KIA Series 2016 Closes!

Twin-shock Expert class winner 2016 – Richard Allen (Honda) at the final Knighton round – Photo: Lorna Brakenridge, Falkirk

Photos: Lorna Brakenridge, Falkirk.

Roger Kenyon on behalf of the Kia Twinshock series organisers writes:

With well over 1,000 entries spread over the nine rounds, the 2016 Kia Twin-shock series draws to a close. In its third season, it has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the ‘must do’ competitions for owners of both twin-shock and air-cooled machines in the UK. Over twenty-eight different makes of machines took part throughout the season, ranging from virtually standard machines to some really tricked out specials.

The opening event of the year was hosted by the Congleton & DMCC at Mow Cop in March and the final event was at Knighton in October, organised by the Central Wales Auto Club. During the series, the championship visited, Cumbria, Gloucestershire, North Yorkshire, Scottish borders and Denbighshire. Next year’s competition will be visiting some new venues to keep the series fresh.

The popular format of no road work, two laps of twenty sections, with a lap of at least two miles gave the organising clubs plenty of scope. All the events proved to be both challenging and enjoyable in some of the best terrain in the country.

The organisers of the championship would like to thank everyone involved for making the series possible. This includes landowners, members of host clubs, observers, riders, and everyone who has contributed in any way to the smooth running of the series including Kia Motors for their continued support as main sponsors.

The class winners will be presented with their trophies at the Telford Classic Dirt Bike Show on February 18/19, 2017.

2016 Kia Twinshock & Air-cooled Monoshock Series Winners:

Air-cooled Mono Expert – Colin Ward
Air-cooled Mono Clubman – Colin Ward Jr
Pre 78/Historic Spanish Expert – Gary Younghusband
Pre 78/Historic Spanish Clubman – Gary Hawkins
Twin-shock Expert – Richard Allen
Twin-shock Clubman – Dave Wardell
Brit-shock Expert – Mark Stokes
Brit-shock Clubman – Peter Edwards

Seven times TT winner Mick Grant on his BSA Bantam at the Knighton round – Photo: Lorna Brackenridge, Falkirk

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