Rob Edwards – Part Eleven

Scott 1973 - RE
Rob gets down to ignition trouble on the Montesa Cota 247 at the 1973 Scott Trial. Photo copyright: Barry Robinson.
Hi Everybody,
Thanks very much again for your continued support of the story of my life as a trials rider.
I can tell that the photos are very popular with you all. The one of me on the old ‘Ben Nevis’ section is especially good in regards to the crowd. Many names have been put forward, but I wonder how many spotted Mick Andrews’ Dad, Tom; Comerfords’ Derek Cranfield; trials ace Chris Cullen and my Dad, Bob is stood in front of Tom Andrews. I have found some more photographs that I will post to ‘Guru John’ … Yes post ! I am rubbish with the world of the internet!
I also found some very rare pictures of Trial sidecar aces Andrews and Edwards! They were taken at the Cingles three day trial in Spain.
The trial was round of European sidecar championship. The outfit was borrowed from Colin Dommett and passanger Eric Chamberlain. We changed our names to ‘Colin Dabbit’ and ‘Eric Chambermaid’. With Mick riding and me in the chair, we were fab but when we swapped around we were absolutely pathetic.
Mick Andrews & Rob Edwards aboard Colin Dommetts Beamish Suzuki outfit
Mick Andrews & Rob Edwards aboard Colin Dommetts Beamish Suzuki outfit – Photo: Dickie Bowes
The photos were taken by the little known photographer Dickie Bowes. Most of my photographs got looked at then put away but thanks to ‘The Guru’ I have dug them out again, resulting in some priceless finds!
One in particular I’m again on ‘Ben Nevis’ and sat on the bank is ex -BSA works rider and all round diamond guy, Tom Ellis.
So far 1975 has been a good year, I have done schools in Italy and Greece. I have had the chance to catch up with my old friends.
That reminds me, my friend and fellow trials rider Mick Welford invited me to Masham to try out some land he had got for practice. When I arrived, I had Martin Lampkin and a very young John Lampkin with me. I was about to learn a very different type of tuition to what I was used to. The section along a stream then around the back of a jagged rock. Around this rock could be a little dangerous, especially if you were going for a clean. John however was happy to go for a safe dab time after time. Don’t forget he was a very young lad at the time. Mart had noticed this and as John entered the section in a loud voice he shouted “John”  “Yes Mart” John said.
“If you go for a safe dab again I will break your bloody leg” growled Martin. The theory behind this remark is saying when you practice it’s no good doing sections you can clean.
For some years now, I had traveled with Mart all over Europe in the Bultaco van. Jim Sandiford had kindly bought the Montesa team a van, however I am sure it was jinxed. In the end it went back to Jim. Turning up at the Montesa factory in a Bultaco van was something that the factory just couldn’t get their heads around and the same at Bultaco. Alberto Mallofre explained to me that if there were two brothers in a family and one worked at Bultaco and one at Montesa they would treat each other as enemies and never speak. I’m pleased to say this problem was resolved and everybody was happy. So it was back to England from Spain, Mart; Sid; Thorpey; Nigel Birkett and me squashed into a Transit. happy days indeed – It was great! – My next trip was to the land ‘Down Under’ – bye for now – Rob.
To be continued…

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  1. Hi rob just found your page do not know if you remember me I had the scrap yard next to Dickie Bowes garage and you used to ride over our scrap cars on your montessa, all the best ken Harris.

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