Paul Friedrichs (CZ), three times World Motocross Champion, wearing a pair of Norek’s prototype Carrera goggles. Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Torsten Hallman - 3
Torsten Hallman (Husqvarna) – Photo: Justyn Norek
Torsten Hallman - Husky tank - JN
Torsten Hallman – poses with a Husqvarna tank – Photo: Justyn Norek
Paul Friedrichs - CZ
Paul Friedrichs – CZ – Photo: Justyn Norek
Hallman - 2012 - JN
4 time World Motocross champion, Torsten Hallman at Imola, Italy in 2012. Hallman after retiring from motocross produced the ‘THOR – Torsten Hallman Original Racewear’ brand clothing – Photo: Justyn Norek
Ake Jonsson - HVA
Ake Jonsson (Husqvarna) – Photo: Justyn Norek
Ake Jonsson - HVA 400 - Prerov Czech 500 MXGP
Ake Jonsson – Husqvarna 400 at the Prerov Czech 500 Motocross GP – Photo: Justyn Norek
Uno Palm (Husqvarna) wearing experimanetal French Cebe goggles modified by Justyn Norek. (
Uno Palm (Husqvarna) wearing experimental French Cebe goggles modified by Justyn Norek. (Image: Justyn Norek, Turin)
Uno Palm HVA 2
Uno Palm (Husqvarna) Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Uno Palm HVA 3
Uno Palm (Husqvarna) Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Keith Hickman BSA 2
Keith Hickman at the East German GP 1968 (BSA 441) Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Keith Hickman BSA 3
Keith Hickman, East German GP 1968 (BSA 441) Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Keith Hickman BSA 1
Keith Hickman, East German GP 1968 (BSA 441) Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
John Banks - 1968 East German GP
Keith Hickman (BSA) 1969 Czech GP – Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
JV Smith and Justyn Norek
Left to right: Keith Hickman, Jeff Smith, Justyn Norek, John Banks and BSA mechanic at the 1968 East German GP. Photo courtesy of Justyn Norek.
Bengt Aberg 1
Bengt Aberg (Husqvarna) Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Torsten Hallman - JN
Torsten Hallman (Husqvarna) – Photo: Justyn Norek
Jaroslav Falta - CZ.1252
Jaroslav Falta – CZ – Photo: Justyn Norek
Torleif Hansen - HVA - JN
Torleif Hansen – Husqvarna – Photo: Justyn Norek
Jiri Stodulka - CZ.1298
Jiri Stodulka – CZ – Photo: Justyn Norek
Ake Jonsson - E German 500MXGP - 5
Ake Jonsson (Husqvarna) – East German 500 Motocross GP – Photo: Justyn Norek
1967 - Ake Jonsson HVA 360
1967 – Ake Jonsson (Husqvarna 360) – Photo: Justyn Norek
Moiseev - KTM.1251
Guenaddy Moiseev – KTM – Photo: Justyn Norek

Kavinov - KTM.1250

Russian rider Viktor Kavinov – KTM – Photo: Justyn Norek

Roger De Coster - CZ - img.1239
Roger De Coster – CZ – Photo: Justyn Norek
Roger De Coster 250 CZ - JN
Roger De Coster (250 CZ) – Photo: Justyn Norek
De Coster - CZ - JN.1264
Roger De Coster – CZ – Photo: Justyn Norek
Roger De Coster – Photo: Justyn Norek
Bryan Wafe - 1 - JN
Bryan Wade (360 Greeves) Photo: Justyn Norek
Torleif Hansen - Husqvarna - img.1231
Torleif Hansen – Husqvarna – Polish 250GP – This image was not captured with a long lens! The photographer was close to the track and Hansen is already turning his wheel away from the cameraman, who jumped back, fortunately no collision and a great action photograph by  Justyn Norek – Copyright
Dave Bickers - Others - JN
Dave Bickers (CZ) – Photo: Justyn Norek
Bengt Aberg 1970 Czech GP
Bengt Aberg (Husqvarna) Czech GP 1970 – Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Imola 2012 Group
Motocross Greats! – Left to Right: Derek Rickman, Les Archer, Jeff Smith & Don Rickman. Photo copyright: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Roger De Coster with CZ – Photo: Justyn Norek
Heikki Mikkola - HVA.1296.jpg
Heikki Mikkola – Husqvarna – Justyn Norek Photo
Sylvain Geboers - Suzuki - JN.1270
Sylvain Geboers – Suzuki – Photo: Justyn Norek
Sylvain Geboers - Suzuki - JN.1259
Sylvain Geboers – Suzuki – Photo: Justyn Norek
Justyn Jnr - Sylvain Geboers - JN
Justyn Norek Jnr with Sylvain Geboers – Photo: Justyn Norek Snr.
Roger De Coster (left) and Les Archer – Photo: Justyn Norek
Jeff Smith(left) & Torsten Hallman at Imola – Photo: Justyn Norek
Rolf Tibblin - Torsten Hallman - 2012 - JN
Rolf Tibblin(left) with Torsten Hallman (Right) – Photo: Justyn Norek
Cheney GS Imola 2012 1
Cheney BSA Gold Star – Imola 2012 – Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin

More Trials photos and tests from Justyn Norek⇓

Cheney OSSA Mar 250:

Moto Trial Vintage - Ossa Cheney
OSSA 250 Mick Andrews Replica with special Eric Cheney built frame. Photo Copyright: Justyn Norek, Turin.

Moto Guzzi ‘Trial Stornello’ tested in the Italian Alps – Words and photos by Justyn Norek Snr.

Test Rider: Justyn Norek Jnr.

Moto Guzzi Trial Stornello, being test ridden by Justyn Norek Jnr (Photo: Justyn Norek Snr, Turin.)

Giuseppe “Pippo” Bartorilla was one of the best Italian trials riders in the 1970’s.
As with all trials riders he started to ride early and quickly fell in love with trials sport that remain his passion up to today !
His first competition was in 1970 on Bultaco Matador Mk II when he was 23 years old.

He started to compete in trials seriously in 1971 on Bultaco Sherpa T.
Always among the leaders, he finished his Regional Championship in second position, just one mark behind winner.
Next year, he had to do military service and sold his bike, but he is back in competition in 1973 with his new OSSA MAR, the bike most popular of that year.
Ignacio Bulto who was travelling in Italy on promotional tour has noticed his talent and offered him works Bultaco, thus 1974 he was riding again on Bultaco and competing in Italian Trials Championships, he wins his first event in the Italian Trials Championship. That was 1975.
In 1976 he got an interesting offer from new Italian Montesa importer ESSEVI, so he accepted it, being attracted by possibility to ride and develop new COTA 348 and rode 348 also next year, on which he took part in 1977 Scottish Six Days Trial winning first class award.
At the end of season he met old friend Carlo Colombari, ex- motocross racer and later ex-mechanic of Moto Guzzi and together they started thinking to build special motorcycle for trial competition with 4 stroke engine! They wanted to test and get an experience of that kind of bike with an engine offering lot of traction and capability of slow motion power due to characteristics of four stroke engine. For this reason their choice of an engine is Moto Guzzi ‘Stornello’.
Still trial is not acrobatic and extreme as it happened later on.
To these two joins also Gigi Pegorari, also good trials rider who owns Montesa Cota and always train with Pippo.
Bartorilla had already was thinking about four-stroke trials machines being impressed with British trials bikes, but he knew to compete with Bultaco, it needed to be compact and light.

Only Moto Guzzi could offer similar engine with potential for development and as Colombari was Guzzi’s expert, choice was Guzzi Stornelo with heavy modification: Rear part of frame completely new and engine with new cylinder increased capacity to 220 cc from Stornello’s modest 175 cc.

Lot of weight was shaved down to 84 kgs thanks to frame very compact with modified steering angle, as well as lot of work has been done on suspension, with Marzocchi ultra light magnesium front forks and ‘Bitubo’ experimental aluminium rear shocks, light fiber-glass tank combined with seat base, Spanish made wheels and all bolts and nuts in titanium done by Poggipolini.


These red painted Moto Guzzi created a lot of sensation in trials, especially after win in its debut. Pippo finished the season in 10 place.
In 1979 Pippo decided not to participate in Italian Championship and takes part only in selected events on Bultaco Sherpa offered him by Italian Bultaco imported Leopoldo Tartarini and that decide to take part in SSDT on his beloved Moto Guzzi.
So at the start of SSDT there appears two identical Moto Guzzi trials, creating quite a sensation and rumours that famous Italian bike company is interested in Trials!
With this bike Pippo Bartorilla rode the Scottish Six Days Trial in 1979 creating quite a sensation with his modern 4-stroke trials bike, bearing glorious name, going pretty well until last day when his Guzzi stopped due to petrol leaking into oil tank, thus thinning oil and finally causing engine seizing.
On the second Guzzi, Gigo finishes in first class awards.
It was a great result considering it was not factory but private effort, with very limited resources.

Moto guzzi Test -20.jpg
Photo: Justyn Norek Snr, Turin

Interesting story is about fuel tank shape and color. Pippo has created it himself in foam and than fibre-glass, being inspired by the Montesa Cota 348 he wanted the tank and seat base integrated. Of course having high four stroke engine shape became very distinct and particular thanks to Pippo’ s sculptural skills.
He wanted a deep green colour, thinking about minimum ecological impact with nature, having low emission 4-stroke engine, not very noisy and the green colour of bike camouflaging it with green landscape, what a vision.
Only 12 bikes were built, other bikes having red fuel tanks.
Colombari has built those bikes for himself, for his two riders and his three brothers as well as one sidecar used by Pippo Bartorilla in selected events.

Today all those bikes are owned by collectors as Carlo Ramella and Pippo himself, but many other similar replicas were built recently by different riders
That’s because none of the twelve are for sale!

Moto Guzzi never had any interest to enter into trials bikes market, so it was exclusively Colombari-Bartorilla-Pegoraro effort.
What a pity Moto Guzzi had no intention to enter the trials market and develop bike properly.

In 1980 Pippo received offer to become Manager of Italian National Trials Team, so he accepted this offer and had not time to compete himself.
Today he still rides for pleasure and has modern Cota as well as some vintage trials bikes like for example the rare ELLIOT HONDA and CCM 350T.

Moto Guzzi 10
Moto Guzzi 250 Stornello -Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Moto Guzzi 11
Stornello 250 – Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.


Bianchi Trials (Italy):

Bianchi Trial
Bianchi Trial – Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.

Parilla Trials (Italy):

Parilla 6
Parilla Trial – Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Parilla 2
Parilla Trial – Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.
Parilla 5
Parilla Trial – Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin.

Moto Morini (Italy):

Moto Morini.jpg
Moto Morini Trial Special belonging to ex-SWM Competition Manager, Dario Seregni


Bultaco Slimline Special:

Justyn Norek - Bultaco Special 1.jpg


JN - Bultaco Special 2

Trans-AMA ‘Maltry’ 350:

Transama Maltry 350 - 1.jpg
Trans-AMA ‘Maltry’ 350 with Sammy Miller developed ‘Hiro’ motor – Photo: Justyn Norek Snr

Honda Elliot Trials Special:

We have no details of this machine at the moment, but will have more shortly. It appears to have been constructed in the UK and the frame shows influence from Bultaco and SWM.

Honda Elliot
Honda/Elliot Trials special by Patrick Elliot – Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin

CCM 350T (England)

CCM 350T_DSC5721-40

CCM 350T Mark II 1978 – Specification:
ENGINE:  Single cylinder four-stroke BSA derived – Unit construction
BORE AND STROKE: 79.25mm X 70mm
GEARBOX RATIOS: 3.6;  2.67;  1.9;  1
TYRES: FRONT 2.75 X 21
WHEELBASE: 131 cm  (51 1/2 inch),
GROUND CLEARENCE:  31.75 cm  (12 1/2 inch)
WEIGHT: 95KG DRY (209 lbs)
OIL IN THE FRAME: 3pints (CASTROL G.T.X 20/50 W)
GEARBOX: 1/2pint 90 E.P.
CLUTCH: G.T.X self level

CCM trials riding impressions – by Justyn Norek Jnr:

The CCM 350 trials machine is very compact. So the motor gives the illusion to be rather large.

This machine has changed owner recently. Last year it was in the stable of Carlo Ramella whose Ariel we also tested for you above.

Bur recently it was acquired by Pippo Bartorilla who is great four-stroke fan and builder of Moto Guzzi “Bartorilla” special, also tested before for you.

As Bartorilla is a perfectionist in everything, I expected the bike will start with first prod and indeed it did. Few minutes to warm it up and Pippo did some rounds with his jewel than giving the handlebars to me.

I did carefully several rounds too learning feeling of the machine as it was fairly different to what I’m riding normally a Montesa 4RT.

The bike was very different if compared with the Ariel, due to short wheelbase

It was very maneuverable and I could do tight corners and feel good balance. But it was on easy terrain so let’s go now into rocky riverbed.

I made carefully descent and put the bike through stoney stream.

CCM Test - 4.jpg
Photo: Justyn Norek Snr, Turin.

Despite the fact that I know the place, it has changed after recent rain so soon I found difficulty with some big stones, and when the bike stops lot of trouble is to start it again ad definitely its heavy and tall by today standards I am used to, but slowly I get used to machine working more with the throttle than clutch as I am used to.

Engine is very soft and taking you off the trouble with its lower revs torque. So after initial trouble I started to enjoy riding it aver various obstacles.

CCM 350T - 1.jpg
Photo: Justyn Norek Snr, Turin

Anyway, I put my feet to the ground more often than expected, it’s not an easy bike to ride over the rocks due to its weight.

That we changed location having rides uphill and downhill and with engines torque long wheelies are sheer pleasure.

I turned to village quite exhausted and hungry so I enjoyed some nice barbequed meat prepared by Carlo.

CCM 350T - 2.jpg
Photo: Justyn Norek, Turin

Maybe I understand now why Carlo has sold it, he has plans to get another works bike, I hope he will let me ride it too.

It was very enjoyable Sunday as always on motorcycles in the wood, and I have learned something new about vintage trials bikes.

However, it was hard work, much harder than other test of the Bartorilla Moto Guzzi 250 above, which I still prefer. – Justyn Norek Jnr.


JN - CCM Test
Justyn Norek Jnr on the CCM 350T with Sammy Miller’s ‘other’Ariel 786GON in the background – Photo: Justyn Norek Snr, Turin
JN - CCM Test 3
Justyn Norek Jnr on the CCM 350T – Photo: Justyn Norek Snr, Turin
JN - CCM Test 2.jpg
Justyn Norek Jnr aboard the CCM 350T – Photo: Justyn Norek Snr, Turin

Original sales information from CCM, Jubille Works, Vale Street, Bolton, England:



CCM Article on Trials Guru: CCM – Built in Britain



More photos to follow shortly …

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