Tommy Sandham on Trials Guru!

Well-known author Tommy Sandham has penned a short article for Trials Guru and trials fans, especially of the Honda marque.

Tommy wrote four books on the Scottish Six Days Trials and of course ‘Four-Stroke Finale? – The Honda Trials Story’ and now we get the inside story of how and why it was written.

Trials Guru’s John Moffat and Tommy have been friends for more than forty years, tracing their friendship back to the 1970s in the Lanarkshire Motorcycle Club in Scotland, when Sandham started riding in trials on the ex-JimSandiford BSA B40 (776BOP).

Read all about this exclusive, only in Trials Guru Honda Trials ‘section’.

Go straight to it by clicking: HERE

One thought on “Tommy Sandham on Trials Guru!”

  1. Well done to Tommy for writing this piece – a fascinating read. As he may recall, I was riding the same trials as he was in the 70s and remember him well.

    Simon Valente

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