Autumn in Swaledale

Andrew Anderson - 2016 Scott Trial _2016_10_22_0259A - Orgate Falls - J Knoops
Top Scottish rider, Andrew Anderson in the 2016 event on his Scorpa at ‘Orgate’ – Photo courtesy: Barry Robinson

As usual with Autumn settling into the Yorkshire Dales, this can only mean one thing, apart from the falling leaves. The trials world knows that ‘Scott Trial’ fever is in the air.

The annual pilgrimage to the North Yorkshire Dales for the Saturday 21st October begins, and it begins early.

The Scott is a very special event, one that is run for the last twenty-six years by the Richmond Motor Club (Yorkshire) Ltd under it’s Scott Trial committee. The first rider leaves the start field at 09.00 hours prompt.

Each rider, of which there is a maximum of 200, leave at twenty second intervals thereafter.

Iwan Roberts (4)
Welshman from Ffestiniog, Iwan Roberts (Beta) on ‘Reels Head’ in 2015 – Photo: Barry Robinson

For spectators there is much to see, a must buy is the event official programme, this is on sale from local outlets two weeks prior to the trial and on the start field on the morning of the event. The price is £5.00 and the sale proceeds of which go to local charities.

2017 - Scott Trial 2017 Prog Front Cover
The front cover of the 2017 Scott Trial Official Souvenir Programme*

If you are not able to be in the area of the start field then you can buy one on line and this is available on the club’s website. HERE

The organisers spend a lot of time obtaining permission and because of this they ask that all spectators respect the fact that they are guests on private property.

Two men whose names appear on the Alfred A. Scott trophy –  Jeff Smith MBE & Arthur Lampkin – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine 2009

The official programme has full details of where you can see all the action, where to park, where to eat at the events’ caterers mobile units and just as important, where not to go.

A complete riders list is included at the rear of the programme so that you can find it quickly to identify the riders. This is no normal trial as on occassion more than one rider is in the section at the same time.

The sections are staffed not only by observers, but also ‘checkers’ whose job is to simply note each riders’ number as they enter a section. This acts as a double check to make sure no rider is missed going through. This means that more than the usual compliment of officials is required.

60 years ago, Anthony H. ‘Tony’ Bisby (197 Dot) in the 1957 Scott – Photo: Charlie Watson, Hull

Please adhere to the organiser’s warnings and instructions, this will ensure the future of this very unique event.

Not all of the course is open to the public. There are specific areas where spectators should avoid as permission is given only for competitors and event marshals only by the landowners. There is good reasons for this as much of the land is protected.

If you have not experienced the Scott Trial, then you don’t know what you have been missing. So get to Richmond on 21st October and watch the Greatest one-day trial of them all.

For SATNAV users, the start field postcode is set as DL11 7LS.

Photographs Copyright and with permission of:

Barry Robinson, Ilkely

John Hulme/Trial Magazine

Charlie Watson, Hull

*The Scott Trial 2017 official programme is the intellectual property of the Richmond Motor Club (Yorks) Ltd.

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