Message from the USA

Photo: Jaxx Lawson

Words: John Hoffman

Hello Trials Guru,

My wife and I have been to Scotland in May three times as spectators to watch the Scottish trials. I enjoy mostly the Pre65 as I find those bikes most interesting.

Two years ago we met Gordon Jackson at a B&B. He has ridden the Pre65 16 times and finished well. We spoke with him for several minutes and he offered me his Bantam to ride in the Scottish the next year.

Two years have gone by and I haven’t made the entry. My dream for many years has been to ride the trial and clean the Pipeline section. After two years of not getting an entry and at the age of 68 Gordon and I thought it best if I rode his Scarborough And District Motor Club trial.

We came over and learned what a gentleman he is. I asked him why he gave me such an offer, his answer was “I must have been drinking”. We came, I rode the trial and placed well, met great people and enjoyed the Yorkshire coast.

Previous to our trip I asked if you would send some “Trials Guru” stickers to Gordon’s house. They were there when we arrived at his home and back in the US I have displayed them on my Bantam, B25, Ossa MAR and 1947 Ariel. Maybe these are the only “Guru” stickers in the US? I’m planning on staying healthy and applying for the Pre65 again next year, hoping my dream will come true.

Best regards,

John Hoffman



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