Getting the most out of Trials Guru

Congratulations! You follow Trials Guru on your phone, your tablet, your PC, your laptop.

Get the most out of Trials Guru, it’s not about reports of events, it’s about the history and features of the sport. Not just about what happened last week, it’s more about what happened years ago.

There are two ways of searching Trials Guru, put a word or two in the search facility:

TG - Search

Tap on the green icon it will open a search box, type in a word or two and hit the search icon again!

Or Have a look through our Index:

Trials Guru - Index

Tap on the ‘INDEX’ wording and this will take you directly to an extensive alphabetical index of the site.

Either way, it will let you go directly to articles and features you haven’t seen before, go on give it a try, you know you want to!

Trials Guru – Dedicated to the Sport

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