Bultaco Special Sherpa 1983


In an attempt to keep at the cutting edge of the sport but with a factory in serious financial trouble, Yorkshireman John Reynolds rode a special Comerfords Bultaco 340 in 1983 which had been built by Reg May on a freelance basis. It had some innovative features. Reg had managed to move the swinging arm pivot very close to the final drive sprocket. This was achieved by mounting the swinging arm pivots on two independent mounting ‘bobbins’ mounted on the frame. The swinging arm spindle was effectively dispensed with as was the rear engine mount assembly.

A special snakey exhaust system was used with the back box lowered to the footrest area on the off-side of the machine using modified Bultaco components. The swinging arm was a modified Bultaco Pursang item on the final version.

Enthusiast and journalist, Stefano Bianchi from Milan had the opportunity to buy this very special machine and has allowed Trials Guru to feature some photographs taken by Stefano.















With special thanks to Stefano Bianchi for allowing Trials Guru to feature this very unique Bultaco 340.

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One thought on “Bultaco Special Sherpa 1983”

  1. Very interesting and beautiful. It seems that also the central part of the frame was modified and moved towards the carburator. Great work!

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