Time to freshen up

Time for a freshen up!

Drowned bike - JY

Over the next few weeks we will be ‘freshening up’ some of the pages on Trials Guru. This is due to articles having become ‘time-bound’ as they were written when an event was just run and is effectively dated.

We don’t go in for a lot of trials reports on here, we leave that to the motorcycle press and other websites to cover. Reports are only relevant at the time.

For example we don’t carry all the results of the SSDT other than the podium as the official SSDT website already has downloads available for some of the results.

What we are most interested in is bringing you articles and photos, facts and figures from the sport.

So we will be withdrawing and amending some postings within Trials Guru so that the content is less time-bound and is more relevant to readers finding out more about our sport or help those remember how it used to be.



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