Motorcycle Competition: Scotland 1975-2005

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Released: 30 March 2015 – John Moffat’s book, “Motorcycle Competition: Scotland 1975-2005

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What readers say about this publication:

Thomas Fitch from the USA wrote: “Received Motorcycle Competition Scotland yesterday, read it cover to cover last night; WELL DONE! Outstanding stories and perspective on the rich and colorful history as well as Scotland’s contributions to motorcycling. Thank you for another superb book!”

Riding with the boys
Racers featured in “Motorcycle Competition Scotland 1975-2005” – From left: Brian Morrison; Jamie Whitham; Jim Moodie (Foreword writer); Howard Selby & Iain Duffus. Photo courtesy and copyright of Iain MacPherson (former Team Kawasaki member)

Iain MacPherson, former Kawasaki Racing Team member wrote: “Just finished the road racing section and thoroughly enjoying the book John. Bill Lymburn’s poem and Stella Campbell’s story gives readers a great insight to road racing”.

Jimmy Young wrote: “Great book Moffster, really enjoyed the racing part and the stories behind Alex George, Donny McLeod and Jim Wood etc, The Trials section is full of interest and I was happy to contribute photos to that and the enduro section, what’s next?”

Former International racer Alex George wrote: “What a GREAT book!!!. Just received mine “Motorcycle Competition Scotland 75-2005″….Full of Pics, Bio’s, Stats, History from Road Race, Trials, Motocross, Enduro. REALLY interesting facts and stories from a Galaxy of riders…well worth a place in your collection!!!”

Published by Yoomee Ltd on 31st March 2015, this book covers the four main motorcycle sports in Scotland – trials, motocross, enduro and racing.

Read about how Scotland produced not just national but British, European and World class competitors and champions.

The foreword is penned by eight times TT winner, Jim Moodie, a racer who rode for the main factory racing teams.

Motorcycle Competition: Scotland is fully illustrated with the majority of the photographs in colour and runs to 134 pages. Many of the images have not been seen before, with photos from Jan Burgers, Dan Jess, Eric Kitchen, Graham Milne, Iain Lawrie, Ronnie Weir, Iain Struthers, Jimmy Young and many more.

Rider profiles with much of the material coming directly from the competitors themselves.

But this book is more, it covers many of the big events ever held in Scotland in the period 1975-2005 and the people and personalities that made these events happen.

It is a unique record of this time-frame – there is simply not another book like it!

Donations will be made from the free proceeds of this publication to the Auto Cycle Union Benevolent Fund (Registered UK Charity, established 1951) – the only charity in the UK for the benefit of motorcycle competitors and motorcycle club members who have fallen on hard times.

STOP PRESS: The first donation of £200 was made to the ACU Benevolent Fund on 4th August 2015 – 

A donation of £200 was received on 4th August 2015 by the ACU Benevolent Fund. – Photo: John Moffat

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  1. any references to grass track racing in your book ? Andy Ross, Brian Brown, Ian Mc Pherson.
    and the very enthusiastic Watson family from Kinross?

    1. Not in the current book, but I did cover grass tracking inteh first one, copies are still available from Andy ross was definately covered in that and I think so was Ian MacPherson and Brian Brown from Pittenweem!

    1. Hi Rory, Long time no see. Yes Scottish Enduro riders are covered in this book. Regards, John

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