Olga Kevelos in print

Playing with the Boys

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Olga Kevelos (1923-2009) was a star of the UK motorcycle scene from the late 1940s until the 1960s, excelling best in the trials scene, but trying out both road racing and scrambles, both of which were largely denied to women at the time. She was well known in the ‘Scottish’ (SSDT) and ISDT events, competing in both over many years, with some success.

Olga K - SSDT

But Olga was more than just a motorcycle sportswoman – she was glamorous, adventurous, fearless and, above all, independent in nature. This book traces her life from its’ beginnings in the family home in Edgbaston, Birmingham, through her unusual wartime service with a small group of women volunteers on the canals, her motorcycle years, and finally, her time as a pub landlady and quiz expert.

Along the way the reader will learn about her vivacious personality and those who most closely shared her life. In order to provide context, a chapter covers the place of women in motorcycle sport in the pre and post war years. An appendix gives brief detail on some of the motorcycles most closely associated with Olga.

This A4 size 160 page book has over 250 illustrations, many of which have never been published before and many in colour. The author has self-published the book and it’s initial availability is limited. Copies cost £20.00 and P&P in the UK is an additional £4.00. Further details can be found on the Facebook page:  HERE or from the author : ctur282388@aol.com

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3 thoughts on “Olga Kevelos in print”

  1. Where can I buy this book from please olga lived not far from me and she once run a pub see her old works bike at Telford off road show for sale about 3 years ago

  2. A first class story of an intriguing lady. Anyone with an interest in motor cycling and indeed social history during WW2 and post war must read. Michael Martin.

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