Recalled by Rappers!

It is with great pleasure that we are now able to bring you a new page on Trials Guru – ‘Recalled by Rappers’.
Mike Rapley is not only a ‘died-in-the-wool’ motorcyclist, but also a well-respected motorcycle sport journalist, having been a reporter and staff member of the weekly Trials and Motocross News for many years.
Over a long period of time, Mike has taken many photographs of events and wondered if the time was right to put them somewhere on the internet so that these may be enjoyed by fellow enthusiasts.
After some months of discussion, Mike has finally agreed to entrust this task to Trials Guru and we are very grateful for this opportunity to help Mike in his endeavour.

Colin Dommett and Eric Chamberlain - MR
Colin Dommett & Eric Chmberlain (Suzuki) – Photo copyright: Mike Rapley

Trials Guru’s John Moffat became friends with Mike Rapley, or ‘Rappers’ as he is universally known, some years ago. In fact it was at the start of the Jim Worthington Trial at Lagnaha on the Wednesday evening during SSDT week in 1996, when Rappers was making him-self useful by signing the competitors on at the event.
Moffat having entered the event on a Yamaha, pretended to be an Eastern European competitor who did not understand the formalities, keeping the ruse up for many minutes until Mike asked: “what is your name?” This brought to an end the practical joke!
We will not record here what Rappers said when he realised that he’d been had!
Please remember and be respectful of the fact that all of the images on Recalled are the intellectual property of Mike Rapley and you must obtain express permission from Mike if you wish to use them elsewhere.

We hope you enjoy ‘Recalled by Rappers’

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