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Batten down the hatches and get into Trials Guru

With the Covid-19 pandemic showing little signs of being resolved for most of this year, it’s time to stay healthy and keep an interest in our sport of trials, where ever you live.

The sport has been effectively shut down and mothballed and given the comments of health professionals across the globe, unless a vaccine is developed then there will be a degree of restraint applied by governments to keep us at home for some time to come. Unfortunately as a direct consequence, our sport is suspended and will be for a considerable period of time.

So when can we start the sport back up again?

Motorcycle events by their very construction are meetings or gatherings of people, something that is now forbidden in all countries. This will probably not change until much later in the year or perhaps into 2021, it is dependent on when a tested and approved vaccine is released in commercial quantities to counteract this virus. Even if we are released from what is regarded as ‘lockdown’, this may be on a phased basis, which would still restrict the organisation of events. In truth there is no ‘magic date’.

Looking through various articles, it is impossible to establish when we can expect events to come back online. The famous Isle of Man TT races, usually in early June have already been cancelled, as has the Scottish Six Days Trial in May because of the magnitude of organisation pre-event that is required to promote such events. As for the governing bodies, to name but two, the Scottish ACU will review the clampdown on 31st May and not before. The Auto Cycle-Union are in a similar position. Events just cannot be run and there is no guidance forthcoming from any governing sport, simply because they don’t know. These governing bodies, like the general public, look to the national governments for guidance and the message for some months to come is to ‘stay home, protect the NHS and save lives’. This of course is extremely important.

So what can we do? Basically, nothing! – except to keep spirits up and to look through sporting websites, potter about in our workshops and read up about events that have taken place, riders who were at the top of their game and so on.

That is where Trials Guru website plays a small part, let’s see how we can find things – there is a search text facility:

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There is a search facility, look for the magnifying glass symbol – give it a try!

There is also a large Index to let you look through what we have available:

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We will be updating the index over the next few weeks to try to make your browsing experience better. We are also working virtually to bring you fresh articles over the coming months.

Stay safe, stay well and feel free to share our articles with your club mates and trials friends.

TRIALS GURU – It’s All about Trials


Trials Guru – So much in it!

Welcome to 2020!

If you have only looked at our front page, you will only have seen a small proportion of the total content of Trials Guru.

We have been putting information, photos and articles on this website since March 2014, which is almost six years and the content is considerable, thanks to the photographers, article writers and professional journalists like John Hulme and Sean Lawless to name but two.

Use the search facility to find out more, please give it a try:

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We have covered most of the top flight riders of their era, riders such as Yrjo Vesterinen; Nigel Birkett; Sammy Miller; Rob Shepherd; Lampkin of Silsden; Bernie Schreiber and many more.

TRIALS GURU ~ Dedicated to the Sport


Merry Christmas from Trials Guru

We can’t believe that it is now five years since Trials Guru was launched on the internet.

Thanks to you, the reader we are keeping the history of the sport alive with articles and some magnificent photos from the sport.

Thanks to all the photographers who have kindly allowed access to their images of trials the world over.

Have a Merry and Peaceful Christmas and a ‘Feet-Up’ New Year…



Find it in Trials Guru

Looking for something? Then all you need to do is click on the green square with the magnifying glass icon and type something in and see what it brings up for you.

Trials Guru has hundreds and hundreds of pieces of information on history of trials, plus current affairs involving the sport of motorcycle trials worldwide.

Have a search!

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New Decal?

We are thinking about a new decal for Trials Guru promotion. It will incorporate the logo, but with a slogan to the right, making a slightly larger decal. What suggestions for the slogan? Let us know by private message. Our attempt is: “ – We Like Motorcycles”


Trials Guru, what it is!

Trials Guru is a veritable trials motorcyclists reference library. Free to use and packed full of information. Have a look!

malcolm rathmell on the new whispering wonder 325 bultaco released to the riders at the 1974 spanish world round
Malcolm Rathmell on the special Bultaco Sherpa model 133 which was only issued to factory supported riders in 1974 – Photo copyright: Barry Robinson

Use the search box, put a bike make or rider’s name in and see what it brings up, give it a try!

The worldwide trials reference library – Trials Guru – Dedicated to the sport