The bike Willie built

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Words: Trials Guru

Photos: Iain Lawrie; John Honeyman; Grant Family; Peter Bremner; Wullie John Gillespie; Willie Gillespie.

‘The bike Willie built’ is no exception, it’s a domestic story pertinent to Scotland and features a man called Willie Pitblado, a mildly eccentric, but very interesting character from Fife and specifically the historic town of Dunfermline. This article is by way of a tribute to ‘Willie Pit’ as he was known, a true enthusiast.

Willie Pitblado’s 403cc Pitrite, a combination of an overbored Triumph 3TA twin motor in a Sprite frame registered in Fife as DSP47D. The machine is now owned by the Gillespie family from Dunfermline who were related to Pitblado. We think the rider pictured here on the Pitrite at ‘Sonny’s’ is Sandy Sutherland.

Pitblado was a time served painter/decorator who was also a keen trials rider and a motorcycle enthusiast of note. He was born into a family of thirteen children.

He was a former rider, then official at the Scottish Six Days Trial, a life-long member of the Dunfermline & District MCC and a lover of the highland village of Rogart in Sutherland, where he found his bride Ann.

Willie Pitblado - JH
Willie Pitblado in his Dunfermline shop – Photo copyright: John Honeyman, Markinch, Fife

Willie set up the breaker firm of ‘Motorcycle Spares Scotland in Golf Drum Street in Dunfermline, initially with friends Alec Smith and John Davies, themselves trials riders.

Pitblado rode a variety of machines including a Greeves which he acquired in January 1961, registered WWS415 which had factory connections. He rode this Greeves in the SSDT.

Willie had an idea to build a special machine of his own, using a Triumph 3TA twin cylinder four-stroke motor that he prized from a road machine and his plan was to fit it in a Sprite frame. The Sprite was a fairly new brand, sold in kit form.

Pitblado thought for a name and using his own surname and that of the Sprite brand, he came up with The PITRITE.

The PITRITE was registered in Fife with the number DSP47D in April 1966. It was destined to be ridden on loan by a variety of riders, but its ownership was not to stray further than Pitblado’s extended family base, namely that of his nephew, Willie Gillespie.

The PITRITE pressed into service at the SSDT as the Clerk of Course bike, used by Johnny Graham (seated on Pitrite) ; Willie Pitblado; Tommy Ritchie; Eric MacNamara & Alec Smith – Photo courtesy: Peter Bremner, E&D MC Ltd.

Trials Guru’s John Moffat on Willie Pitblado: “I met Willie Pitblado when I was in my early teens when my father was collecting some parts to help with the restoration of his ex-factory Matchless around 1973.

We visited Willie Pit’s shop in Dunfermline and it was in an old house on three levels. It was an old property and was literally filled with bike parts from all makes and ages. I was surprised that Willie said to my father to go rake around until he found what he was looking for, we literally got the run of the place, but I learned that that was not how Willie usually did his business, far from it. Apparently Dad and Willie had known each other for many years and had a respect for each other, hence the freedom afforded to us.

wh - pitrite
Willie Pitblado aboard PITRITE at the White Heather Trial at Rogart – Photo: Grant Family Collection

“Years later, I was restoring a 1954 Matchless G3LS road bike and I needed the correct tank, wheels and a few more odds and sods. I drove over to Dunfermline from my parents home in Whitburn, West Lothian and again I went to Willie’s emporium.  He was at his counter with his old Alsatian dog and greeted me with ‘Hello Mr. AJS what can I sell ye today?” I explained that I needed parts for a Matchless to which he quipped: ‘They are both the same, just badge engineering’. Of course Willie was right.

I was about to be told to go look myself, but ‘watch the dog disna bite ye’ – when a man arrived behind me in the shop. He wanted a camshaft for a Triumph Bonneville, to which Willie asked what year? The man gave the year and Willie turned around and pulled one from the shelf behind him. ‘That will be £25’. The man said, ‘Would you take £20?’ Willie replied, ‘no, I’ll take £30’. The man looked astonished and said: ‘Hey, you are increasing the price!’ Willie replied ‘Aye, and you are trying to reduce it, now do you want this camshaft or no, because I have one and you dinna! Now either pay me what I want or get oot of my shop!’

The man paid Willie the £30 and left without another word.”


Willie Pitblado was instantly recognisable on the public highway as his vehicle was either blue with the white cross of St. Andrew across it depicting the Scottish Saltire or he had a white vehicle with blue doubled ‘go faster stripes’ up the bonnet. If you waved at Willie on the road he would always give you the ‘peace’ sign, symbolic of American bikers of the era!

wjg - pitrite
Willie Gillespie, Willie Pitblado’s nephew, aboard PITRITE in the 1980s at the Pre’65 Scottish Trial

wg pitrite 2018 - il
Wullie John Gillespie, son of Willie Gillespie aboard the PITRITE in 2018 at the Pre’65 Scottish – Photo: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven

pitrite 2018
The PITRITE today – Photo: Wullie John Gillespie


10 thoughts on “The bike Willie built”

  1. Archie Marquis (Formerly from the Forfar & dist. club, now in Australia( We were racing sidecar scrambles back in the early 60s .A 650 BSA Super rocket engine in a home made outfit .We were at a Dunfermline club scramble. Jim Peters my passenger always started the engine to check all was ok .On checking the oil flow ,the oil pump was not working and not returning the oil. .A day lost ? Somebody suggested try

    1. Willie gave Jim the keys to his shop and told him where to look for a pump. Returned pump fitted got in one sighting lap .Moved off line in the big bog , on the second lap, end of day ,broken collar bone and cracked ribs ,Patched up at hospital and sent home .Willie a gentleman, to allow us that privilage

      1. My dad willie Gillespie used to race a sidecar outfit in the 70s all around but he has mentioned that there were a good few tracks around us in fife

  2. Remember returning from the Fort after a trial and when we reached the bad double bend on the bridge over the river just south of Tyndrum (the road now straightened ) we came across Willie just getting out of his overturned blue with white saltire on the bonnet Bond Bug with trailer on the back and the PITRITE hanging upside down dangling by the rope ties ,we confirmed he was alright and then assisted righting the whole outfit as Willie continued to utter words of an expletive nature which at that early age was not yet part of my vocabulary! We got the impression Willie was the least person at fault in this incident ! This was the first time l had met Willie ,and when we got back to our van my driver , trials mate, said something l don’t think l could repeat on here which has stuck with me for over 50 years ,but that’s another story !!

  3. I raced a bantam scrambler as a schoolboy in the early 70s,and was never out of Pitblado’s shop.One evening I went into his shop after school,but he wasn’t there but the big alsatian called drum was.I went to leave but the dog was’nt having it.Willie returned from the pub around an hour later pissing his self laughing and just said good dog.

  4. In the mid seventies in my teens i had a bsa c15.I ran the big end and willie sold me a reconditioned looked a lot stronger and I just fitted it thinking it was a heavy duty my dismay the bike was 10mph slower and when I told Willie ,he just laughed and said “aye its a b40 {350cc}not 250cc you’ll no knacker that one” Great times

  5. Wullie Pitblado was my big brother, he had 7 brothers and 5 sisters. I’m so thankful to see this write up about my big brother, also thanks to you all who were lucky enough to be at Golfdrum and take in his love for motor bikes, as someone said you didn’t mess with Wullie.

    1. I’m glad our article pleased you Margaret. Willie Pit was a real character in the sport, sorely missed.

  6. Wullie only took up motor bikes on his return from National Service (Singapore) on my 500cc Matchless

  7. Another about oor Wullie, his first trial win was as Novice at Steveston trial early 1960s, but he didn’t get the prize because he won the trial overall so he took the top prize. His good lady will still have the miniature trophy as a reminder.

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