Coming Next – The Jimmy Young Archive

JY - H&S

Scots photographer Jimmy Young and John Moffat (Trials Guru) have been friends for over forty years, but only recently Jim has unearthed his treasure trove of trials photographs.

A plant technician to trade, Jim spend many years of his life in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia in the Mufulira copper mines servicing caterpillar and other heavy machinery in the deep mines.

He also worked with Liebherr GB and Burnthills Demolition as a service technician.

It gives Trials Guru great pleasure in sharing Jim’s photos with readers of Guru. A Trials Guru exclusive!

As always, please be considerate, the photographs are the legal property of Jimmy Young and should not be displayed unless accompanied by the wording: ‘Copyright: Jimmy Young, Armadale’. Without this addition, any images broadcast or displayed are in breach of Jimmy Young’s copyright.

Link direct to: The Jimmy Young Archive

© – All text copyright: Trials Guru / Moffat Racing, John Moffat – 2015.

© – Images Copyright: Jimmy Young, Armadale – 2015.

One thought on “Coming Next – The Jimmy Young Archive”

  1. Any one know who Francesi Bennett was ? She came to our athletic club for a training session in the late ’60’s and she said she may join (Victoria Park Harriers). She mentioned that she was to do with the Bennetts and related to WAG. Very pleasant girl and looked a lot like Renee. Maybe she was a cousi I remember she (Frances) married someone from WAGs gym.. a bodybuilder?
    My dad knew WAG Snr in the 50’s and they rode around the docks on their bikes. Dad always used the canning town shop and said it was Wag that sold him his bikes. When i was a kid 14yrs old i remember the shop and Esther and Wag.
    Thanks for any replies re Frances

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