Derbyshire Under Threat!

Road Trials in Derbyshire Under Threat!

2013 Reliance Trial – Photo Credit: John Hulme

Graham Taylor told Trials Guru: “I am the secretary of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire TRF. Could you please try to get as many of your readers to object to the TRO on Washgates you may not be aware of this? If it closes it will affect the Bemrose, Reliance and other trials. We have a feeling Hollinsclough will be the next target, see the attached link”.


Graham Taylor – South Yorkshire and Derbyshire TRF

Picture Credit: All rights reserved – John Hulme


One thought on “Derbyshire Under Threat!”

  1. The plans to close Washgate lane to all motorcycles is a disgusting blatant example of the persecution of a minority user group.
    Like Chapel Gate, The Roych, Stanage and so many others DCC are obsessively determined to continue a programme of mindless green lane closures despite massive opposition from Trail Riders Fellowship and others. I have personally respectfully and carefully riden my small capacity motorcycle on this lane for approaching thirty five years without incident or problem.

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