Trials Guru acknowledges: TRIALS PHOTOGRAPHERS : Please respect their copyright, without these peoples work – Trials Guru would be words alone!

Yoomee & Kitch - H&S: John Hulme (Trials Media/Trial Mag) & ‘The Doyen of Trials Photographers’, Mr. Eric Kitchen :

Neil - H&S: Neil Sturgeon – Darlington, England :

JY - H&S: Jimmy Young, Armadale, Scotland :

Iain Lawrie - H&S: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven, Scotland :

DY - H&S: Donald Young, Stonehaven, Scotland :

Claudio - H&S: Claudio Pictures, France :

Toby - H&S: Torbjorn Eyre, Macclesfield, England, UK :

Pupi Alifredi: Pupi Alifredi, Acqui Terme, Italy :

Nige Pearson: Nige Pearson – Trials UK Media, Leeds, England, UK :

Steve Brian: Stephen Brian – Pennine Action Photography, Durham, England :

: Mortons Motorcycle Media :

From time to time, we obtain specific permission to use images which are the property of Mortons. Please note that Mortons is a commercial organisation and charge for the use of their archive and have worldwide copyright of their images including those of ‘Nix-Pix’ / Brian Nichols. Mortons Motorcycle Image archive can be contacted either by folowing the link on our ‘links’ page or by contacting their archivist, Jane Skayman on the phone number below.

Copyright © Mortons Media Group Ltd, Media Centre, Morton Way, Horncastle. LN9 6JR UK
Telephone: 01507 529423

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