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New! Trials Guru Archive

Just launched, the Trials Guru Archive, all the photographers accessible in one place on this website!

To make life easier and so that you can all enjoy the many photographs with this online facility, we have put all the various pages together in one section so you can browse or find photos easier than before!

All copyright is attributable to the photographer in every case. Have a look and see what is available on Trials Guru.


Seven Years of TRIALS GURU

We have come a long way since March 2014 when Trials Guru was launched on the internet as a website and also facebook.

There are many pages of features, articles and information which records the history of motorcycle trials, the riders and the events.

It is almost impossible to record everything, but we hope that people the world over like what we do.

New features will continue to be released as they become available.

Remember to use the index and search panel to find what you are looking for!

SSDT Archive is open!

A new feature under ‘Major Events’ has been opened on Trials Guru.

Entitled ‘SSDT Archive’, it has just been opened by showcasing the front covers of the Scottish Six Days Trial programmes from 1947 until now.

There are still a few to be displayed as their images are currently being worked on, but the full set will be online for all to see shortly.

Some of the programmes appear for sale on internet auction sites from time to time and the older editions command high prices for a piece of trials history.

Have a look, there may be one that quite interests you.

Gearhead Alerts on Trials Guru

A good friend of Trials Guru website is American super-enthusiast, Jon Stoodley of JSE Trials in Muskogee, Oklahoma, USA.

Jon has been an active competitor in trials for many years, but that is not all he has achieved, having been a drag-racer and raced in motocross, he has a rounded knowledge of the sport and is also an accomplished engineer and engine and chassis builder.

His now famous ‘Letter from America‘ which he published on Trials Guru in 2017 is a true dedication to the sport of trials, but we thought he was able to contribute much more!

He has, for many years, produced technical articles and tips for a variety of American magazines and clubs, so we thought he may share these with Trials Guru readers and he has agreed to do so.

Here is the link to take you to:

Stoodley’s Gearhead Alerts

Memories of a schoolboy

Exclusively on Trials Guru, Welsh trials and scrambles enthusiast and competitor, Mike Davies was sharing some of his sixty year old photos on social media recently.

He now has a permanent home for his images here on Trials Guru for posterity. It’s what we do. He has entrusted his photos to the website that is ‘Dedicated To The Sport’ on a not for profit basis.

As always the images remain the property of Mike and they are his property, so please repsect that. They show the British Experts trial of 1960 and will be added to over time to include some really nice scrambling photos and a few road racing.

A Trials Guru page devoted to Mike’s handiwork as a schoolboy attending events.

If you would like your old photos featured, contact us at Trials Guru.

Mike Davies’ page is HERE