Trials Guru variety!

John Moffat commentating with former motorcycle racing and truck racing champion, Steve Parrish at the Grampian Motorcycle Convention at Alford – September 2016 – Photo: Trials Guru

Something a little out of the ordinary for Trials Guru’s John Moffat when he undertook some commentary work with former British ACU Motorcyle Racing champion, Rob Orme and British and European Truck racing and Motorcycle Racing champion, Steve ‘Stavros’ Parrish.

Steve Parrish - Sept 2016 - Ewan Todd Pic
Steve Parrish (right) is a well-known practical joker as well as being a very fast man on a race bike and race truck being a multiple champion. Photo: Ewan Todd

Moffat was attending the annual Grampian Motorcycle Convention at Alford, Aberdeenshire, organised jointly by the Bon Accord MCC and Grampian Transport Museum on 4th September.

Attended by around 6,000 members of the public, the Convention is a showcase of motorcycle sport in Scotland. The main attractions were the ‘Purple Helmets Motorcycle Display Team’ from the Isle of Man and three times British Champion and four times SSDT winner, Steve Colley with his Mr. Showtime motorcycle Display Show, both from the Isle of Man.

Moffat: “I really enjoyed catching up with my old mate Steve Colley as he is no longer a top flight trials rider, but our paths cross form time to time. Steve Parrish I actually interviewed many years ago at the Scottish Motorcycle Show, so we have met previously. Steve Parrish is a great practical joker and he put on a mini-edition of his MAD tour evening the night before the convention. He is a great entertainer with anecdotes of his racing career which ensure that he hasn’t had a ‘proper job’ for 43 years, having been a professional motorcycle racer from the age of 20 and moving into truck racing”.

He added: “The Purple Helmets I have seen before, but they always add something new to their act and they are hilarious, if you haven’t seen them, see them, they are really funny and it’s fantastic entertainment, they should get them up for the SSDT, that would really be something else!”.


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