SSDT – 100 or not?


Interesting fact which has recently re-emerged about the numbers game which surrounds the Scottish Six Days Trial.

The event started out in 1909 by a combination of Edinburgh based motor clubs. The Edinburgh & District Motor Club started organising the Scottish in 1911, this is why the 2011 event was named the ‘Centenary’ trial, won by James Dabill on a Beta, to celebrate 100 years of the SSDT under the Edinburgh club. It was not the 100th trial, that will take place in 2022, all being well.

This year is not officially the 103rd event, but the 92nd event. It is 103 years after the first SSDT run by the Edinburgh & District club. Also the first year in 1909 was not a six, but a five day event.

Also the world wars took their toll and there was no trial 1914-1918 and 1940-1946. The UK  ‘foot & mouth’ outbreak in 2001 ensured there was no SSDT that year either.

So you see, it’s more than a numbers game!

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