Trials Guru – You like it!

We have noticed that viewings of Trials Guru have increased considerably throughout 2015 and as such we would like to thank all regular and new viewers of the website accordingly. We hope you enjoy what you see and read about our great sport – Trials!

Trials Guru would not exist for your enjoyment without the continued support by our generous photographers and contributors. We are extremely grateful to them for allowing Trials Guru to display their images of the great sport of trials on these pages.

1979 - Martin Lampkin - Reg May - EK Photo
Scottish Six Days Trial 1979 – Martin Lampkin inspects the rear tyre of his Bultaco, with Reg May offering advice. John Metcalfe is watching closely. A fantastic period photo we are allowed to display by kind permission of a true enthusiast of trials – ‘The Maestro’ Mr. Eric Kitchen – Image is world-wide copyrighted – all rights reserved.

We have added a few new pages recently including Mike Rapley’s Recalled by Rappers; Lampkin of Silsden which will shortly be expanded and Bultaco – Spain, dedicated to the Spanish marque which brought you the famous Sherpa T. We have also added a dedication to three times World Trials Champion, Yrjo Vesterinen.

Vesty - Ba House - 198 1 2nd - 85mks - CJB
Yrjo Vesterinen features in his own tribute page and Bultaco, seen here in 1983 – Photo: Colin Bullock/CJB Photographic

There is much more to come in the next few weeks including a tribute page to the most famous trials rider of all time!

So stay tuned wherever you are to Trials Guru – Broadcasting to Trials enthusiasts throughout the World!


3 thoughts on “Trials Guru – You like it!”

  1. Never disagree with Roger Johns (!) – this site is brilliant. I will never tire of reliving memories of 70/80’s trials, (proper trials arguably) – the best times of my life.

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