More Rob Edwards – ‘Bits n’ Bobs’

More Rob’s Bits n’ Bobs!
Rob (Centre); Brian Hutchinson and Kipper Herrington at the SSDT.
Rob (Centre); Brian Hutchinson and Kipper Herrington at the SSDT.
When I thought I was slowly drifting towards a finish, things keep jogging my memory – so off we go again. My friend Trials Guru says I can keep going as long as I want! – Thanks Guru!
The photo of ‘Hutchy’, Kipper Herrington and myself, taken by Don Crosby at the Scottish above  made me realise what a scruffy lot we were. I suppose that because everybody else dressed the same we just blended in.
Footwear in those days was usually Fireman’s boots. The stitching would rub against the frame leaving a big hole into which the footrest usually found its way in. The rest of the section was spent trying to get the footrest back out.

Mick Wilkinson pioneered a great idea for keeping the draught and the rain going through the zip of your Barbour jacket. Take one old Barbour jacket and cut a large D shape out of the back this makes you a large bib. Fasten a length of elastic to it to fit around your neck. Along with my Barbour mittens these were stored in a safe place until the next SSDT!
The guru has also put a picture of me on a 250 Cotton riding ‘Foyers’ and the neckerchief can be clearly seen. Not very trendy – but it kept you warm.
After the Fireman’s boots came the ‘Wellies’. The lads at Mile End Motorcycles in Newcastle were the first to come up with this idea. They were actually Coal Miners waterproof boots and were affectionately known as Mile End wellies. They were followed by Dunlop rubber boots.  At first people laughed at the thought of riding in wellies but I must admit it was great to have dry feet. – Rob

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