Ian Driver ISDT Team Manager dies at 80

Ian Driver - 1936 - 2017

Chris Oliver who has had a long association with The British ISDT effort writes for Trials Guru:

Ian Driver first became involved with the International Six Days Trial in 1971 when it was run on the Isle of man by the ACU.

With his infectious enthusiasm and passion for whatever he undertook, he soon became the British Vase team manager.

He had a canny knack of making things happen and it wasn’t long before the ACU promoted him to the rank of British Trophy Team Manager where he fostered a fabtastic team spirit.

Ian was able to ensure that every rider knew what he had to do to achieve his riding time.

Past team members will no doubt mourn Ian’s passing.

Ian Driver – 12.09.1936 to 08.04.2017

2 thoughts on “Ian Driver ISDT Team Manager dies at 80”

  1. What a super bloke Ian was, an unsung hero. With the back-up of Chris Oliver, they together pulled off one of the greatest David and Goliath feats in ISDT history, when in 1978 they lead a team of amateur riders to 3rd place in the World Trophy in Sweden, behind Czechoslovakia and East Germany. This was the culmination of seven years of work that started with the running of Club Team Marlin in the Isle of Man in 1971, ending on the World Trophy podium seven years later, backed up by a fantastic service crew. Ian’s back-up Team comprised of only about 20 dedicated volunteers in total, all self funded who, like the riders would do anything for Ian. Above all else, everyone really had fun. This 1978 result was not bettered by a British Trophy Team until last year; typically Ian said that Dusty Martin’s Team had made a brilliant effort to come second to the USA Team and hoped that they could “go one better and beat the bastards next year”…. Sleep well TM, you made a lot of people very proud and very happy.

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