Dave Gatenby dies suddenly

Dave Gatenby - RP
Dave Gatenby on an Armstrong trials machine – Photo courtesy: Robert Pickersgill

Dave Gatenby, former Teeside Tigers speedway star and trials rider died suddenly as a result of a heart attack on Wednesday 1st June, 2016.

Teeside Tigers - DG - RP
Teeside Tigers rider – Dave Gatenby. Photo courtesy of Robert Pickersgill

He started his riding career in speedway before opening a motorcycle business as Dave Gatenby Motorcycles selling machines and accessories based at Yarm Road, Darlington, supporting many local competitors.

Speedway DG - RP
Dave Gatenby far right, Eric Boocock seated on machine – Photo courtesy Robert Pickersgill

Famous for his very dry wit and sometimes orange hair, he will be sadly missed by all his friends. Our condolences go to his son Michael, daughter Joanne and their children.

Dave Gatenby - RP 2
Dave Gatenby

10 thoughts on “Dave Gatenby dies suddenly”

  1. So sorry to hear that Dave has passed away. What a character!! I will miss his incredible humour, usually at the expense of Jimmy Aird!!
    Dave was an integral part of the North East trial scene in the 70s/80s/90s, after a successful Speedway career.
    My deepest sympathy go to Michael and Joanne, and his long time partner Anne.

  2. Very sad to here of demise of Dave,although no contact for many years,he was a great guy with a happy spirit and somebody I will always remember, deepest sympathy to his family

  3. Very sad news, I spent a lot of time with Dave in the seventies helping him at Sunderland and Halifax speedway and trials riding with him. RIP Dave.

  4. Dave lived a few doors away from me in Darlington, in the 70s. I was a Teesside fan and he was a Sunderland rider. There was always a lot of banter between us, but I was always at East Boldon on a Sunday to shout for the Stars, if shift work allowed.
    I’ve not been back in this area long, and was determined to look him up again. He was very much on my mind the last few days. Now I know why.
    So sad to learn this awful news. Condolences to his family.
    RIP Dave.

  5. I spoke to Dave nearly every day and would see him every 4/5 weeks. As a sales rep for Wulfsport. The banter was great the Micky taking was never ending, I told him once that Jimmy Aird had rode the Scott trial in the past, Dave would not have this and He bet me a fiver I was wrong. After a phone call to Barnard Castle and Jimmy confirmed I was right. He was gutted to hand over the fiver !!. R.I.P. Dave

  6. Dave was a top man any time calling in all ways had time for a cup of tea
    Sadly missed
    Thoughts are with Daves family
    Old mate Besty

  7. Sad to hear my old mate Dave has passed away. Some good memories of times gone by.

  8. Hi who made this page? I wondered if you could tell me anything more about Dave career?he was my grandad

    1. Everything on this website is produced by Trials Guru. What do you want to know? We have many contacts that will be able to assist.

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