Justyn Norek – Coming to Trials Guru next!

Recently, Trials Guru was approached by a fellow enthusiast of motorcycle sport, Justyn Norek.

In case you don’t know him here is some information.

Justyn was born in Cracovia, Poland. As a teenager he followed the famous Tatra Trial based at Zakopane, an event frequented by Ted Usher, John Giles, John Brittain and many other British trials riders of note.

Justyn became friendly with Kuno Karlsson of Sweden a good rider in his day, which resulted in a visit to Sweden in 1966. Norak became friends with Ingvald Johanson of MC-Nytt the monthly motorcycle magazine.

Norek was always taking bike-sport photographs, a skill he developed to good effect and his work was now being published in the UK, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

He was offered the job of photographer for Team Husqvarna by their motocross manager, Bror Jauren. Husqvarna used many of Justyn’s images for their sales catalogues and were more than impressed with his work. However, Justyn was at that time at Cracow Polytechnic studying engineering and car design, so reluctantly he had to decline Husqvarna’s offer, which he deeply regretted.

In 1981, Norek moved to live in Italy, near Turin becoming design director at Idea Institute in 1992.

Norek retired in 2014 to concentrate in his painting. However, Justyn is now photographing motocross once more.

Sadly much of his early work has been lost or destroyed in Poland over the years so we are fortunate to be able to share with you on Trials Guru Justyn’s handiwork and skill in a small way.

Go straight to Photos: Justyn Norek

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