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The late Willie Dalling (Montesa Cota 348) at Scottish Experts & National Trial, Achallader, Bridge of Orchy 1978 – Photo: Jimmy Young

If you haven’t been here before, you are in for a surprise. We have been putting articles, photo collections and information from the world of trials together for about two years now. Trials Guru is free, no subscriptions to pay, no membership fees, it runs for free!

Trials Guru is here to promote the sport of motorcycle trials throughout the world.

Scottish Six Days shot of Rob Edwards. the late Jim Sandiford and Martin Lampkin in 1975 – Rainer Heise Archive

It is supported by an enthusiastic band of photographers, these people own the legal rights to these photos, they are not the intellectual property of Trials Guru unless indicated as such. Please be respectful of the photographers copyright which is clearly marked either on the image or in the captions.

1971 SSDT Rob Edwards - Mick Illing
Rob Edwards in 1971 at Edramucky on the first day of the SSDT – Photo: Mick Illing

No copying of images is allowed for any other website unless permission is sought from the photographer.

Tirials Guru is easy to use, just click on the headline titles which take you to various pages. There is also an ‘Index‘ page which is arranged alphabetically.

1978 SSDT MC Rathmell - JY
Malcolm Rathmell on his factory Suzuki – Photo: Jimmy Young Archive

Enjoy the sport with Trials Guru.

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