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SSDT Faces Loss of Land

The Scottish Six Days Trial, organised since 1911 by the Edinburgh & District MC Ltd, faces yet more land challenges thanks to illegal use of private roads and moorland in the Scottish Highlands.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, 15th July on social media, the committee issued a warning that land in the Rannoch area could be lost to the event if illegal use continues.

It is an offence to use Forest and Land Scotland property for off-road vehicle activity without written permission and indeed vehicles have been seized by Police Scotland in the past and riders/drivers charged accordingly. Forest & Land Scotland rarely allows permission without payment of an agreed fee.

The land in the Scottish Highlands can be very sensitive and therefore off road motorcycle and other activity is not welcome at certain times of the year and indeed at any time if permission is not sought and obtained.

The statement on social media ‘facebook’ read:

“SSDT risks losing access to a major estate due to illegal riding.

Despite the current lockdown, some people are choosing to flout the rules and risk the future of our sport by illegally riding on private land and forestry.

Illegal activity on forestry land and unauthorised uses of Private Venues is a criminal offence and puts all legitimate events at risk.

The Edinburgh & District MC have been approached by a major estate concerned about unauthorised riding around the Rannoch area. If this continues, the SSDT could lose the entire Thursday route, a route that has been part of the event for decades.

One of the major concerns is the environmental impact of using motorised vehicles off road in areas with fragile ecosystems. Particularly at this time of year, the remote parts of Scotland are the habitat of endangered ground nesting birds and other wildlife extremely vulnerable to disturbance. The SSDT and other off-road motorcycle events are carefully organised taking these factors into consideration and working with bodies such as Scottish Natural Heritage ensure that events cause minimum impact. Unauthorised indiscriminate riding over these estates can undo years of good work and cause irreparable damage to wildlife and the environment.

Some individuals seem to think that old drove roads and tracks are vehicular rights of way – in fact there are very few rights of way for motorised vehicles in Scotland. Most have an average length of less than 1 mile and are short stretches of roads that have not been adopted by the local authority. None of the off-road routes that the SSDT use are vehicular rights of way, they are all privately owned and using motorised vehicles on them is not permitted without specific consent from the landowner.

The club has, for over a century, had a fantastic relationship with the estates that the event passes through – I am sure that nobody would like to jeopardise this historic event through thoughtless unauthorised riding.”

Nevis Radio Fund Raiser Plea

You will all remember the superb 2020 ‘Virtual Scottish Six Days Trial’ run in association with Trial Magazine and Michelin along with the superb guys from Nevis Radio a few weeks ago. It was a huge hit with the many listeners around the globe.

Nevis Radio have their crowd funding effort on the go and have found a funder who has made a committment to match fund their total amount. They have a month left to try and up the total and then to double it.

Yes we all know it’s challenging times at the moment, but if anyone can help could you please click on the link below and donate an amount of your choice and support such a worthy cause.

Nevis Radio 2020 SSDT The Finale

Click > HERE <

The final day coverage of the 2020 SSDT (Virtual) with presenters: John Weller & Simon Abberley with commentators: John Moffat (Trials Guru) and John Hulme (Trial magazine UK).

Today’s guests were: Yrjo Vesterinen; Steve Saunders and Steve Colley with Andy James of Michelin

Yrjo Vesterinren'80 Muirshearlich2
SSDT 1980 – Yrjo Vesterinren – Montesa – Muirshearlich

Steve Saunders'90 Fersit
SSDT 1990 – Steve Saunders – Beta – Fersit

Steve Colley 2000 Leanachan
SSDT 2000 winner: Steve Colley – Beta – Leanachan

Click > HERE <

Nevis Radio Thursday 2020 SSDT

Click  > HERE  <

Playback of the Nevis Radio broadcast from the fourth day of the virtual SSDT 2020.

Featuring 5 times winner of the SSDT, ‘Magical’ Mick Andrews and 3 times winner of the SSDT, James Dabill. With John Hulme of Trial Magazine UK.

James Dabill (Vertigo) (Medium)
James Dabill (Vertigo) on Chairlift – © – Image: Trial Magazine UK

Presenters: John Weller and Simon Abberley of Nevis Radio.

Click > HERE <

Nevis Radio Wednesday SSDT 2020

Recording of the Wednesday broadcast of Nevis Radio 2020 SSDT Virtual.

Featuring 1979 World Trials Champion and 1982 SSDT winner, BERNIE SCHREIBER; 11 times Scottish Champion Gary Macdonald; Vince Macintosh and John Hulme of Trial Magazine, plus usual Nevis Radio presenters, John Weller and Simon Abberley.

Click HERE

Nevis Radio Tuesday SSDT 2020

Here is the playback of Tuesday’s SSDT 2020 (virtual) broadcast on Nevis Radio, Fort William. It features: Carlos Casas, the SSDT ambassador for Spain; Emma Bristow, six times Female FIM World Trials Champion, Jeff Horne (SSDT Clerk of Course) and John Hulme of Trial Magazine UK.

Recorded live at Fort William, Scotland. 5th May 2020 – Image courtesy: Nigel Peirson/Trials Media UK

Clich HERE

Nevis Radio Monday SSDT 2020

The recording of the Monday SSDT Virtual radio broadcast on Monday 4th May, 2020.

Featuring Gary Macdonald, 11 times Scottish Trials champion and the most successful Scottish rider of all time; John Hulme of Trial magazine UK; Trials Guru’s John Moffat and presenters John Weller and Simon Abberley of Nevis Radio. (57:58 running time)

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Nevis Radio – SSDT 2020

Live from Fort William, the outdoor Capital of the UK!

Nevis Radio JW JOM

With the 2020 SSDT cancelled, Nevis Radio have decided to host a live, star-studded SSDT feature each morning beginning at 10:00 GMT – hosted by Simon Abberley and featuring regular SSDT commentators, John Moffat of Trials Guru and John Weller of Nevis Radio. Starting Monday 4th May, 2020!

2018 SSDT - Nevis Radio

It will be broadcast live and will be all SSDT talk, remembering trials of yesteryear and  a few special SSDT guests joining in the fun. Two world champions and three SSDT former winners!

Monday 4th May – The guest will be local man, 11 times Scottish Trials Champion, GARY MACDONALD, the highest placed Scottish rider in the SSDT for 75 years!

JOM - Gary Mac 2013 - Kimages
Gary MacDonald is the most successful Scottish trials rider of all time.

Tuesday 5th May, the guest will be CARLOS CASAS from Olot in Spain! The Catalunian SSDT super-fan who has ridden the SSDT as far back as 1979. He will be joined during the hour long feature by Ladies World Trials Champion, EMMA BRISTOW.

Carlos Casas is the SSDT super-enthusiast.

The Wednesday 6th May broadcast will be a little longer in duration and we hope to include BERNIE SCHREIBER, the 1979 World Trials Champion and SSDT winner in 1982 and John Hulme of sponsors, Trial Magazine UK to discuss the ‘Scottish’ in more depth.

Bernie Schreiber - SWM - 1983 SSDT - JH
Bernie Schreiber on his factory SWM on his way to win the 1982 SSDT – Photo: John Honeyman

Thursday 7th May: former multiple SSDT winner ‘Magical’ MICK ANDREWS will be guesting! He will be joined by the 2019 SSDT winner, JAMES DABILL.

Mick Andrews'85 250 Honda Kilmalieu
Mick Andrews  – Photo copyright: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven

Friday 8th May: YRJO VESTERINEN, SSDT winner in 1980 and three times World Trials Champion will be on air live at 10:00 GMT.

Yrjo Vesterinren'80 Muirshearlich2
SSDT 1980 winner – Yrjo Vesterinen – Montesa on Muirshearlich – Photo: Iain Lawrie

Also on Friday 8th May, ‘Vesty’ will be joined by 1990 SSDT winner and former British Trials Champion, STEVE SAUNDERS.

Steve Saunders'90 Fersit
SSDT 1990 winner – Steve Saunders – (260 Beta) on ‘Fersit’

To listen to these broadcasts, if you live in the Fort William area, then it’s on your radio, by tuning into Nevis Radio on the usual frequencies: 96.6; 102.3 or 102.4 FM.

If you wish to listen in live anywhere else then this can be done via the Nevis Radio website:

Go to :

Then: Click on ‘LISTEN NOW

Nevis Radio listen now

This will bring up a device player as shown here:

Nevis Radio device player

Then click on the start triangle symbol, to start listening to the station live!

Nevis radio start

Click HERE

It’s as simple as that!

Monday 4th to Friday 8th May for Nevis Radio SSDT 2020!


Be part of the action!



Virtual SSDT 2020

Words: Trials Guru
Photo credits: Nige Pearson/TrialsMedia UK; Iain Lawrie/Kinlochleven; Peter Bremner/Inverness; Heather Mead Photography/Dingwall; Ray Foulds/Glasgow; Roz Price/Abergavenny; Alastair-Anthony MacMillan Studio/Fort William; Ian T. Robertson/Lasswade Iain C. Clark/Fort William; Eric Kitchen/Carnforth; Colin Bullock/CJB Photographic; Ray Biddle/Birmingham; Kim Ferguson-Kimages/Spean Bridge. (all photographs are world-wide copyright).
Thanks to the committee, SSDT and the Edinburgh & District Motor Club Ltd (organisers of the Scottish Six Days Trial since 1911)
Special Thanks: To all the landowners who provide the ground for this amazing event, the local station Nevis Radio and the accommodation establishments and the people of Fort William.

In the first full week in May, we are usually camped up at Fort William in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. However 2020 was to be the year when the actual Scottish Six Days Trial event could not take place because of the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Marshall and Pearson 2016

Trials Guru decided to have a virtual SSDT instead, using some photographs from previous events just to remind readers what a unique and special event the SSDT really is.

Hold on tight, feet up, LET’S GO!


Let the SSDT music Burst Out!


DSC_3533 (Medium)





Mike McCabe - 1973 - SSDT

Colin Dommett - Running repairs on the Ossa - SSDT

ssdt 1970 Luft Puch B

The Town of An Gearasdan (Fort William) is alive!

DSC_0178 - Red

DSC_0170 - Red

DSC_0165 - Red

DSC_0173 - REd

DSC_0169 - REd

Machine Examination:

Tommy Ollerton - 1962 SSDT


Park Ferme 1999 1

The Parade:

Evans Debbie 1978 3

Ash Davidson - 2016 - Kimages

Parade 1999 1

MacDonald Gary(Parade) 06

MacDonald Duncan &amp; Son_ Parade Sun 53

Sandra Gomez 2016 - Parade - Kimages

Bultaco 340 - SSDT

Day One, the start:

1963 SSDT

Start SSDT 1999 2

Start 7 30 AM 1997 1




No1 Start Gibson Dougie(Scorpa)First Kick) 05


All systems go!

SSDT 2017 - Ross Noble Trials UK photo


SSDT - Women Competitors



1970 SSDT - Edramaucky


AG B 2013 SSDT Day 1 NS

Dabill - Nevis Forest - K

Coutard SSDT

Sam Fack - Lagnaha - Kimages

Ouch! - Kimages

Lagnaha under - Kimages

200 - Nevis Forest - K

Oliver Stampfli - 2015 - Kimages

Jack Sheppard - Nevis Forest - K

2015 ssdt - kimages

Adam Norris 2 - Nevis Forest - K

James Duxbury - day 1 - kimages

99 - Graham Jarvis'99 Creag Lundie

Jack Styines - Nevis Forest - 2016 - K

Ken Perry - Kimages

Caros 2015 - Kimages

BHM Viney - SSDT 1955 (2)

Coalasnacoan - 1966 - SSDT

Adcock E 1966 SSDT

Billy Tiffen 1954 SSDT

Carlos Casas Fersit SSDT 2000

Olga K - SSDT

Mario Candellone - SSDT 2000

SSDT 179 - Colin Bullock Photographic

Mick Andrews - Yamah - 1977 SSDT

1983 - SSDT - Vesty - CB pic

Kinloch Rannoch - 1953 SSDT - TR - Ray Biddle

1978 SSDT MC Rathmell - JY

1988 - SSDT - Steve Saunders - Fantic - Ben Nevis - JH

Gordon Farley - PB - SSDTcrop

Lampkin Martin SSDT76 44

John Luckett  (Bultaco) Grey Mares Ridge 1968 SSDT

Killin SSDT

1977 Schreiber SSDT

1953 SSDT - Inshriach - Creag An Eilein - Ray Biddle

1959 - SSDT - Glenogle - John Davies Photo

Donald Buchan - 2019 SSDT Windows

1971 - SSDT - 1

SSDT 1958 - J D Williamson &amp; TAM

Bill Wilkinson edramucky

Josep Jo Montesa 1981 SSDT

Rob Edwards - 1976 SSDT - Eric Kitchen Worldwide Copyright

1961 - SSDT - George Noble - Grey Mares Ridge - Ray Foulds Photo

Rob Shepherd - Honda - 1977 SSDT

1971 SSDT - Laggan Locks

MacNiven Neil(Montesa315)TS)D4 101

The Finale!

Euan Campbell - Kimages

Final Machine Inspection:

1978 SSDT - Debbie

The Finish Interview:

JOM - Gary Mac 2013 - Kimages

The Winners!

M C Rathmell - Winner - 1973 SSDT

Trials Guru - Winner - K

SSDT Winners - 2011

‘Cead Mile Failte’ – THE SSDT WILL RETURN – for THE 2021 EDITION!