Trials Guru – It’s Free!

Read articles, view photos of the great sport of Trials past and present, read about our stars of yesteryear… ALL FOR FREE!

Yes, Trials Guru does not expect any payment to use this facility.

Trials Guru is absolutely free to use, no subscription to pay no monthly charges, zero, zilch, gratis! Also the adverts and links to other commercial websites do not generate a penny to Trials Guru.

We do not sell photographs on Trials Guru… because we do not own all the photographs that we use on Trials Guru.

However. thanks to the generosity of photographers, Barry Robinson; Eric Kitchen; Don Morley; Iain Lawrie; Donald Young; Neil Sturgeon & Toby Eyre, Trials Guru has permission to display them under specifically agreed terms and conditions.

All you have to do… is simply look-in!

If you enjoy Trials Guru… tell others… if you don’t, tell The Guru … Tell Here

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