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Germany 1975 - RE
From our ‘Rob Edwards Story’ – 1975 in Germany – Dave Thorpe; Alan Lampkin & Martin Lampkin – Photo: Rob Edwards

For many trials enthusiasts, Trials Guru is becoming the ‘go to’ website for the history of the sport.

We didn’t set up Trials Guru to be a reference work, but given that we speak to many of the sports former riders, sponsors and journalists it was inevitable that we are a place for more than just looking at photographs.

From our Honda Trials ‘section’ – Eddy Lejeune in 1984 on his RS360T Honda – Photo copyright: Colin Bullock/CJB Photographic

We have set up a variety of ‘sections’ on Lampkins, Sammy Miller, Yrjo Vesterinen, Bultaco & Honda motorcycles and much much more. Still more to come when time allows.

We have also directly collaborated with trials websites: todotrial in Spain, retrotrials in the UK and The Honda Trials Story to bring you a variety of information, photographs and articles from the world of motorcycle trials.

We have brought you archive material with the express permission of Mike Rapley; Colin Bullock; Iain Lawrie; Jimmy Young; Rainer Heise; Kimages; Heather Mead; Justyn Norek and many more.

So sit back and enjoy Trials Guru … Dedicated to the sport – free of charge!


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