Doug Lampkin – Behind the Wheelie


On Tuesday 27th December 2016, Red Bull TV released their documentary film on ‘Dougie Lampkin – Wheelie Man’ – exclusively on their web network.

Produced by Scots born film-maker, Stu Thomson, a trials rider and Downhill MTB competitor, this gives a fantastic insight to the preparations undertaken for the wheelie attempt around the world famous Isle of Man TT circuit.

Red Bull’s press statement read:

This is an enthralling and must watch documentary like no other. This unique production provides an exclusive behind the scenes insight and much previously unseen personal footage, including some moving scenes as Dougie deals with a close and personal tragedy.

In late 2016, Red Bull athlete and twelve-time FIM Trial World Champion Dougie Lampkin attempted to make history by becoming the first rider to successfully wheelie the entire 37.7 miles of the iconic Isle of Man TT mountain course, live on TV.

Red Bull TV follows the Trial legend’s preparation as he rides the highs and lows of his most ambitious project yet.

Blending archive footage with never-seen-before interviews, the documentary delves into the dynasty of the Lampkin family. This includes Dougie speaking for the first time about the death of his father, Martin Lampkin, earlier this year. A man who would have normally been at his side throughout the challenge.

As the attempt draws ever closer, the pressure of stepping into the unknown with a World-first challenge begins to sink in and take its toll, as cracks in Dougie’s usually unfaltering confidence begin to show.

When the big day finally arrives, gale force winds batter the island resulting in an unwanted and unscheduled twenty-four-hour postponement of the attempt.

Soon it will be time for Dougie to take centre stage and write his own chapter in motorcycling history with the biggest physical and mental test of his career.

Watch the drama unfold as Dougie Lampkin – Wheelie Man takes you on what can only be described as the ultimate emotional rollercoaster ride.

To take you direct to the documentary:

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Dougie Lampkin on his specially adapted Vertigo 300 which he used for his one-wheeled lap of the Isle of Man ‘Mountain Circuit’ on 25th September 2016 – Photo courtesy: Red Bull TV (copyright)

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  1. Hi John The storey of the southern trials riders is coming along, want be long now. Happy new year. Rog

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