Here Now! Jock Wilson

Coalasnacoan - 1966 - SSDT
Bob Currie of ‘The Motor Cycle’; Edward Damadian (ACU Steward) and Ralph Venables watch Peter ‘Jock’ Wilson (498cc Ariel – 786GON) footing on ‘Coalasnacoan’ in the 1966 SSDT – Photo supplied by P.C. Wilson, Tolworth.

Available now only on Trials Guru, the full story of Peter ‘Jock’ Wilson – respected competitor in trials and the ISDT; top class mechanic; salesman; team manager; importer and general all-round good guy. Written by Trials Guru’s John Moffat with the direct assistance of Jock and Pat Wilson; Dave Campling & Yrjo Vesterinen.

(Article first published in Issue 14 of Classic Trial Magazine by CJ Publishing, reproduced with their kind permission on Trials Guru. Back issues of Classic Trial Magazine available HERE)

‘Jock Wilson – A lifetime in the trade and sport’ – click HERE only Trials Guru


2 thoughts on “Here Now! Jock Wilson”

  1. I am there with the other 21 members of staff and Mr John Commerford! I wish I could remember all their names. A great time at the largest sporting motorcycle dealer in the world

  2. My dad bought me a 58 350 Ajs for my sixteenth birthday in 1963 from Jock Wilson
    great guy good bike

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